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The Left-Right Code

Posted by Laura on May 21st, 2019 under Coaching Session, How Things Work, Race Matters

Written by Bob Whitaker. Originally posted May 8th, 2006 –

Left-right is the establishment’s code for the race war that is growing.

Todays’ Republicans are the EXACT equivalent of the Whig Party that died in the 1850s.

It would not face the issue of the EXPANSION — NOT the existence — of slavery. The Republican Party completely replaced it almost overnight.

If you read the Republican platform, they bent over backwards insisting that the slave states had a right to their slaves. But, unlike the Whigs, they stood absoltely against the admission of any more slave states.

The Republican Party was formed in 1854 and it controlled the House of Representatives in 1855.

Let’s bring this up to date.

Democrats are dead right. At this moment the Republicans have a solidly white consituency and it gets whiter at every election.

Even as the white proportion of the electorate has shrunk, Republicans have gone from a minority to a majority.

Anyone who reads the history of the 1850s will wonder what the Whigs were DOING.

Anyone reading the history of our time will wonder what the Republicans were DOING.

The only group that took up the real issue before 1854 was the tiny Free Soil Party. It split from the tiny Liberty Party dedicated to abolition. The biggest weapon against the Free Soil Party was the word “Abolitionist!” just as the same effect is obtained today by calling us “Racist!”

We help out by ACTING like a tiny minority, aiming at a tiny split-off from the melting pot. We call that white nationalism.

But this does nothing about the threat more and more people every day see against our entire race.

We must insist on the right of our whole race to EXIST.

We must take the leadership in something that is in everyone’s minds, just as stopping the EXTENSION of slavery was in everybody’s mind in the 1850s. We must get off the defensive.

Every day the feeling that every white country is being overrun is growing.

Back in the 1850s this obvious winning position was stopped by screams of Abolitionism. Today the obvious winning position is stopped by cries of “Racism.”

The group that takes a solid and defiant position on the REAL issue, and on nothing else, is poised to win.

In 1852 there was no free soil major party. By 1855 it organized the House.

The difference was that someone finally took the stand, AND TOOK IT CLEARLY.

The next civil war will begin just as the last one did. A party will make a reasonable stand and those who cannot bear it will secede. THEY will turn it from a reasonable political strategy into a revolution.

The rioting minorities will turn OUR reasonable stance into a revolution.

But first we have to make a stand.

  1. #1 by Wuntz Moore on 05/21/2019 - 6:51 pm

    The new Republican Party quickly took power on the issue of its time, the non-admission of slavery into new areas, in large part because they didn’t also hurl themselves against the third rail of complete abolition of slavery.

    Will a Stop White Genocide Party form today that will take power by championing the issue of our time, the survival of the white race, without destroying itself on today’s third rail that so many pro-whites can’t turn loose of?

    • #2 by eyeslevel on 05/28/2019 - 2:49 pm

      Maybe calling for an end to forced integration would be the reasonable compromise position. Which they will refuse thereby showing how unreasonable they are.

  2. #3 by Wuntz Moore on 05/22/2019 - 12:21 pm

    Below is a comment made to the Strike and Mike show at TRS. Striker and Enoch have discovered that the Holocaust is at the core of anti-white conditioning, and at about 1:09:55 minutes they begin to advise their audience to pick up a little Holocaust revisionism so they can counter that conditioning (sorry, I know that last bit was painful to read).

    The comment:

    Spend my energy trying to talk religious individuals out of their religious beliefs (I’m talking about whites’ belief in the Holocaust religion), when I could be hammering the fact of white genocide into masses of whites instead?

    That’s madness. Please wake up. Truth is not a magic potion that works against religious belief. Sidestep mines like the Holocaust that anti-whites have planted in white brains and open up the mass white brain to the fresh territory of its core truth, White Genocide.

    Like the r-word in its history, the White Genocide meme won’t find “love at first sight.” It’s a meme whose propagation into the white masses requires patience. We at BUGS had that patience and have gotten “White Genocide” and “anti-white” into the mainstream. Progress would accelerate greatly if you guys with the juice would join in.

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