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Worshiping Totems, Worshiping Words

Posted by Laura on January 10th, 2019 under Coaching Session

Written by Bob Whitaker

“Bob, I have always regarded Culture, writ large, as the outworking of a Religion, and the purpose of the religion was to bind our Consciousness back to the realm from whence we came, hopefully improved for our experience in this incarnation.”

Yockey is great, and I promoted him, but he and Spengler did their bit centuries after Ibn Khaldoun had the same insights. To me, the word “culture” is, as you say, a religion. It assumes, as did Spengler and Yockey, that race is not important and that this Great Culture thing moves regardless of genetics.

Willis Carto used up every excuse he could for Yockey. He wanted someone to worship, and I never have.

Yockey and Ayn Rand and Marx and Spengler all fall into the same category for me. Yockey worshiped Culture, Marx worshiped Economics, Rand worshiped Freedom. Then Yockeyists, Spenglerites, Randian Objectivists and Marxists get together and point and laugh at natives worshiping totem poles or devout, illiterate Catholics who pray to, actually pray TOWARD, statues.

I have stated how I laugh at the “intellectuals” who marvel at ridiculous “classical” sculpture or the Capitol Building because they STILL think the gray, worn-out statues they dig up are true Classical statues. Meanwhile REAL classical statues looked like the ones in (correction taken) the few Catholic churches that still have statues in them.

“Intellectuals” are the worst kind of rubes because they think they’re smart.

“Intellectuals” think it is silly for an Eskimo to assign special powers to a totem pole HE made. They laugh at an old-style Catholic who wants a statue to focus his prayers on.

Then these “intellectuals” worship Culture or Freedom or Economics, each of which is just as much a product of the people who made it as that totem and that statue is. But what is especially ironic is that the old-style Catholic KNOWS that what he or she is praying to is NOT the actual Saint.

But Rand and Marx and Yockey actually BELIEVE that the Freedom or Economics, or Great Culture they are groveling in front of has a LIFE of its OWN. Unlike the most ignorant illiterate South American Catholic, they honestly believe that this work of man’s hands is the be-all and end-all, that that product is the determinant of history.

Boys and girls, you CANNOT get dumber than THAT.

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