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The Demoralization Curve

I don’t judge a country on whether a “far-right” party gets 6% or 9% of the vote, or how draconian their censorship is or even their racial demographics. I judge a country on how demoralized the white population of that country is. More specifically, I judge it on where it is in the demoralization curve.

The demoralization curve is a hypothetical model of how the effects of subversion and counter subversion will change the overall level of demoralization of a given white population over time. It is hypothetical because we haven’t seen any white population make it yet to the right side of the curve.

A curve can be drawn for a region, a country or the world as a whole. Remember, to be demoralized means you have been put into a psychological state where you can’t come to any reasonable conclusions in the interest of defending yourself, your family, your country, your race.

The demoralization curve resembles a bell curve. It starts out low, reaches a peak, and then falls. This is how I think things will play out as our counter-propaganda takes hold and we take propaganda superiority.

You can see by this curve there are two ways a population can be in low state of demoralization: because you are on the RIGHT side of the curve or because you are on the LEFT side of the curve. You are on the left side of the curve if you haven’t been subjected ***YET*** to a large amount of anti-white propaganda. This is the case in Eastern Europe now. It was the case in the rest of the white world 60 or so years ago. I bring this up because some people think whites in Eastern Europe have some cultural traits or magic ability to resist anti-whitism. Such people may think we can just adopt whatever it is that gives them this resistance and not have to fight the propaganda war. I say the reason they they are in a low state of demoralization is because they haven’t been subjected to anything like the anti-white programming Anglosphere and Western Europe have been subjected to. As soon as they are, their level of demoralization will rise unless counter-propaganda is deployed immediately.

No action or combinations of actions will substitute for winning the propaganda war and taking power.

So, to assess the state of a country I ask how successfully are pro-whites in that country fighting the anti-white brainwashing? Unfortunately, at this point I don’t think any country rates better than a “D.”

This curve follows the model of epidemic disease. You can have a low state of disease occurrence either because you haven’t been exposed to it yet (left side of the curve) or because you have developed anti-bodies and genetic resistance to the disease (right side of the curve).

If you were to examine an isolated population and you observed that they had no incidence of an infectious disease, and they had never been exposed to that disease, would you conclude that they had some immunity to that disease that you would want to study? In fact, if someone said they did want to study that population to determine why they don’t have the disease would you even regard that person as SANE?

We can wish that the anti-white mind virus had never been released into white populations. But wishing won’t save white people. We have to develop and culturally embed the terms, talking points and narratives that constitute resistance to virulent anti-whitism.

This is a process we’re going to have to go through. Our goal is to get to the right side of the curve. When we do, we’ll be stronger than ever.

Demoralization curve


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It is SUPPRESSION that leads to Violence

Written by Bob Whitaker. Originally posted July 28th, 2011

I haven’t been keeping up with it, but the Norwegian who did the Oslo killings seems to have been a Tea Party type.

That is to say, this extremist is allowed to denounce runaway immigration, and at the same time, as a Wordist “Christian,” he is pro-Israel.

The guy doing the shooting at the Holocaust Memorial was an 88-year-old white man.

There is going to be a lot of violence, because violence is ALWAYS the result when you forcibly shut off discussion of any important issue.

Naturally when an incident like Oklahoma City or Oslo comes up, the left says it is a result of not suppressing the other side enough. Even more naturally no respectable conservative EVER points out that violence comes from suppressing discussion of an issue.

I remember when Colmes told Hannity that the gun issue was not gone, because there would be another mass killing incident and gun control would be front and center again. He was practically salivating over the prospect. Anybody who did that on the right would lost his respectability pay check instantly.

After that there were incidents, but for decades every time a person shot down a group of unarmed, I repeat, unarmed, people, it caused an immediate cry for gun control. But since it finally filtered down even to the respectable conservatives that a mass killer can only operate when nobody has a gun, this clamor stopped.

I was doing stuff on that when I was on Capitol Hill in the 80s, and the National Rifle Association, being respectable, put forth the weakest conceivable arguments. Again and again the membership had to clear wimps out of the leadership.

Like Stormfront, the NRA always quit using an argument when the anti-gun forces said, “You have said that over and over.” The NRA did not require an ANSWER before it stopped making perfectly true points.

If what the NRA said made the anti-guns uncomfortable, they had a set of tactics to make these wimps abandon what they were saying because it wasn’t sophisticated.


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White Rage

Originally posted by Bob Whitaker September 4th, 2015

(Here’s Bob’s perfect response to the NZ mass Shootings. FWG has also recently receorded a podcast on this topic.)

The black rage is their defense

Now when the young guy in Charleston did his shootings, they instantly convicted me which gave us lots of publicity.

The guy who just did the Jewish Center killings has just been convicted. At the beginning of his closing argument he put up on the whiteboard that “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide”.

But oddly enough, nobody came after me.

One explanation for this is, the same reason they put it off with CNN, they can’t deal with me.

But all this has made me consider White Rage.

If a black man runs around killing white people, it’s because of oppression.

Now if we have white guys out killing, In The Name Of White Genocide, it may be a warning.

Isolated Black killings of whites are the result of a legitimate “Black Rage”.

So isolated killings In The Name Of Genocide, may mean that instead stopping all discussion of White Genocide, the White Rage may indicate that’s exactly what we need to discuss. Or are we going to just have people keep picking up guns?

At the moment we’ve had very isolated incidents, two of them, but should we not consider White Rage?

There is no excuse for anybody just shooting other people, on a basis like this, but it may signify that we are going to have to discuss the real issue. And that does not mean with in the current bounds.

So maybe we should start looking at these isolated two killings as White Rage.

And a warning.



Who We Are & What We Do!

Written By Bob whitaker as the press release for our Paltalk events.

Civil rights laws were not passed to apply to White men and do not protect them”

–Mary Francis Berry, former chair of the US Civil Rights Commission.

General Wesley Clark explained that American troops can be sent to fight and die anywhere because, “There is no room for any ethnically pure country in Europe.” Clark was a leading Democratic candidate for the presidency.

This kind of insanity is standard talk among anti-Whites, both liberal and conservative, when talking to each other.

Only when talking to someone who brings up White Genocide do these leftists, moderates, and neoconservatives deny that they seek the Final Solution to the White Problem.

They call this Final Solution “intermarriage,” but everyone understands that their program of massive third world immigration is only for WHITE countries, and every White country is to be forced to accept the third world overflow. ALL and ONLY White countries are to be condemned or boycotted or, if General Clark has his way, INVADED to force third world immigration.

In every single White country, massive immigration is to be followed by assimilation. The President of France stated that if France did not proceed with intermarriage quickly enough, force would have to be used to enforce it. General Wesley Clark is not the only anti-white demanding that military force be used for the Final Solution to the White Problem.

But this is only the PUBLIC face of White Genocide. When the discussion is only with other anti-whites, the evidence is that every single anti-white is a little Hitlerite, just with a different form of race hatred in mind.

You have heard this message before. Anti-whites demand to know where this rapidly spreading charge came from.

It came from Robert W. Whitaker.

He originated the Mantra, which states this program of White Genocide clearly.

The only way anti-whites can deal with this obviously true charge is to hide from it. They never contradict it. Like any other felons caught red-handed, all they can do is scream epithets and insults.

Anti-whites scream “racist’ and “White supremacist.”

They might as well be shouting, “Guilty!”

The oldest cliche in the legal profession is, “If you have no defense, attack like hell.”


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MLA’s – Mexicans Living in America

Written by Bob Whitaker. Originally posted October 13th, 2011

Article suggestion by WmWhite. “Here is an old post by Bob on immigration in America and what it really means politically, which relates to what is happening in ALL White countries:”

I understand that the Chinese media often refer to Chinese-Americans or those living in other countries as “Chinese Living Abroad.”

What we call “Hispanics” vote as Mexicans Living Abroad. On this question neo-Marxism speaks perfect Double Think. When Republicans started denying illegal immigrants welfare and other public benefits, the media announced gleefully that Republicans had lost the Hispanic vote forever.

anaziwhowantedtokillsixmillionjews. They were denounced first and loudest by National Review and the rest of the paycheck crowd.

One study showed that half of the Hispanics responding said they might consider voting Republican if the Party changed its immigration stance. Half of them specifying that issue would seem to show special interest in it on the part of Mexicans Living Abroad.

But, as those long years when conservatives banned anyone pointing out that every Communist country had to shoot escapees, saying what I said in the above paragraph is the first step to getting fired as a paycheck conservative.

Another Pubic Secret: There is no “Hispanic vote.” There are Mexicans Living Abroad, Central Americans Living Abroad, but no “Hispanics.”


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