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Vale Bob Whitaker

By NatAlt:

There have been very few people who have been able to radically change the pro-White movement like Robert Whitaker has done. Back in 2001 or 2002 when I first came across the movement, debates with anti-Whites were long, convoluted and often a stalemate. Pro-Whites would throw out crime statistic, economic statistics, the history of slavery, Martin Luther King, immigration statistics, whatever it took to build a case for why White nations shouldn’t be subject to mass immigration. In doing this though, they predicated the legitimacy of the movement on whether these arguments were factually correct or not. It didn’t seem at the time that pro-Whites were just willing to say that mass demographic replacement is wrong, and stick to it. It is difficult to appreciate now, but it wasn’t a given that we had the moral high ground.

I fell into that trap a little too, dropping my previously held notion that something was worth preserving on its own merit, without justification.

When I came across Bob’s blog at, I was struck by the simplicity of his message and tactic, and the familiarity of it. While I had pointed out previously to opponents that they seemed to only want diversity in White nations (something which brought me to this type of politics initially), Bob hadn’t just thought of it, he thought ABOUT it. The mantra was simple and precise, and Bobs experience in politics showed. A simple, deadly message effectively repeated is dynamite. The key wasn’t throwing out as many arguments as possible hoping some will stick, its finding the one weak point, and hammering it relentlessly with discipline. It was the strategy of not allowing your opponent to throw out off message by making you ‘tailgate’, that is, follow their train of thought.

I applied this on online forums with some other early BUGSers, and we would hit the anti’s with the mantra again and again and again. We would ask why it was that ALL and ONLY White countries had to become melting pots, and why we were Nazis for opposing this selective targeting for diversification. The strategy worked. Anti’s couldn’t answer the questions without revealing their own anti-white bias. Now, rather than us making mathematical cases, we were asking them to justify Genocide and to explain themselves. We were now on the offensive, and them on the defensive. No longer were we the ones grovelling to be left alone, we were the ones accusing THEM and getting them to answer for themselves.

This line of arguing took off, and after some months and years of using this tactic, we saw it become more and more widespread. “Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White” become a meme, perhaps the first proper meme of pro-White Nationalism. We saw more and more people, people we hadn’t heard of using this phrase. More and more people were talking, not about black crime rates, but White Genocide. We saw even some quasi-mainstream figures point out that the West, and only the West seems to be targeted for mass immigration, and this means our disappearance. The old concerns about black crime now seemed so passé. We exposed the larger underlying issue and brought it front and center.

From there BUGS, coached by Bob Whitaker refined their art. “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide”, “Chasing down the last Whites” were spread far and wide. The argument that a country is only considered “diverse” when it’s non white might have been something many pro-Whites would have been aware of, but it was Bob Whitaker who weaponized it. BUGs wasn’t about teaching us about ourselves, it was about making those things we know, those arguments in the back of our mind effective WEAPONS.

The BUGS swarm ensured that everyone came across their message, and it became mainstream knowledge. Today, Ann Coulter more or less paraphrases Bob’s arguments and these initial arguments can now be heard repeated by ‘mainstream’ people. Bob believed that our movement would eventually prevail, and he wasn’t too concerned with the petty personal dramas of prominent players, focusing on the task at hand.

Many of my articles are heavily influenced by my involvement with BUGS and Bob Whitaker. Personally, there is no bigger influence in the way that I approach our pro-White message than Bob Whitaker. While many others are prolific with videos and outrage, Bob was one of the rare few who could provide something useful. It was his ability to provide something useful that inspires and motivates me to write articles, as I write articles with the hope that the reader will learn something useful about how to argue. We are arms dealers in a war of words.

Bob had a gift for being able to see the basics and just as importantly, conveying basic observation to others. It is a rare skill, and we are now poorer for having lost him. There are though many, like ourselves who have learned these lessons, and we have to take it upon ourselves to coach others, as Bob took it upon itself to coach us.

Rest in peace coach…



Robert Walker Whitaker, March 31st, 1941 – June 3rd, 2017


It’s with great sadness that I report Coach passed away in his bed, Saturday afternoon June 3rd, 2017.

His passing is going to leave a hole in so many people’s lives. But he has given the world the tools we need to expose this anti-White system and its program of white genocide. We will keep on using what he has taught us.

“He left a huge legacy of words and audio, an entire world view way more in line with reality than the official world view.

“That legacy lives on. I know he had a lifetime of frustration with people refusing to use the talking points and political strategies he came up with, no matter how devastating they were to the leftist establishment, but he lived long enough to see his methods start to work. His stuff is EVERYWHERE.

“I hope he took comfort in that.

“He taught us what to do. It’s just a matter of doing it and teaching others. He’s the exception to his own rule that no hero ever made a difference in a war.

“This prophecy WILL come true.

“We all know what Bob would want us to do.”





Please Keep It Interesting — Please Read Again, There is an Extension

There was news of a Birmingham TV station that had a broadcast about one of our people putting up one sign.

Thus endeth my interest in the day.Image Hosted by

Someone is writing me about some “concern” over a BUGS trend or anti-white thread or something.

Other people ask me how I am.

Here is how I am: I have been at this almost daily for over fifteen years.

The message getting out there is my ONLY interest.

If you feel slighted, go away. I have made it clear and you have seen how suicidal it is to coddle TTGHs.

One sign, combined with a call to a TV station before they take it down, has so far gotten us some publicity.

One person bothered to tell me about it.

I am not angry or bitching. I am simply very, very preoccupied.

I am, honestly, old and tired and disabled and simply have no interest in other things besides DOING something about the survival of my race.


The one sign that one BUGSER put up in that one place got a local report and network repeat.

The Birmingham report included a black reporter who said that the public she had asked about the sign agreed with it!

There was an ABC report on it. They just said it was HATE!

The ABC report got about 500 thumbs up to 100 thumbs down.

On that word Hate, if I had some workers, we would have some fun.

They would go to each site and pick someone — let’s call him X — who expressed ANY opinion, on ANY subject. They would simply say, “X, that’s HATE!”

But MY workers would then have the discipline to simply LEAVE.

They might later get a yuck out of going back and seeing what if any reply X made, but they would stay mute.

This wouldn’t be hard intellectual work, like putting in mini-Mantras.

And you wouldn’t have to dodge the bots as you did with Mantra stuff.

But then again, getting bots onto “Hate!” might make it harder for anti-whites to use Hate as an answer to anything they don’t agree with.

And who knows, we might find some guidance in how people who express an opinion on the latest cartoons deal with the word “HATE!” coming out of nowhere at them the way it does at us.



Fifteen Years! Whew!

On this date in 1998 WhitakerOnline got started.

On this date in 1861 a lesser event got started at Fort Sumter.

We are not really prepared for any kind of celebration because, as White Rabbit just reminded me, we are each an army of one.

To give the first example that occurs to me, when a BUGSER calls for a Swarm, your job is not to comment on it or moan at how few do.   It is simply:  a) you hit that site, a minute’s work or, 2) You DON’T.Image Hosted by

Good BUGSERS make lousy Celebrators.

We don’t spend endless time planning for The Days, be it a celebration or a Torchlight Parade.

We don’t listen for plaudits.   You will feel that “Well done” from your insides that no Rally can provide.

We also don’t make a fetish out of “I don’t need praise.”

All humans need recognition.  But you had better treasure it when I give you a good word, because it is a rare thing.

But for us Aryans, with our natural self-criticism and overactive consciences:   If I think you did it wrong, I will spare no words, and I fully expect that when my criticism is unfair, you will tell me in plain language where I can put it.

The next question is do I face another fifteen years dealing with you turkeys or do I jump off the top of this high-rise?




How You MIGHT Get Bob Back

I had a talk with Bob this morning that gave me the inspiration for this post.

What did he say? Well, our conservations consist of me giving him updates of how the blog is doing and of my own actions and in return I get advice, which mainly is to post what I just told him.

Now that I have spent a little time running the seminar I have noticed and listed off, point by point, the very same complaints that drove him out. Long unthinking irrelevant comments, refusal to work on the net and report on it and refusal to promote the blog.

In addition to the following, I have one that is uniquely my own. Whenever I post a “blast from the past” all I receive are criticisms. Guys, I am not looking for a rehashing of the piece. I am looking for an expansion on it with new concepts. Everything interrelates!

As far as comments go, all ole Bob wants to see is what we are doing now. Short descriptions of work being done and short discussions of why our specific work is more advanced and specifically critical.

Make every word count.