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The Left Meets the Mantra

Written by Bob Whitaker. Originally posted February 2nd, 2010 –

I have noticed that leftists tried to reply to one of our commenters using the Mantra. Their reply was that Mantra users were, though they don’t say it, stealing THEIR thunder. We are “exploiters claiming victim status.”

If you don’t know Marxist theology well, the idea that non-whites cannot be racist puzzles you. That is, in your terms, a racist concept. But Marxism looks at the world entirely in victim versus exploiter terms. When it comes to race, only one group can be exploiters.

“The distribution of income, said Marx, “is a POLITICAL question.” It is an outstanding fact of Marxist thought that there is no such thing as economics. In Marxism there is no such thing as race relations. There is only exploited and exploiters. There is ONLY exploitation.

They are painfully aware that when the Soviet Empire’s people realized that THEY were being exploited and shot by the Communists, the whole thing collapsed. You would think that the hungry, terrorized people under the Reds would have realized that, but they had to wait for a sign of the State weakening before the balloon exploded.

Leftists did not realize it was balloon. That explosion is not forgotten. You would think whites would long since have realized they are set up for extermination, but that is what respectable conservatives are for. When it comes to exterminating whites by “assimilation” conservatives are in perfect Solidarity with their liberal icons.

Leftists said that the Mantra “sickened” them because it was exploiters claiming to be victims. But they did not challenge its truth. Exploiters are to be destroyed. Non-whites cannot be racists. Therefore whites must be destroyed. Their argument is their admission.

But to True Believers who are still deaf from the last explosion, the Mantra is a danger sign. You will see regular features in the media about the fall of Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany, but you NEVER see anything about the relatively recent collapse of the larger Soviet Empire. That is because there is nothing in it for the left.

But don’t mistake the media’s ignoring that catastrophe for their not remembering it. They are still half deaf from the explosion they had no idea was coming. Any group which shouts Genocide is too much like the suppressed but vocal samizdat in the USSR that pointed out the terror and need their so-called Liberated People lived under.

When they hear the Mantra, their pants are never quite dry again.


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