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FEAR: The greatest barrier to success and creation.

Being relaxed, without worry, unafraid, and confident in the moment allows you to be more creative and perceive reality with more clarity.  The reason the military does drills over and over is to prepare people to carry out tasks when they’re extremely fearful.  It’s hard to think straight when you’re scared.

That which holds back humans most is fear.

The fear response is useful if a tornado is ripping through town or when wild animals attack. If you’re on the African savanna and a lion attacks you or a giant baboon comes at you the fear response is there to take over when reason won’t work anymore.  You wouldn’t try to reason with a lion.  Wild animals live in almost constant fear.

Sometimes humans can be like wild animals as well (which is the result of fear).  Here’s an example of a person, (who probably teaches at an Ivy League school?), who is no different than an animal.  I found this comment at a website called “Mind Book.”  At Mind Book’s home page they describe the site as follows:

“Mind book is a respectful social network comprised of open-minded people that have a passion for consciousness-elevating, stimulating, and meaningful ideas and information.” (1)

So now that you have an introduction to “Mind Book” here’s the comment I found at this site.  It’s in reference to the Greek Nationalist Party which has been experiencing some recent successes.

“Could be, but they are also neo-nazis who should be dealt with. If I lived in Greece, I’d be planting bombs at their headquarters and murdering them in the streets. These fascists are sick people, you can see them and their ways in videos people are posting. I do have a little understanding of occult magick and im not attacking that, but a fascist is a fascist…as if these ignorant neanderthals hold any secret knowledge. “(Geoff Anderson) (2)

This commenter (“Geoff Anderson”) at the site “Mind Book” is so filled with fear that he can only react like an animal to ideas that he doesn’t even have the capability of trying to understand. For these people we must act as one would when dealing with a wild animal.  This person is not capable of rational discussion.

So besides the obvious times when fear is useful in defending yourself (from irrational animals) or escaping danger, (like a hurricane), fear is not useful.

We at BUGS, (and others who have an interest in the survival and amelioration of a bio-cultural human group known as Whites), should understand that we have nothing to fear.  We oppose the genocide of a human group which would be more than acceptable, (and even encouraged), if this human group was known as “Mexican,” or “Native American,” or “ Tibetan,” or “Jewish.”   Pro-Whites are scientifically and morally in the right.  We break no laws.  We don’t take part in violence. We don’t encourage violence.

All we do is disseminate a message in opposition to the genocide of a human group.  We disseminate this message mostly with words but this writer also highly encourages creating art that conveys the message.  The animation of Follow the White Rabbit and the music of JohnnyWhiteRabbit are examples of such art.

Whites have been programmed to feel fear at the idea of opposing the forced integration and assimilation of White countries, communities, and institutions.  This fear has been cultivated to cause inaction.  IOW, this fear is programmed in you to stop you from opposing the program of White genocide.  What we know today as “political correctness” is a mechanism for keeping people afraid.   The truth of the matter is that we have no reason to be afraid and are 100% justified in our desire to survive and thrive just as any other human group.

All of us at BUGS and/or other pro-White activists, must always keep in mind that we have no reason to fear. The more we can overcome our fears, the more effective we will be at not only smashing the anti-White system, but at creating anything we put our minds to.



Look for more articles on the subject of fear from this writer in the future.





The Important Question of the Season

Say, does anybody want some reindeer meat?



Only White Contributions are Unique

Someone once defined Leftism as “A constant screaming about how everyone should be above average.”

That is an insane attitude, but it is a very RATIONAL attitude, in the economic sense. Half of he population will always be below average and you will always have a clientele if you rant about it.

Attacks on whites always concentrate on what whites have, not what third worlders don’t have that we do. Yes, starvation happens nowhere. Starvation only happens where we are blocked from getting at it. But it will be cold day in Hell before an anti-white takes notice of this.

But a CAUTION. When we use the Mantra anti-whites’ only counter is condemning whites. PLEASE don’t argue that. With the reality I just mentioned. PLEASE always hit them with “So you are justifying genocide.”

We don’t have time or space to get into IQ scores, crime rates, or what the white man has actually done.


Someday we will have time to give the information we are aching to give out, BUT THAT TIME IS NOT NOW.

I think this subject may interest you, but it will be far worse than useless if it SIDETRACKS you.

The term “subsistence farming” gives me cold chills. If you actually see that someone is depending on his naked crops out in the field to give him enough food to survive on, it is different from a textbook term. Books always tell us how peasants resisted the new farming techniques, and historians dismiss it as superstition and ignorance.

Of course peasants were resistant. They were TOLD these new methods would produce more food, they may even have believed it, but no one seems to realize why they didn’t want to take the CHANCE. It was not an economic risk, it was life and death, watching their families starve to death because they had risked everything on a promise.

Subsistence farming is HORRIBLE. No wonder priests who promise to make the crops good this year by a sacrifice or praying to Saint Whoever got power and money for it. They were the only intellectuals the peasant had. They were usually caring and believed what they said. How was a peasant to know the experts in scientific agriculture were indifferent?

The fact is that a wise peasant would not have believed a ten thousand year succession of well-meaning experts. How would they know that this particular set had a point? Can you imagine how terrified they were even when this was tried on even a few acres, realizing that if this set of priests made it work, they would be forced to abandons methods that had fed their families since time out of mind?

This is not what historians write about or read about. They think only in The Big Picture, who against Progress and how those who were for Progress were the good guys. Their information is produced for each other and for well-fed students who think that subsistence is a credit card at the grocery.

That’s not fair but it makes my point.

In the real world, no Indian would go back to his forefathers’ world, and they had it good. Indians had thousands of acres for each of them. But they also died young. Almost everyone had pain they lived with that we would not tolerate.

But the rest of our third world had lives that were, in plain English, horrible. They starved routinely. That was the poor guy. Rich ones lost their teeth, for a start. Every single Pharaoh suffered from a malnutrition that would be intolerable today in Nicaragua.

Multiculture is big business, but what offends multiculturalists is that not one single culture the West went into has the slightest interest in dumping all that has come in and go back to their ”kinder and simpler” life.

White people had diseases, slavery, no respect for the native culture. But so does everybody else.

Not one single sin of the white man was unique to us. But the white IS unique in what it did FOR the world.

But please read this AGAIN:

When we use the Mantra anti-whites’ only counter is condemning whites. PLEASE don’t argue that. With the reality I just mentioned. PLEASE always hit them with “So you are justifying genocide.” We don’t have time or space to get into IQ scores, crime rates, or what the white man has actually done.


Someday we will have time to give the information we are aching to give out, BUT THAT TIME IS NOT NOW.

I think this subject may interest you, but it will be far worse than useless if it SIDETRACKS you.



Pain is NOT Production

Like Jews, the World War II Generation talked almost exclusively about how they “SUFFERED.” I used to hear endless tales about how they were REAL MEN because they peeled potatoes and, God knows how often I heard this exciting fact, “The Sarge made me make my bed so tight he could bounce a quarter off of it.”

I was told about the shots they had to take. The few who had actually heard an enemy shot fired told me only they knew what life was like.

They told me that REAL MEN like them could do anything they wanted to do.

It took me a long to realize an amazing correlation. The ones who talked the most about World War II were the ones who had done the least since. I found out after he died that Professor Carlton Coon parachuted behind enemy lines as a spy.

Yes, there is a point to all this bitching. You may not notice the distortions in our thinking that came from this “suffering” crap, but I had my nose shoved into it like a puppy in house training, so before I pass away, I need to tell you what it taught me.

And the one big lesson it took me decades to realize was that output does NOT equal input. Above all, it is NOT true that “Talk is cheap.” The words “Talk is cheap” were precious to those who had accomplished nothing since 1945.

Most of the observations I make are terribly obvious once you think of them. For example, a guy who talks endlessly fifty years later about what he did as a teenager before 1945 is almost always someone who did not make it in the communications-based world he came back to after 1945.

They endlessly quote the fact that Benjamin Franklin would be taking his wheelbarrow to his printing house at dawn every morning. Franklin stated flatly in his autobiography that that was a publicity stunt. “It is important,” he said, “that one be SEEN working hard.”

His point was exactly the opposite of what the Greatest Generation made of it. But they hadn’t read the book because it was “just talk.”

I was raised on the idea that production equaled Hard Work. And now that I have the time to think things out, I realize that this led me to the disastrous idea that what I SAID was incidental, because it wasn’t HARD.

It is painful to realize what I could have done had I realized some basics. The world is not changed by what YOU feel. Effort does not equal results. Lord this seems so obvious now that I say it I wonder whether I should say it.

It is true that if you can’t do anything else, you can get paid for doing what others don’t want to do. There are jobs programming and lifting things and getting dirty, though they are becoming fewer all the time. Those are the jobs that guys who feel the height of their life experience was making tight beds could get.

I want to try to make this sound more profound, and not just reveal how obviously naïve I was most of my life.

But sometimes the best thing an old man who is trying to wow you with his wisdom can do is tell you plainly about the times that he was just plain stupid.



Outer Space and Cyberspace

As I talked about before, the end of those SST flights at 2.2 times the speed of sound across the ocean marked the first time in aviation history that a faster mode of transportation was abandoned. For emergency communication, the SST is not necessary. We have speed of light communication.

Certainly computer speed will multiply thousands of times in this century. Already successful experiments in wiring computers directly into brains have succeeded on men and monkeys. In fact, there is no good reason why many paraplegics shouldn’t be walking with these direct connections now.

In a few decades, we will be able to transmit not only sound, but taste and feel, at light speed. We will be able to reproduce it. Taste and feel are a combination of a finite number of different sensations. In other words, about everything we LIKE can be reproduced and transmitted in cyberspace straight to our taste centers.

Taste and feeling are broken down into a finite number of parts, like pictures. We have nothing like the computer speed to transmit them now. But will we decide to fulfill our desires by living in space and doing large things, or by satisfying ourselves within the area of our brains?

Both methods would “save the environment” in a way no army of Kyoto-style bureaucrats could do by assigning allowed growth to each country and each industry.

The only real way to save the environment would be to leave it, either for outer space or for cyberspace or a combination. Now we come up against the REAL objectives of the group that yells environmentalism. The day the USSR collapsed, every socialist I knew suddenly became an environmentalist. Mommy Professor and all his kiddies dream of a world ruled by Mommy Professor.

They don’t care whether Mommy Professor rules as Commissar or a Kyoto-style bureaucrat, the idea is as natural as it is absurd. And Mommy Professor does not care a whit more for the deer than he did for the Welfare of the Proletariat. They dream of a world ruled by Marxist Intellectuals or bureaucratic tree-huggers as naturally as an industrialist naturally tends toward price-fixing.

It is just that nobody ever mentions that Mommy Professor, like any other occupation, has a natural bias.

One who balances outer space and cyberspace in real calculations of the future must CARE about the results. Mommy Professor has no interest in any of it. He is against all technology in a fundamental way. He does not want any technological solution to get in the way of a Moscow-based or Kyoto Treaty based dictation by Intellectuals who will provide quotas and philosophical discussions in place of bread and butter.

The one example we have is atomic power, but, like the SST, there will a lot more things happening in this mix. Industrialists always found something wrong with laws against price-fixing, and the Intellectuals will always find reasons why obvious technical solutions are dangerous or immoral.


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