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Free Speech Versus Violence

Posted by Laura on October 3rd, 2018 under Coaching Session

Someone said in a forum that the one argument anti-whites had that he might consider is that pro-white statements might cause violence. Meanwhile, the same anti-whites insist that the only way we can have peace is for the history of white oppression to be a major topic in our schools.

When Kelso and I and others were visiting New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the police were in force. When we spoke in an old church where an ex-cop on our side had raised the money for pro-white meetings, there were hundreds of threateners across the street.

I’m used to that.

When we speak on a campus, we are often blocked by ”a threat of violence.”

But the whole situation was summed up by one of the cops who showed up: “We aren’t worried about YOU.”

The “threat of violence” ALWAYS comes from the anti-whites. The question is not whether they will act like the thugs they are, but whether public officials should allow any point of view to be shouted down.

During the Cold War, liberals always insisted that “We should settle differences by discussions, not by violence.” But every university prevents any discussion of white genocide by talking about “a threat of violence.”

What do you do when one side wants to speak out and the threat of violence comes entirely from the other side? Is this a key to a peaceful society? Is this a free society?

As usual, I am stating what everybody knows but nobody, including our side, ever SAYS. Why do our people dummy up all the time?

Speech is the human ALTERNATIVE to violence.

This is another reason the Mantra is so critical. The one barrier we have is that respectable conservatives have joined with liberals in saying that any questioning of anti-white views is to be met with violence.

Outside the United States, in fact, the government provides the violence. William Buckley endorsed Europe’s sending people to prison for denying the six million figure for the Holocaust. This is not even Holocaust denial, it is arguing the NUMBERS.

The Soviet Union sent people to the Gulag for any criticism of Jews. In Battleship Potemkin, a Soviet propaganda film, you will see a heroic mob beating a man to death for an anti-Semitic remark.

John Adams risked lynching by successfully defending the British soldiers accused of the Boston Massacre in court. He is considered a hero for that.

In fact, in every single case in history those who defended the right of speech against violence, especially the Communists, are declared heroes.

Except us.

But, just as in the case of all immigration and assimilation policy applying only to white countries, we dummy up about it.

By now, the anti-whites are terrified that something like the Mantra will be recognized as a legitimate point of view.

That is our job, and that is why it is so HARD.

And that is why all the time we waste on crime rates and US immigration policy and criticizing affirmative action is a boon to the anti-whites. If they can keep all discussion of white survival off the table, and in the Forbidden Zone, they will own the debate.

Another fact we never mention is that Hate Speech Laws didn’t stop Hitler.

The American position has always been that free speech is the only human alternative to violence.

Our side seems to have forgotten that completely.

  1. #1 by Yankee Rebel on 10/21/2018 - 6:33 am

    It seems that White people have become so demoralized and afraid that they won’t fight for freedom anymore. At least, not for themselves.Until enough of us have become deprogrammed, things will remain the same or get worse.

  2. #2 by WmWhite on 10/25/2018 - 11:41 am

    First off I want to commend Laura and Kelso and all who met in (the belly of the beast) NYC for their bravery in standing up for their race and speaking the truth about the anti-white world we now live in.

    Secondly, @Yankee Rebel, I often have the same impression and dread you do for our future chances of success but Bob has anticipated this type of reaction from the small white minority who are concerned for white survival. Read this article for insight on what we fight for and why we can not give up hope.

  3. #3 by Yankee Rebel on 10/26/2018 - 8:27 am

    Thanks for the reminder, WmW. It is easy to get discouraged sometimes, but I will not give up. Like Bob said about Gen. Lee, surrender is not an option when you are fighting for a nation. I will fight until my last breath. as I’m sure some of you will.

  4. #4 by WmWhite on 11/15/2018 - 3:13 pm

    My post did NOT get past the sysop censorship gate. I’ll try it here and see what happens.

    Your post does make sense in that a direct attack against interracial marriage ALONE does leave out the WHY this nasty problem exists today. All states had anti miscegenation laws up until the 50’s and 60’s (I believe) but that changed when the GREATEST generation of wimpy cowards helped destroy this country with Forced integration/bussing laws and the 1965 Immigration Act sponsored by “Emanuel Celler’s” of NYC.

    So here we (white people) are today, almost a minority in the very country our white forefathers founded, battling genocide caused by our own grandparents. So, yes, lets also mention immigration and assimilation when we speak of interracial marriage with the same good arguments given by Bob and Beefcake and you.

    I only hope for two things now: that the tide of history is not against us and that this post gets past the censorship of sysop.

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