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Starting Point

Posted by Laura on January 15th, 2019 under Coaching Session, History, How Things Work

Written by Bob Whitaker

Finding out about reality comes from almost any starting point. Mine has been racial. But soon one cannot really look at enemies of our race without learning about the hatred that comes from jealousy.

One notes very quickly that the people who shout “Hate!” the most are the ones who hate the most. You begin to notice the basis of hatred. You begin to notice its symptoms. So you understand leftist economics. You see that leftists TALK about the poor, but their real focus, their real goal, is hatred of the rich.

You see the undercurrent of the left. They do not REALLY mind so much if people are desperately poor. They are livid about some people being rich. In other words, they talk about loving the poor, but their real motivation is that they hate the rich. By the same token, anti-whites don’t care if people are ugly. Their motivation is that they hate those who are beautiful.

The Germans have a word for this. It is called Schadenfreude, the joy a person takes when someone who is better off than he is suffers horribly. There is no English word for it, but it is an explanation for most of the sickest things in our society. If we realize THAT, maybe our society wouldn’t look this way. As one whose life has been devoted to racial survival, this has been obvious to me from the get-go. Others NEVER discover it.

The same respectable conservative who says over and over that leftists hate the rich and don’t care about the poor cannot see that he has the same attitude about race. As an extension of what Trager Smith says, it is the right, the “Pro-Lifers” and the National review types, who are the ones who are dedicated to the end of the white race today.

If you look at race, you begin to see that somehow suicide has become an ideal in our society. And you find out why, IF YOU LOOK UP.

I started by looking DOWN. I had the childish torchlight parade view of history. I blamed everything on Jewish influence. That was back in my white hat black hat days of cowboy movies. But there was one saving grace. I was also not interested entirely in the Middle East or in Jews. I came to understand that the Jews, despite what Jews and anti-Semites agree on, did not make our world. They did not make HALF our world, the purely evil half.

In fact you cannot find the Aryan suicide disease anywhere in the Middle East, though you spend eighteen hours a day poring over the Talmud for hidden codes. You find it in all OUR religions. No one but me has ever commented on the fact that the suicide impulse of St. Paul had no basis at all, whatsoever, in the Old Testament. Jesus could have said that thinking of SEX when one saw a beautiful woman was a sin, but he did NOT say that. He said “adultery.”

It took millions of words of Biblical Commentary to get everyone’s mind off the realization that Jesus knew the difference between simple sex and adultery. If a supernatural influence got our minds off that, I doubt it came from Heaven. No, you can’t find a condemnation of survival itself anywhere in the Old Testament or in the words of Jesus. It came from St. Paul, and St. Paul got it from the overwhelming alternative religion of his day and place: degenerate Zoroastrianism, which before it became degenerate, specifically excluded all but Aryans.

Hence “Iran.”

You can start in one point and deduce the world from it. Or you can start with race and look DOWN. Your world becomes Jews or blacks or some other obsession. You know more and more about less and less until your entire world consists of justifying your obsessive world view. It is a tiny world view. And it is a DELICATE world view.

It is delicate the way anti-evolutionary fundamentalism is delicate. Any proof of any aspect of evolution or any animal that lived before 4004 BC can destroy your entire lifetime of faith. When these people read what I say, they couldn’t care less about where I am going. They are looking for some statement of mine that is contrary to their delicate faith.

”Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world.”

Give me a place to begin and I will unravel mysteries.

But no lever can move the world if your one favorite cloud has to stay in the same exact spot.

  1. #1 by Wuntz Moore on 01/15/2019 - 11:28 am

    All the articles posted lately are great, but this one might be the best.

    If I gave this article and the others the thought they deserve, I wouldn’t have time to eat. I hope to have time to really think about these articles and other of Bob’s writings soon.

    Re “DELICATE” faith, I’m reminded of Derek Black’s conversion to anti-whitism, apparently accomplished with the aid of studies that claim to show no differences in IQ between races, etc. Derek’s involvement with Mantra apparently didn’t settle as deeply inside him as the delicate pro-white faith he’d been raised in.

    “It is delicate the way anti-evolutionary fundamentalism is delicate. Any proof of any aspect of evolution or any animal that lived before 4004 BC can destroy your entire lifetime of faith.”

  2. #2 by JPOutlook on 01/20/2019 - 6:47 pm

    Asceticism is good, suicide is not.


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