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Genetic Morality is THE Theme of the 21st Century

By Bob Whitaker 

Marxists and social scientists in general consider genetics to be the ultimate enemy. When it comes to nature versus nurture, the simple fact is that social science IS nurture.

The whole concept of “rule by the intellectuals” is based on the idea that the ideal society will be realized when we have true communism or the right education or sociology or psychology or diversity applied throughout the world.

The problem with this is NOT that it is intellectually incorrect. The problem is that it’s SILLY.

And you cannot deal with something that is silly as if it were a real point of view.

There is absolutely nothing new about this situation. A glaring example of this exact situation may be found in the top medical experts of the year 1800.

What has happened to all the University Medical professors who insisted on Galen’s Humor Theory and said that bleeding was the cure to most diseases?

What has happened to the entire Established Church clergy in London that denounced Jenner’s vaccinations against smallpox as Violations of the Law of Jehovah?

Did we come to some kind of William Buckley/respectable conservative accommodation with them which showed respect for their point of view, so that we now treat medicine as part Humor Theory and part germ theory?

That would be insane.

The university doctors had to face the fact that they were teaching murderous rot. The preachers had to face the fact that introducing cow disease into a human being was the right thing to do.

There was NO compromise. Due respect was not given to their “point of view.”

None. In this century, genetic morality is not going to be ***A*** question. Genetic morality is going to be ***THE*** question.

People will have the choice of giving their children better genes with no quotes around the word better, or they are going to produce children who will curse them in their graves.

If any of us were making the choice for ourselves, everyone of us has genetic traits he would like to be improved. Everybody would like the congenital conditions we have suffered, in my case depression, taken out. We would all like to be smarter and better looking.

That is what I would do for ME if I had to make the choice.

But if there is one thing that Father Flannerty and all the other churchmen agree with sociology professor GoldBottom about it is that this “improvement” in the genes of our descendants is the very essence of Evil.

It is, always, Hitlerism.

So, according to all our established religions, The Golden Rule applies to environment but not to heredity.

The science of genetics is advancing. Soon science will produce a stark choice between the Golden Rule and acting like heredity isn’t there, which is the doctrine of both the old and the new established religions.

So all the moralists will be pounding their Old Testaments and their Papal Encyclicals and their sociology textbooks and screaming that True Morality means producing “natural” offspring.

And as this comes about, most people, including most of the readers of this blog, will think it’s something new.

If one has any historical perspective at all, there is nothing new about it.

In 1790 most SURVIVING people were walking around with smallpox scars, including George Washington. George Washington’s highly qualified physicians bled him to death in 1799 by taking QUARTS of blood out of him to cure his pneumonia.

In fact, even many of the smallpox survivors were not walking around with their scars. Many had been made feeble-minded and had to stay at home. Many were so horribly scarred that they did not walk abroad.

So Jenner found that if you put some cowpox into a person he would be immune to smallpox.

Every pulpit in London resounded with a unanimous denunciation of Jenner’s vaccination. It was a violation of the Law of Jehovah to put a cow disease into the sacred veins of a human being. The human body was “The Temple of God.”

Smallpox, shouted the established religion of that day, was better than cowpox. Smallpox, they declared unanimously and shamelessly, was Nature’s Way.

In exactly the same way our established religions will scream that I have no right to take depression out of my children’s genes. They will shout that depression is better than violating the sacred genes nature gives us randomly.

Having lived with depression, I know that damned well isn’t so. And I would take the tiny rash of cowpox any day over a bout with smallpox.

If I don’t want to live with depression, the Golden Rule tells me my children don’t want to live with depression.

And you have no right to foist dumb people on my descendants, people who will be naked and need clothing and hungry people who will need feeding. You feed them and clothe them by making them genetically capable of doing that for themselves.

Genetic morality is the Golden Rule.

After two thousand years of ignoring and violating genetic reality, Western Civilization is about to run into it head-on.


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