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My Apology and the Heavy Cost of “DUHHHING” the Mantra

A commenter reports that every one of twenty places he put the Mantra AND LISTED IN HIS SWARM REPORT got taken down moments after he posted them.

The subtext here is that the Great Interrogator Bob Whitaker had to wait for one of YOU to tell him that announcing your specific bombing areas is dumb.

I’ve been dumb before, I’ll be dumb again.

But it is a relief to me that you are picking up points that I tried to explain years ago. But I was the only person out in the field, and you have to have been in the field to “get” my points.

For example, I said over an over and over in earlier days that the people on the other side always seemed to understand that I was a threat. It is the respectable conservatives and attitudes of some of our pro-White leaders that totally ignores what I am doing. The conclusion I should have drawn was that, while our leaders don’t ever read BUGS, the other side has long since devoted resources to monitor it.

I didn’t understand MY OWN connection, though I have been making the same point for well over a generation. I get lulled by National Review or News and Jews or people I know are brilliant and dedicated into taking my own effective work as lightly as they do.

Now let’s talk about the SUBTEXT of being a COACH rather than a leader.

In order to dodge the desbots you are varying the Mantra. For years, that threat was my absolute No-No.

OK, a high school baseball coach drills it into his team to always catch a fly ball with BOTH hands. Then they watch the big leagues and see that practically nobody uses two hands to catch a fly.

First of all, those are pros, a coach is not drilling them any more about how it is out on the field.

Secondly, a player should be fined even in the big leagues for catching with one hand. A dropped ball seldom results, but when it does it is a disaster. But it is so seldom no one bothers with it, whereas in high school it happens all the time.

So the strict Mantra will be varied on and on, but in your present league, you will hopefully SEE it when you drop the ball.

I am now to some extent coaching out of my league, because my sport had only one league, one team, and one player for decades.

This time our side’s underestimating took all the years that I should have spent in learning to deal with advanced BUGSERS.

Please note that, once you got onto this, the OTHER SIDE put heavy resources on us FAST.




Upon Bob’s insistence, I would like to announce a change in comment policy regarding the daily article.

Starting tomorrow we will enforce a policy of one comment per commenter per article per day. Any following comments or those that are off topic will be deleted, regardless of merit.

Bob and I don’t wish to discourage commenting, but we are doing this to encourage a well written and thought out comment to reduce mental diarrhea.

The swarm will not be affected by this change.



Too Many of You are Still Jewaholics

Somebody threw in “Israel for Jews” into my nice, neat, Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans.

Outside of satisfying your ADDICTION for talking about Jews, what GOOD does that do?

The Jews and Hitler are what every anti-white is desperate to get into. He can get off into a discussion of the Middle East

Worst of all, any mention of Jews or Israel is completely familiar to everybody, and gets their minds off of our NEW points about white genocide that they have never heard of before.

The best thing you can do for anti-whites is to talk abut Jews and Communists. We work our asses off to put them on totally unfamiliar ground where they can’t come up with anything, and then some drooling institution escapee EXPOSES JOOS or Commies.

Why don’t you just cut our legs off LITERALLY.

If you come from BUGS and talk about Jews, Israel, or whatever Stormfront addiction you are addicted to, I beg you to GO ELSEWHERE.

And, please, I was in alcohol and drug recovery and I sponsored a number of people, so don’t tell me you can take just one little sip, one little mention of JOOS and then leave it alone.

If you are a jewaholic, don’t take the first goddam drink, and don’t mention the first Jew.



Use the Full Mantra Until You Learn How not to Need It

I mentioned before that YOU were working out a shortening of the Mantra.

In BUGS, unlike other fora, one commenter did not head off for some Wise Abstract, but asked what the hell I was talking about. Actually he just politely asked what I was referring to, but I was reminded once again that in BUGS, some people actually THINK about what I say, not about how they can get deeply philosophical about it.

In short, I said something, and I got called on it. Which is what BUGS is all about.

But life was certainly a lot simpler when all I had to deal with was people who tried to make things more complicated rather than being unapologetically proletarian and calling me on what I said.

Once again, the problem with what I said was that it is simplisticated.

I insisted on the full Mantra because of the tailgating tendency. After tens of thousands of debates against the actual enemy, I was familiar with the phenomenon that is NOW, TO YOU, second nature. Now that we are knee deep in the Mantra and you have actually BEEN smashing anti-white teeth out the way I was used to doing, you cannot put yourself back in the world where nobody had any idea what Mantra Thinking was.

But to COACH, you still obviously stumble over your own feet while giggling about how smart you are.

I know you tend to forget that, just a short time ago, nobody EVER said “anti-white” unless it was about non-white antisemitism and they said, ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT FAIL, “anti-white AND anti-Semitic.”

In every case we all knew they were talking about non-white antisemitism.

I call myself a Coach rather than a Teacher or a Source of Wisdom because that gives me the right to be blunt and just plain nasty to you in a way no Confucius or Buddha would have been.

So now let us go back to my original point: you don’t realize what a short time it has been since when the term “anti-white” was utterly unknown. So you don’t know how amateurish you still look to me.

Oh, yes, compared to the average AMPW and, God knows, compared to the general population, you are geniuses.

I read your comments on those who say the white man deserves extinction, and what I do NOT see is the approach I always use and advocate here, again and again and again: 1) “You are JUSTIFYING GENOCIDE and 2) NOTHING ELSE.

The point, 1) is “You are justifying genocide,” and 2) is the most important thing in a debate is SILENCE.

My heart welled with pride when I saw someone quote Lord Nelson in an interview, when the interviewer was caught flat-footed by the Mantra and tried to get off on something, else, Lord Nelson just said, “I have made my point.”

But, to be as frank as only a Coach can be, damned few of you are Lord Nelson, and Lord Nelson often looks like an amateur in actual combat.

And THAT , ladies and gentlemen, is the reason I insisted on the FULL Mantra.

The FULL Mantra comes from tens of thousands of actual combats and conversions I did ALONE

To be brutally frank, you have not been at this long enough to deal with the obvious points they are going to make, as we all can predict, without stumbling over your own tongue.

If you are satisfied with where you are now, I will demand the FULL Mantra every single time.

I HOPE the time will come that, having been out in the field hundreds of times, you will no longer get all confused when the same point is brought up predictably for the thousandth time.

Another difference between a Coach and a Learned Teacher is that a Learned Teacher is never just plain WRONG. Here I am either right or wrong. I demand you to use the full Mantra because I frankly don’t believe any of you are smart enough or disciplined enough to run right over them on the points you know they are going to make.

I think you are going to act like “race doesn’t exist” or one of the ten thousand versions of “whites deserve it,” is somehow NEW. Like a freshman football guard, you are going to stumble over your own feet.


I don’t think you can give a shortened version of the Mantra and block them totally the way I have learned to do.

So if you wonder why I insist on the full Mantra, concentrate on the lesson only Lord Nelson seems to have gotten right, that one time.

Most of you frankly don’t know the difference, which one terrific commenter pointed out, between “population shift” and “genocide.”

When the Mantra becomes public property, we will have to go on from there.

From what I see in your comments, you will be as helpless in world of free speech as the anti-whites will be.

By now, knocking anti-whites on their asses and keeping them there should not be rocket science, on ANY of the predictable pieces of crap that crippled pro-whites for decades.

Right now, you look amateurish to me.

But it took me years, too.



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