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Changing the Parameters

Written by Bob Whitaker. Originally posted March 3rd, 2007 –

You can get credit for a new idea. But real power of the type we wield is not based on new ideas. New ideas and information is a BYPRODUCT of what we do. We look in places that have been kept dark, so we do come up with fascinating stuff. That keeps it interesting.

But what we REALLY do is more fundamental. The Mantra is a prime example of this. When you state the Mantra, you have simply outflanked the other side completely. Suddenly all the weapons in the enemy’s arsenal, guilt, the idea that doing something for whites is a selfish thing for a white to do, the whole mass of stuff they have used for sixty years, becomes WORTHLESS.

You have not pulled a new idea, a new piece of detail abut relative racial IQ, to ANSWER their standard stuff. You have completely changed the entire subject that the debate is ABOUT. Suddenly they must defend guilt as the basis of racial suicide. Suddenly they are no longer True Idealists willing to give up their privileges as white people. They are instantly exposed as nutcases who want to DESTROY their own race to be fashionably guilty.

The Mantra is not a continuation of the old debate. It is not just another contribution to the debate between “both sides.” It completely transforms the whole terms of the argument. It is not on EITHER side. In fact, with the Mantra, the old “both sides” CEASES TO EXIST. You are changing the debate itself, you are creating a whole new set of parameters within which all the old discussion within the old parameters simply ceases to BE.

That is what my first book, A Plague on Both Your Houses did. Until it was written, nobody looked on the giant education-welfare establishment as an interest group with hundreds of billions of dollars and enormous political power. That is obvious today, but try to look it up before 1976. Conservatives back then stipulated at the beginning of every discussion that they were for greedy capitalists and military force while the other side was dedicated to True Idealism.


The conservative argument was NEVER that the other side wasn’t made up of Idealism, but only that it was IMPRACTICAL Idealism. That set of parameters changed in 1976. Even liberal commentators were committing political blasphemy. Teachers had always been sacrosanct, the focal point of Idealism. At the 1976 Democratic Convention, for the first time, commentators began to mention how many members of the National Education Association were there getting more money for their own salaries and expenditures and POWER.

Nobody even noticed that was NEW. And no one would admit they had never even noticed this before.

Changing the parameters gets you no credit, but it gives you a staggering amount of POWER.

People want credit, fame, promotions, high-sounding titles, money.

Except US.

They can have the credit, the fame, the money, the titles.

We just want to rule the world.