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Explaining My Optimism

Posted by Laura on December 30th, 2018 under Coaching Session

By Bob Whitaker:

Thinking over “The Good Old Days” below, a revelation occurred to me:

I now realize why I am so optimistic and others aren’t.

It goes back to an old saying of mine:

“All things come to him who waits…..”

“Provided that he worketh like hell while he waiteth.”

You see, all the other old-timers have been pushing the same tomes about Jews for the last forty years. They have seen nothing but things getting worse.

The group that calls itself The Greatest Generation left me a world in which Nazism had been destroyed and Communism ruled a third of mankind. There was no pressure to the right, no fascist power, but there was enormous pressure for movement to the left. Everything was aimed at a compromise between Communism and capitalism. All was Wordism. “Modern” Christianity accepted Marxism. Any argument for the survival of my race was out of the question.

Now the Soviet Empire is GONE. I helped dig its grave, and the bitter old men are still trying to sell the same old tomes. They shriek that all is lost, and they will fight for all is lost more than they ever fought for anything useful.

I won one.

Secondly, even the New York Times admits that the hopeless cause I spent so much time on, getting rid of “Modern anthropologists have proven that all races are equal in inherited abilities” is as dead as the USSR. I fought it when it was ABSOLUTE.

I won TWO.

After the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation got through giving a third of humanity to the Reds, all the sides that were left (both ways) had one thing in common, they all worshiped the Middle East. Marxism depends on the old Ex Oriente Lux history, Marx knew no other.

But I inherited a world in which the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation had made the Middle East the Holy Land of all “intellectual” faiths and the “Judeo-Christian” faith. My race was just a bunch of jumped-up Africans.

In this case I was not instrumental. Carbon dating and serious study are tearing the Ex Oriente Lux crap to pieces.

But in a sense, I may have been instrumental. When I was coming up, there was absolutely NO fight against “Modern anthropologists have proven that all races are equal in inherited abilities.” ALL opposition was fringe opposition, printed in cheap little pamphlets. Now Jensen and others write cover articles for mainline, THE mainline, psychology journals.

When the liberals, with their escort of shrieking respectable conservatives, started yelling that “Race does not exist!” there was a major difference only I noticed. The “racial realists” are already a major force in academia. They are not confined to ragged little private publications the way we were back when I got into this fight.

I do not know how much my fight for heresy helped the frontal assault on Ex Oriente Lux.

But if I didn’t win THREE, I SAW three victories, while the bitter young men became bitter old men.

The bitter old men say things are getting worse. OF COURSE they are! If you get into my way of thinking, you will look for the obvious explanation. It’s called filter down.

Stable societies do not change overnight. It took over a century for Franz Boas and his whole group of anthropologists to move society into his way of thinking. He died in 1942 as an old man when his ideas were just beginning to take hold.

And history simply does not repeat itself exactly. In the new age, ideas will not become policy through the old political system. If you obsess over print media, you will find it has not changed a bit politically. You will also find it is dying. If you look at CBS, NBC ABC and PBS you will see they are the same or worse.

But the only people who LOOK at them are people who can’t afford cable.

I have seen many victories and I know what they mean. So the real choice is between my kind of thinking and becoming a bitter old man, even if you are young.

  1. #1 by Yankee Rebel on 01/04/2019 - 6:03 am

    I am seeing glimpses of hope for the White tribe. Things are getting worse for many people, but worse can be better if it leads to positive change.More White people are seeing the disconnect between what they have been educated to believe and what the reality they see around them is.Thanks for the uplifting repost of Bob’s ideas. All we need is a little patience and continued hard work.

  2. #2 by Ice Knight on 01/04/2019 - 8:35 pm

    Happy New Year BUGSers!

    I agree Yankee Rebel. Where Bob talks here about the ideas of Franz Boas taking a century to gain hold, what has shocked me the most is the actual speed with which the Mantra has gained a hold.

    When I first started posting with BUGS in 2011, I imagined a lifetime battle of maybe 30-50 years reaching a tipping point when Whites reached minority status in their own countries. I’d now revise that figure down to the the next 5-10. France seems to have reached a point of being almost ungovernable under the current system and many other White countries are not far behind.

    I was reviewing some old postings of mine from about 5 years ago and we used to face wholesale opposition everywhere we posted. In that time the anti-White opposition, other than the real hardcore, seems to have just evaporated. We’ve been carried along by strong tailwinds from the ‘migrant crisis’ in Europe and the Trump campaign in the US but our progress has been remarkable.

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