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Churchill’s Bargain

Posted by Laura on September 19th, 2018 under Coaching Session, History

By Bob Whitaker – originally posted February 9th, 2006

In the end Winston Churchill was one of the worst enemies the white race and the British Empire ever had. To his death he kept saying that the British Empire was good and his whole life had been devoted to it.

He never forgave those like Lord Mountbatten who gave India away by 1948, three years after his V for Victory war against Germany had been won.

Joe Sobran keeps pointing out, with a courage I find hard to believe, World War II was fought entirely for the benefit of Joseph Stalin and, in the end, for Mao Tse-Tung.

Nobody else won anything.

Britain lost everything.

As Sobran says, Churchill was criticized for throwing himself completely behind the USSR when Germany invaded them in 1941 and Churchill replied, “I would ally with Satan Himself if he were opposed to Adolf Hitler.” 

So that is exactly what he did.

His policy was that he would be willing to destroy Britain if he could destroy Germany doing it.

He succeeded.

In fact, I remember that in the 1970s British workers were pouring into Germany — the country Churchill had destroyed — to work for double the wages they could get back in Britain.

By the 1970s, Britain had lost her empire, she had lost her standard of living, and she had just begun to lose the British Islands themselves to a flood of third world immigration.

In 1948 Winnie could not understand what happened to his precious British Empire after his Great Victory.

And the real collapse had not even started yet.

Roger Moore, the actor, is an upper-class Englishman and an intimate of royalty there. He said, “We Britons love to talk about World War II. It’s the last time we WERE anybody.”

World War II is the REASON that is the last time they WERE anybody. I have a sneaking suspicion that Roger Moore, whose good looks hid a first-rate mind, KNOWS that.


I hear people say, “I was FOR civil rights at first. Then it got out of hand.”

No joke?

They were FOR “civil rights” when I was desperately telling people that civil rights would lead to exactly what it has led to.

I didn’t like them then. I don’t like them now.

To say the least.

I don’t like Churchill.

To say the least.

When yet another white worker tells me he didn’t get upset about genocide against the white race until he suddenly found himself a second-class citizen in the job market, I tut-tut diplomatically. I pretend sympathy.

But I know he got EXACTLY what he ASKED for. I know he was perfectly willing to sell his race out, but then it hit HIM.

Poor baby!

And the pitiful little Brit who “did his part” in World War II gets exactly the same kind of sympathy from me.

Like Winston Churchill, they all bargained with Satan.

It may be my Bible Belt background, but it never occurred to me that anybody could make a deal with Satan and come out ahead.

  1. #1 by WmWhite on 09/19/2018 - 2:47 pm

    Everywhere I turn today and in everything I see and read, it seems so obviously anti-white. I speak to people about it (pointing out what seems obvious) but still the white people I am acquainted with seem oblivious to the inevitable end result of the present zeitgeist –which is white genocide.

    When speaking to people about the Western cultural disease of Self-Hatred; I’m always told, “they don’t hate themselves or anyone else.” And that it is racist or anti-Semitic or white supremacist thinking to believe whites are different than others or have a unique symptom, particular to only whites.

    Conversations are often too short or become quickly unpleasant and strained to mention Bob’s memes beyond a cursory last parting thought; much less to go into details about the sickness of white Self-Hatred and its ultimate outcome.

    The all encompassing anti-white propaganda that surrounds everything we as whites see and do makes me wonder about our future and whether whites will ever wake-up. It also gives me an understanding and appreciation for what Bob went through for all those long lonely years trying and save his people from a horror they seem blind and unconcerned about today.

    • #2 by Yankee Rebel on 09/20/2018 - 8:50 am

      I’ve had the same experiences as WW when trying to wake up White people around me. Usually, I can make a comment or two and get away with it, but if I go on further I get a negative response. It’s better to keep it short because too much info too quickly doesn’t sink in.Also,If I can make it humorous, it’s much better received.

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