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We Don’t Lie

By Bob Whitaker – Originally posted January, 2006

These are the days of our innocence.

Young couples long for the time when they have money and security. Then, after they have raised their children and are financially secure, they become bored, and long for the days when life was exciting and they had to lean on each other for their only security.

“Revolutions eat their children.” Right now we are telling the truth, and that is our only job.

But the establishment that we consider so great will vanish, like the Czardom or the Weimar Republic, and it will be a fight to establish the future.

Fighting Evil, facing the Big Lie, is a battle that has left me in a state beyond exhaustion. But I had few moral choices to make. When I crossed Communist deadlines, it was no challenge for me to see that this was pure evil.

It is no intellectual challenge for me to fight those who are simply anti-white. But soon the Faithful Colored Companions who are a wholly owned subsidiary of the left will get, as we used say, “uppity.”

There will be no place in that world for the leftists who speak for non-whites or conservatives who keep them in power by being the perfect Respectable Opposition.

There will only be room for those of us who speak for whites and the ever-diminishing number of whites who are deeply disappointed that their Faithful Colored Companions no longer listen to them.

Then will come a time of brutal decisions. No longer will the argument be over whether to betray our race.

That is an easy moral decision.

The fight will be over HOW to fight for the interests of our own people. It will be vicious fight. Brother will battle brother.

When that time comes, we will long for the days of our innocence.


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