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The Lynch Mob Forms on the Right

Posted by Laura on February 15th, 2019 under Coaching Session

Written by Bob Whitaker

Hannity of Hannity and Colmes said that “When I see an interracial couple, all I see is two Children of God.” The obvious question is, “If that’s all you saw, how did you know it was an INTERRACIAL couple?” But nobody lies like a “Christian” anti-racist, so why bother?

I understand that when David Duke said he was against interracial marriage, Hannity screamed, “You really ARE a Nazi!”

The guy who writes the last page of National Review complained about the high Moslem birth rate in Europe and the low “Christian” birth rate. He immediately got a huge volume of complaints that he was a racist. He said is Islam is not a RACE.

Let me rush to testify to his innocence. National Review is a New York City Catholic theocratic magazine. Like William Buckley, the new crowd that runs it would be glad to see the stinkiest pygmy marry the most beautiful intelligent tall Nordic blond if a man in a dress said the right words over them.

But it has to be the RIGHT dress and it has to be the RIGHT words. They tell us racism is about superficial things, tribalism and so forth. What’s REALLY important is not the genes of the children, but the dress and the WORDS they demand.

I will go further. Speaking of Europe, Buckley applauded the imprisonment of David Irving in the only mention NR made of it. Since Joe Sobran was fired, there is not a single member of the NR staff who would not be proud to PRESIDE at the lynching of any “Racist.”

They are pathetically upset that Yale and New York City don’t APPRECIATE that. But in the meantime, they are indispensable to anti-whites by providing any side issue, from immigration to abortion to prayers in schools to more war in Iraq and war on Iran, to keep attention off the little matter of genocide against MY race.

And they are the first to demand that anyone who MENTIONS that genocide be suppressed and punished.

  1. #1 by JPOutlook on 02/16/2019 - 11:06 pm

    The two anti-whites in this article share the same ethnicity.

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