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The Demoralization Curve

I don’t judge a country on whether a “far-right” party gets 6% or 9% of the vote, or how draconian their censorship is or even their racial demographics. I judge a country on how demoralized the white population of that country is. More specifically, I judge it on where it is in the demoralization curve.

The demoralization curve is a hypothetical model of how the effects of subversion and counter subversion will change the overall level of demoralization of a given white population over time. It is hypothetical because we haven’t seen any white population make it yet to the right side of the curve.

A curve can be drawn for a region, a country or the world as a whole. Remember, to be demoralized means you have been put into a psychological state where you can’t come to any reasonable conclusions in the interest of defending yourself, your family, your country, your race.

The demoralization curve resembles a bell curve. It starts out low, reaches a peak, and then falls. This is how I think things will play out as our counter-propaganda takes hold and we take propaganda superiority.

You can see by this curve there are two ways a population can be in low state of demoralization: because you are on the RIGHT side of the curve or because you are on the LEFT side of the curve. You are on the left side of the curve if you haven’t been subjected ***YET*** to a large amount of anti-white propaganda. This is the case in Eastern Europe now. It was the case in the rest of the white world 60 or so years ago. I bring this up because some people think whites in Eastern Europe have some cultural traits or magic ability to resist anti-whitism. Such people may think we can just adopt whatever it is that gives them this resistance and not have to fight the propaganda war. I say the reason they they are in a low state of demoralization is because they haven’t been subjected to anything like the anti-white programming Anglosphere and Western Europe have been subjected to. As soon as they are, their level of demoralization will rise unless counter-propaganda is deployed immediately.

No action or combinations of actions will substitute for winning the propaganda war and taking power.

So, to assess the state of a country I ask how successfully are pro-whites in that country fighting the anti-white brainwashing? Unfortunately, at this point I don’t think any country rates better than a “D.”

This curve follows the model of epidemic disease. You can have a low state of disease occurrence either because you haven’t been exposed to it yet (left side of the curve) or because you have developed anti-bodies and genetic resistance to the disease (right side of the curve).

If you were to examine an isolated population and you observed that they had no incidence of an infectious disease, and they had never been exposed to that disease, would you conclude that they had some immunity to that disease that you would want to study? In fact, if someone said they did want to study that population to determine why they don’t have the disease would you even regard that person as SANE?

We can wish that the anti-white mind virus had never been released into white populations. But wishing won’t save white people. We have to develop and culturally embed the terms, talking points and narratives that constitute resistance to virulent anti-whitism.

This is a process we’re going to have to go through. Our goal is to get to the right side of the curve. When we do, we’ll be stronger than ever.

Demoralization curve


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