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Thanks, Tim, an Old Man’s Favorite Subject!

Tim must not have any old relatives, because he asked me to talk about me.

And I just took a pain pill!

Typing is now fun and I do not have that obsession with making sense that bothers me at other times.

What could you say about me in a Wiki?

First of all, as Tim points out, NOBODY wants to talk about me. Long before they switched sides, Tom Fleming, Clyde Wilson and others ceased contact with me. Considering the decades we had worked together this was hardly a coincidence.

They stuck with me all that time because we were on the same side. They knew what I had done, but only pros did. I was astonished to hear that my 1982 book was being used as a textbook in her son’s school. I’ve seen it cited in grad texts and my first book in the book Beyondism.

There must be a lot more because I found these by accident.

The point is these were professional books. Knowledge of me was not on Donahue.

I was astonished to see myself noticed in each of these cases.

I have a tendency to be on the long-term winning side. But the old saying is that “Victory has many fathers, defeat is an orphan.” So when after two decades of marching and writing I finally was a major force in getting Republicans to unite “Wallace Democrats” with conservatives to elect Reagan, everybody took credit.

Here is a rule most people here know. There are people who do the work and people who know how to get the credit. After the Reagan victory in 1980 it turned out that every Republican leader had been all for this coalition from the word go.

So what would a Wiki say about me? “He wrote the groundbreaking book,” as William Rusher said, “that made the coalition undeniable?”

You would have to read Jeffrey Hart’s review of my first published book in National Review, “Read This One!” and the COVER ARTICLE attack on me to see there was any debate.

After 1980 everybody with influence had said he had always been all for it. These were the powers in the Republican Party.

Anyone who disagreed with them would make an enemy he couldn’t afford.

So are you going to say in Wiki that Bob had pivotal role in forming this coalition?

No way! EVERYBODY had a pivotal role in it.

Because it WORKED.

As Jeffrey Hart pointed, my book sounded genuine because I had BEEN with the grassroots populists on truckers’ strike, the farmers’ strike, anti-busing marches, wildcat coal mine strikes.

But I also had first-hand experience with the Infallible Geniuses of the Communist Conspiracy. Nobody in the grassroots would let THEIR “activists” in, but my tiny Populist Forum was overwhelmed with requests to speak for REAL working peoples’ grassroots protests. So the Communist World said we did it by our heavy conservative funding.

There were three of us, and we didn’t even have a bank account. And regular conservatives would rather fund the CPUSA than us.

National Review, in “To the Nashville Station,” implied we WERE Communists.

What the CPUSA, those Infallible Geniuses, did NOT see was that we were forming the coalition that destroyed their indestructible Soviet Empire.

OK. You are going to do Wiki on Whitaker, explaining just this one aspect of his life: how he was pivotal to a coalition everybody claims credit for.

Lots of luck. And that’s just one chapter.

I had the same sort of role in saving the Space Telescope and stopping racial quotas imposed by IRS in private. They were lost causes when I got in on them and at the finish everybody had been for them from the word go.

So what would you say about me in Wiki?

My hope is that someday history will say, “White people finally realized that this ‘anti-racist’ program was actually genocide aimed against THEM.” Students will read this and say, “Of course they did!”

It’s obvious once it’s done.

I am a genius. I put my finger on what is, in hindsight, obvious.

Try explaining THAT in 500 words or less in Wiki.

Screw it, Tim. You and I have a war to win, and you need to use me while I’m here.

I don’t need a Wiki. I need a WIN.



Tim: Repeating our Message HERE About Repeating the Mantra THERE Is Also Essential

Bob is a genius. The key part of his mantra is it’s refined simplicity. All you have to do is repeat it.

And these days all you have to do is repeat anything simple to make people believe it. Over the past few days news networks have played the simple lie that Russia attacked Georgia/US. Look at all the fools believing it. Anyone with half a brain can look up what happened. But they don’t.

Bob Whitaker is feared because the elites know this simple fact. Think about a White population with a common sense of oppression…..with Bob’s Mantra playing. All we have to do is repeat it and it is downhill.

— Tim


“It is said that there is this RACE problem.  They say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.” 

“The Netherlands and Belgium are as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”

“Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”

“What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?”

“How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem.  I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?”

“And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?”

“But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

They say they are anti-racist.  What they are is anti-white.

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”



Pain (General Comments) Praises The Old Bull

You are dealing with an old bull who should have been put out to pasture LONG ago. The ONLY reason I ask you to stick with me is that there are STILL things only I can do.

Crippling ADD, a lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse, aging, and a lifetime of fighting with which you are all too familiar leave me making every conceivable kind of mistake, including sloth.

Which is why I am so desperate to teach BUGS folk, not my Words of Wisdom, but HOW to do what I do.

Pain put something in General Comments that was TERRIFIC!

“Thanks for being the smartest man anywhere, the best down-boiler ever, and for forming the finest little circle of thinkers to be found.”

1) We all know Pain has never hesitated to give me hell. So I can assume he means this.
“Which is why I am so desperate to teach BUGS folk, not my Words of Wisdom, but HOW to do what I do.”

Pain shows me I am succeeding. More important, in ONE SENTENCE, he has specifically covered all my main goals and told me I am succeeding in them. Pain is learning to do what I am trying to teach you to DO.

In all the hundreds of thousands of words here, what jumps out at Pain is what totally escapes the folks at Stormfront, much less Mommy Professors’ tape recorders.

Pain is one of the group he describes as the finest circle of thinkers to be found. I do not hesitate to quote his praise of ME without the usual modesty crap.

Let’s follow the British courts’ doctrine against “hate” speech, “The truth is no defense.”

Where truth is concerned, false modesty is no excuse.



What Would BOB Have Done?

Every doting father, let alone every doting mother, can laugh at and admire someone at the same time.

I am enjoying the fact that I have by now set things up to the point where, in Christmas Future, those who are doing BUGS will say, in reverent tones, “What would BOB have done?”

What BOB would have done was say, “What in the hell are YOU going to do? I’m DEAD. Smell my armpits if you doubt it.”

Have you noticed that great big bulge below your forehead? It’s called a frontal lobe.

USE the damned thing!

When I read the words in red in the New Testament, it always occurred to me that Jesus, who two decades before knew more theology than the Temple Priests, kept saying, “You have a conscience. USE IT!”

Bob DID “what Bob would have done.”

YOU are what Bob did.


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granmontblanc, Hardric and Ron Paul

gerardmontblanc says:
I am one of the ignoramuses supporting Paul. What do we have to lose by giving
him a shot? It’s a no brainer that he can’t be a white nationalist and compete
for President, and really his chances of winning are quite small. The reason I
support him is because the white nationalist message can be incorporated into
my support regardless of his WN provenance or lack thereof. This because his
ideas about immigration, the FED, the nanny state, Iraq are similar to ours.
Further, comparing his positions to the positions of “top tier” candidates is
an excellent way to highlight the traitorous nature of politicians who compete
with him–a way to point out that his republicrat opponents. PSMr. Whittaker,
I compliment you on your mantra and have in fact posted it on my blog. I
listened to all of your porch talk MP3s and read your book Why Johnny Can’t
Think–my compliments. Regards. Gerard. M.


There is only one t in my name. We used to have two, but we had to sell one for food.

“The reason I support him is because the white nationalist message can be incorporated into my support regardless of his WN provenance or lack thereof.”

I have found that is a hard resolution to hold to in the heat of supporting a candidacy. I, for one, found it far too easy to agree with enemies of our race for possible extra votes, and was later ashamed of what I had done.

DON’T MISS MY REAL POINT HERE. Sure, Dr. Paul has more of our positions than others. His rebellious candidacy represents another hole in the blanket the establishmet is trying to put the fire out with. It is already smoldering visibly.

But my point is whether OUR LIMITED RESOURCES should be used in jump in on massive anti-immigration petitions, political candidacies and the like.

My point is whether OUR LIMITED RESOURCES should be used in jump in on masive anti-immigration petitions, political candidacies and the like.

My point is whether OUR LIMITED RESOURCES should be used in jump in on massive anti-immigration petitions, political candidacies and the like.

We can USE Ron Paul, but only if we keep OUR MESSAGE in mind. As Hardric says,

Hardric says:
No, gerardmontblanc, you are no ignoramus. There is nothing wrong with using every tool available to get a message across. Let me give an example.

I was in a small gas station store and upon arriving at the counter overheard an older White Woman talking to a younger one who was behind the counter. The older woman had apparently looked at a Ron Paul flyer someone put there.

“I have never heard of him” said the older woman.
“Neither have I” said the younger woman.

Now it would have served no purpose for me to go into a long dissertation on the Constitution and all of the things that have gone wrong with America in the last 225 years.

I needed to get my message across simply and quickly.
“He’s the best man out there” I said in a knowledgeable manner.

“Why” said the older woman.

So I proceeded to recount some of the virtues of Ron Paul.
Having thus obtained their undivided attention (and they were interested), I went to my message.

The real problem, I said, is a racial one. And it is a very simple problem. White people need to start defending their own Racial Interests like any normal and sane group would be expected to do.

I got no disagreement there. I am sure that these woman knew enough about their own family history to be aware that their ancestors did exactly that.