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Institutions Versus Truth

BUGS can be an invaluable experience for a Mantra Thinker.

We are a tiny group and will remain a tiny one.

That is because we simply refuse to adopt any of the other pro-white organizations to grow.

Dr. Duke showed to me and White Rabbit his thousands of mentions in Google and his giant membership.

The time will come when any of you can make your living off a cause.

When that time comes you will have to compete, not by spreading a basic concept, but by following another set of rules altogether.

That is where truth is forgotten and Doctrine develops.

What I am saying here is already understood by BUGSERS. My point here is that what comes naturally to you in BUGS can give a complete new world view.

“Why is this information produced?” is the first question we answer here at BUGS. photo wesley.png

Large organizations’ information has to be distorted as they become big organizations. Those who are converted and paying their dues want something entirely different from what you use to spread the truth.

A forgotten reason why the Welsh coalminers and American settlers were converted to Methodism was that when Wesley came to preach to them most of them had never heard a sermon before. The Church of England provided “livings” for its clergy, and there were very few comfortable and assured little “livings” in Wales or Georgia.

The Methodist Church soon became exactly the same in Wales and America, a place where a man could settle down and preach for a living.

In BUGS, you begin with a rule that is obvious in any other part of life:

A prison is run by the inmates. The warden may give you a lecture, but no one who survives believes those are actually the rules.   You survive by learning the pecking order and finding out, not what is written down, but what those who really make the rules want.

Universities are run by the faculty. Their Truth is entirely a product of what those who call themselves “intellectuals” want.

BUGS has the most important mission ever assigned to any human organization. 

But you also have a chance here to EXPERIENCE the basic reality that cripples the spread of any real truth.



Mantra Thinking: Important People Don’t Matter

You who promote important ideas are not replaceable.

But all of the famous people you know about and read about have no importance.

One real irony about Wordism is that those who are well known under any form of Wordism are exactly the same individuals who would be in the same position in any alternative Wordist system.

We all know that the guys doing the beating and torturing with a hammer and sickle on the wall are exactly the same guys who would be doing the beating and torturing if there were a swastika on the wall or a Cross of the Inquisition.

Everyone will agree with that–as usual–that is where the thinking stops.

The excitement stops with the Secret Police, so everyone will be interested in that.

But the fact is that the same people who are in Congress would be the same ones who would be in a Reichstag voting Hitler into power or in the Soviet Congress, holding up their Party badges with the rest.Image Hosted by

The Nazis used to say that once they conquered the USSR they should hire Stalin, because he knew what to do to Slavs who disobeyed him.

If you were in charge of an Apartheid America, the man to keep your Black Population in line would be an Obama.

This is why it is so ridiculous for any intelligent person to think that power means that one associates with Important People.

If Important People made any difference to what form of government we have, they would not be so perfectly interchangeable from system to system.

Important People are Important People precisely because they are dedicated to getting this IP position and fame under ANY system.

So it follows that  Important People do not have real power.

This is what makes my place in the power structure utterly mysterious to damned near everybody.

While specialists write books about how people became Important, they know nothing about how the System their subjects are Important in actually came to be.

Nor do they need to.

Not a single Sovietologist suffered the least embarrassment that the entire system he had been given millions of dollars to know simply vanished without his noticing it.   They did what one does to be a top Sovietologist or any other kind of top Intellectual.

Important People do not matter when it comes to determining the future.

If they did, they wouldn’t have time to be Important.



There are a Lot More Universal Only True Faiths Than There are “Tribes”

Gar5 brought up the standard anti-white reply that pro-whites are “tribalists,” where anti-whites are Universalists.

I have heard this from Communists, socialists, libertarians, Catholics, Bible-thumpers, Hindus, Buddhists, conservatives, liberals … Well, if you truly have nothing else to do, you could spend the rest of your life extending this list of Only True Faiths.Image Hosted by

In fact, with the Internet, you will never have to stop because of your own limited memory. You can just list the new ones as they come along, and new ones come along faster than you can look them up and write them down.

H.L. Mencken made a list of several hundred “serious gods.” By “serious” he meant Osiris and Jupiter and Amon, gods to whom whole priesthoods dedicated their lives, gods like Marduk with whose anger ancient librarians would threaten anyone stealing a book.

But the list of Only Universal Truths is infinitely longer. You can’t make up a tribe.

Anti-whites say that the white race is guilty of endless sins, but they also say that race is a social construct. That is why being pro-white is “tribalism.”

But an Only Universal Truth is nothing BUT a social construct, and nobody claims anything else.



Saying That Disagreement is “Hate” is Childish

Saying that disagreement is “Hate” is childish.

Please note that to the right of the word childish there is a dot.

That dot is called a “period.” The English call it “full stop.”

The English definition is excellent advice.

Lord Nelson has mentioned that I “cleaned out” the Opposing Views section Stormfront using the Mantra.

Most of the Stormfronters replies in OV consisted of some form of “I am not a racist.”Image Hosted by

Almost all of the pro-white replies that weren’t “I am not a racist” were devoted to the proposition, “What I am saying is not ‘Hate.'”

I just read an article in about a well-spoken young pro-white in North Dakota.

Totally frustrated at the end, the author wrote, “I couldn’t believe that that young man had spoken such hate.”

If you read the article, you will see not a word of hate in it. “Hate” is used by anti-whites in exactly the same way a six-year-old shouts, “You’re just MEAN!”

TOO probably has long articles arguing that kids who say they’re “mean” are highly intellectual and thoughtful but incorrect.

Not a single six-year-old has been convinced of this by TOO reasoning.

The kid needs to be told he’s being childish.

It must be said, over and over and over, not as a reply, just tossed into Comments on Gummy Bears or anything else:

“Saying that  disagreement is ‘Hate’ is childish.”

Saying that disagreement is “Hate” is childish.





My Profs Died!

One of the two Nobel Prize winners who taught me graduate economics just died at the age of 102.

The good die young, so I sort of expect anyone associated with me to live forever.

Dr. Coase left the University of Virginia just a year before he would have been fired.  The new Dean had said repeatedly over the years that when he became Dean he would “clean out that nest of right-wingers in the Economics Department.”

You know all that crap you hear about Academic Freedom?  It never even occurred to anybody that a tenured professor with heretical  Politically Incorrect views could not be gotten rid of ASAP.

My other prof who later won a Nobel Prize got booted by that Dean.  He was James M. Buchanan.

He died this year at the tender age of 93.

The good die young, but these good men’s association with me probably bought them a lot of extra time.

This is the only place you will read about this violation of so-called Academic Freedom, so I thought I’d let you know.