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Who We Are & What We Do!

Written By Bob whitaker as the press release for our Paltalk events.

Civil rights laws were not passed to apply to White men and do not protect them”

–Mary Francis Berry, former chair of the US Civil Rights Commission.

General Wesley Clark explained that American troops can be sent to fight and die anywhere because, “There is no room for any ethnically pure country in Europe.” Clark was a leading Democratic candidate for the presidency.

This kind of insanity is standard talk among anti-Whites, both liberal and conservative, when talking to each other.

Only when talking to someone who brings up White Genocide do these leftists, moderates, and neoconservatives deny that they seek the Final Solution to the White Problem.

They call this Final Solution “intermarriage,” but everyone understands that their program of massive third world immigration is only for WHITE countries, and every White country is to be forced to accept the third world overflow. ALL and ONLY White countries are to be condemned or boycotted or, if General Clark has his way, INVADED to force third world immigration.

In every single White country, massive immigration is to be followed by assimilation. The President of France stated that if France did not proceed with intermarriage quickly enough, force would have to be used to enforce it. General Wesley Clark is not the only anti-white demanding that military force be used for the Final Solution to the White Problem.

But this is only the PUBLIC face of White Genocide. When the discussion is only with other anti-whites, the evidence is that every single anti-white is a little Hitlerite, just with a different form of race hatred in mind.

You have heard this message before. Anti-whites demand to know where this rapidly spreading charge came from.

It came from Robert W. Whitaker.

He originated the Mantra, which states this program of White Genocide clearly.

The only way anti-whites can deal with this obviously true charge is to hide from it. They never contradict it. Like any other felons caught red-handed, all they can do is scream epithets and insults.

Anti-whites scream “racist’ and “White supremacist.”

They might as well be shouting, “Guilty!”

The oldest cliche in the legal profession is, “If you have no defense, attack like hell.”


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MLA’s – Mexicans Living in America

Written by Bob Whitaker. Originally posted October 13th, 2011

Article suggestion by WmWhite. “Here is an old post by Bob on immigration in America and what it really means politically, which relates to what is happening in ALL White countries:”

I understand that the Chinese media often refer to Chinese-Americans or those living in other countries as “Chinese Living Abroad.”

What we call “Hispanics” vote as Mexicans Living Abroad. On this question neo-Marxism speaks perfect Double Think. When Republicans started denying illegal immigrants welfare and other public benefits, the media announced gleefully that Republicans had lost the Hispanic vote forever.

anaziwhowantedtokillsixmillionjews. They were denounced first and loudest by National Review and the rest of the paycheck crowd.

One study showed that half of the Hispanics responding said they might consider voting Republican if the Party changed its immigration stance. Half of them specifying that issue would seem to show special interest in it on the part of Mexicans Living Abroad.

But, as those long years when conservatives banned anyone pointing out that every Communist country had to shoot escapees, saying what I said in the above paragraph is the first step to getting fired as a paycheck conservative.

Another Pubic Secret: There is no “Hispanic vote.” There are Mexicans Living Abroad, Central Americans Living Abroad, but no “Hispanics.”


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