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Christmas is Banned by Both types of Puritans

Let me put out what I understand about Christmas and Sunday, so anyone who wishes can straighten me out.

It is the theologians who actually say “Humbug!” about December 25. The Puritans outlawed it. Experts say Humbug because Christmas is not Christ’s Birthday. Christmas is the day we CELEBRATE the birth of Christ.

Yes, in that sense it is a “pagan” holiday. Not only do we not know the DAY of Christ’s birth, all indications are that we don’t know the YEAR of his birth. So we use the birthday of the Birth of Mithras, the day that Constantine celebrated each year.

It happens that Mithraism HAD a Birthday for Mithras, so Constantine adopted it as the date on which we would CELEBRATE the Birth of Christ. It also falls in nicely with the Winter Solstice, when the sun began to come back to us and another promise was made that each year light would be victorious.

This is no more pagan than believing that the rainbow was created after the Flood of Noah.

We also celebrate the Sabbath as SUN Day. This may relate to the words on Mithraian altars, Sol Invictus, which is translated in a number of ways. Those of us who took freshman Latin in high school assume that Sol refers to the sun, but not as “sun worship.”

Sol Invictus could mean “The Light is Victorious.”

The Jewish Sabbath is based on a premise that even most Creationists would find hard to swallow. It is the exact date, some four and a half millennia ago, when God rested from his six days’ labor creating the world. Unless you think this date is really that specific, the Jewish Sabbath is the day Jews CELEBRATE the creation of the world.

The political question is, why did Constantine impose his own SUNday and his date for the Birth of the Savior? My expertise is political, not theological. There was lot going on in Constantine’s adoption of Christianity than just his seeing a sign in the sky.

When the winning side writes a history you must deal with the politics of it. There seems to have been a major effort to adopt a Christianity which followed St. Paul’s dictum that rather than lose souls, one should be “all things to all men.”

St. Paul said that in dealing with the fact that different Christians had already adopted different forms of worship, like High and Low Church in the Anglican Communion. Paul stated flatly that a good Christian would freely adopt the OTHER Christian’s variation. That statement is in wild contradiction to two thousand years of fighting to the death over which way a person crossed himself.

Yes, Christian Christmas was developed and ADOPTED.

December 25 was adopted in order to include Mithraian. The other traditions of that day, like a Christmas Tree, was adopted so that those who had celebrated the Winter Solstice would not lose their annual day of celebration.

In other words, Christmas represents the Paulist Tradition to INCLUDE people. Puritans outlawed it for that very reason, that it was an INCUSIVE measure.

Our new established religion bans such Nazi words as “Merry Christmas” exactly the way the Puritans did. But our new established religion says Christmas is AGAINST inclusion.

Two bans, two types of Puritans.

Screw them all.

Merry Christmas!



The Road to Hell is Paved With Words

Wordism cannot adjust to reality. It is not based on truth, it is based on Truth. To paraphrase Heidelberg, every time a scientist looks down into a microscope or up into a telescope truth changes. When the Medicogenetical Institute of Moscow did a huge study of identical twins and concluded, as all such studies do, that heredity was overwhelmingly important, the head of the Institute “confessed his ideological error and was shot.” (Garrett Hardin, Nature and Man’s Fate).

An old geneticist, actually a Fellow of the Royal Society, whom I knew later watched his Russian colleagues disappear. Lysenko took over Soviet genetics.

Marxism requires that man be totally changeable by Social progress into a peaceful, universal, classless being. Fundamentalism is at war with evolution here and in the Islamic World.

The one time I simply gave up arguing with commenters here was when I quoted St. Paul as advising that all unmarried women remain sterile for life and a group of Christians here said that that was just Good Old Families Values. After all, they said, Paul conceded that some women could not abstain, so they should “marry or burn,” with the fires of Hell or the flames of lust, which he did not specify.

How, exactly do you explain that that is not Good Old Family Values? Don’t marry unless you are too horny not to is not what Mommy tells her daughters.

Jesus defined Christianity, specifically and totally, as being the Golden Rule and loving God. You do your best and you depend on the Name of Jesus. In the course of history, the Church developed a lot of ways it felt would help people do that. Saint Paul added on the Zoroastrian ideas that were all the rage in his time, just as the Dialectic was the intellectual Forever in Marx’s youth.

For the Wordist, these extras constitute Christianity. In his sequel to The Screwtape Letters, Screwtape Proposes a Toast, Screwtape bitched about the QUALITY of the Modern Souls being served at the Tempters’ Banquet.

But at the end, Screwtape admitted the wine was excellent. It consisted of a mixture of those who had spent their entire lives persecuting others who did not have the Biblical Faith and others who were all hunger and vigils and ceremony. Their constant unending hatred of each other gave the mix a wonderful tang to the tongue of a Demon of Hell, and it would go on forever.

For these Religious Wordists, the Golden Rule was nothing. Their entire faith consisted of building huge altars or tearing down huge altars.

My natural tendency is toward traditionalism. I think ”adjusting” is too often to substitute one fad for another without any consideration for the faithful. That’s why I left what was once my family’s church and is no longer a church at all.

What is never noted is that it is Marxism, not the Christian Faith, that has died because it cannot deal with new truths. It is the Progressives who cannot live with progress.

New facts will always be coming at us. But the way of dealing with reality, of asking the right questions and being fully aware there is a lot we do not know, no matter what Magic Year we may live in, does not change.





Epiphany asked what I, or we, thought about Marcion.

Please note that I answered the question what I THOUGHT of Marcion. I have thought about Marcion and here is what I thought.

Through an oversight I cannot understand, nobody has ever nominated me for Pope, much less elected me, so what I think about Marcion is all I can give you.

Marcion was a wealthy Roman who wanted Christianity to get rid of the Old Testament and most of the New which contained references to the Old. To me, he was an example of a man who can take a bad situation, apply his intellect to it, and make it worse.

There were some six million Hellenized Jews, or anyway a major portion of the total Roman population, at the time of Jesus. As Christianity advanced they disappeared from history. Most of us have only heard of the historian Josephus as one of them.

What Mommy Professor would prefer would be to say that Christianity rose and killed those six million Jews and anyone who disagrees will go to prison. But the more likely explanation is that the Hellenized Jews accepted Jesus, a Greek name, as Christ, also a Greek name.

This may be referred to in Jesus’ pointing out that a prophet is not without honor save in his own country and the question at his disappearance from the Tomb in one of the Gospels, “Has he gone to the Greeks?”

It is my deduction that Hellenized Greek Jews looked upon their Hebrew-speaking coreligionists in Palestine as a bunch of hicks. In fact, they assembled the Septuagint, seventy-something scholars, to write a New and CANONICAL Greek version of the Old Testament. The new Greek version was considered more canonically correct than the one in the old language, which does not show a deep reverences for their country cousins’ inheritance.

This is all based strictly on my own experience with Intellectuals and their pretensions. None of THIS is canonical.

The Hebrew-speaking Jews of the Temple were, if human nature hasn’t changed, regarded a bit like South Italian monks are by theologians today, simple-minded with admirable characteristics but no idea of what The Latest Dogma is all about.

Hellenic Jews considered themselves to be out in the wide world, not a bunch of rubes stuck in a thousand years of provincialism. In The Name of the Rose it is odd to see theologians in the Middle Ages quoting Aristotle as if it were Holy Writ, but this is seldom noticed. Both were part of the Hellenic Jewish tradition.

There was another “sophisticated” tradition, that of Zoroastrianism. In the Gospel of Judas, third century, Jesus is talking to Judas and laughing with the same leer a Mommy Professor would give at a bunch of Bible Belters while he said to Judas, as one Intellectual to another Sophisticate, that the God they were speaking of was The God of this World.

That is as much of a giveaway to the writer’s Zoroastrian background as Political Correctness would be to its Marxist origins if Mommy Professor’s products were capable of thinking.

This attitude on the part of the WRITER of the Gospel of Judas is as familiar to us today as the attitude of the Septuagint Jews toward their hick cousins down in Jerusalem.

There is certainly a contrast between Jesus’ Father and the genocidal Jehovah so often depicted in the Old Testament. But for over three centuries, that was the only official Bible the Hellenic Jews had. Apparently each group had its own unique Gospel or two, but none of them were accepted by all.

Marcion was rejected in his attempt to get rid of the connection between Jehovah and Jesus’ loving and merciful Father. Or at least that is the way one COULD think of it.

But Marcion, being a good Intellectual, did not just criticize the old. Like Mommy Professor it was not enough just to point out the failings in Adam Smith. He wanted his own Marxism to replace it.

Marcion came in about the time the Gospel of Judas did. He too wanted Zoroastrian Intellectuality to replace the Rube Religion. Whereas Paul had recommended that all unmarried young women remain sterile, but admitted that some couldn’t do it, Marcion demanded that ALL Christians be sterile.

My opinion is that Marcion was a Mommy Professor of his time.

Mani, the founder of Manichaeism, said he was synthesizing the two Great Religions of his day, Christianity and Zoroastrianism, and his name has been attached to all the Christian heresies that have demanded total sterility.

I am fascinated by some of what seem to be parallels in the first centuries of the rise of Christianity, which was almost as dominated by writers as ours is, and our own. I am also aware of just how wrong a person who makes such an observation can be when he tries to make everything fit into it.



Real Jews

The Catholic Church has long used the term “Orthodox” as the title of the Eastern Church. At the same time it insisted that only Rome was Orthodox. The Catholic Church uses the term the Episcopal Church to describe the established faith in England.

But the term “Episcopal” has only one meaning: a church ruled by bishops. Rome does not recognize Anglican bishops as bishops: “all the surplices on earth cannot make an Episcopal minister into a priest.”

Rome refers to Jews as Jews. Yet they also declare that they, not the Jews, are the real inheritors of the Old Testament. One of the two horns on every bishop’s hat represents the Old Testament, that HE is true inheritor of Moses.

It seems obvious that the six million people in the Roman Empire who called themselves “Jews” were overwhelmingly Hellenic Jews. Before Jesus, a group of seventy-something scholars wrote THEIR Old Testament, but it was NOT a translation. It was declared THE CANON.

The Hellenic Jewish historian Josephus of whom a lot of us have heard would have gone ballistic if he heard Luther declare that only writings in Hebrew were the real Old Testament. That would be like telling a religious Catholic that only the Episcopal Church has real bishops.

As Christianity grew, the Hellenic Jews disappeared from history. There are two possible explanations of this. Either the giant Hellenic Jewish community accepted Christ, the Greek word for Messiah, as THEIR Messiah, or the Roman Empire killed six million Jews.

Either the Hellenic Jews became Christian or, for once, the Holocaust Deniers were successful.

That latter is worth thinking about. Looking at the tens of billions of dollars the last Holocaust brought in, this newly discovered Roman one could be a bonanza.

But, like Orthodox and Episcopalian, “Jews” is just a convenient title. The Jews are no more THE Jews than the Pope using the term Orthodox makes HIS orthodoxy invalid.

This is no quibble. Remember that the State of Israel and all the tens of billions of dollars and American blood shed for it rests on the undisputed claim that Israel belongs to JEWS, and that what we call Jews are actually the only Chosen People.

No, this is definitely NOT a quibble.

This “quibble” would have been of terrific importance to Luther and Calvin. In their time the people who called themselves “Jews” were the ones historically used Hebrew. In fact, the Early Church would have specifically denied that the group which did NOT accept Jesus — the GREEK version of Joshua — as their Messiah, were still Jews at all.

There were a number of attempts to remove the entire Old Testament from Holy Scriptures in the new church. But the new church hung solidly to its claim to be the ONLY inheritors of what was once called Judaism.

By the time of Luther “Jews” were called Jews. So Luther removed the entire middle of Bible from his canon because of this mistake in terminology. The Fundamentalist branch of Christianity insists that America fight and die for Israel because they do not know about this “quibble.”

Because of their ovine ignorance of history, our so-called “Christians” do not know that, in the eyes of early Christians, Judaism was a religion waiting for the coming of the Messiah. In the eyes of the early church, Jews CEASED to EXIST — Paul says that specifically.

If this is a quibble Krakatoa was a light tremor.



The Donation

The end of the last article read, “And that could make ‘practicality’ in the new age a totally different thing.”

This has happened before. The development of printing made Luther’s power possible, but it did not occur in a vacuum. Western society invents things it has a need for.

By contrast, the printing press and the mechanical clock in China came on in a vacuum and disappeared in a vacuum. Printing in China, and in Korea which had an alphabetical script and only 24 letters, came and went in the same nothing.

This is why the example of the Donation of Constantine is so critical. Charlemagne’s court invented the Donation of Constantine. This is incomprehensible to accepted history, which sees Charlemagne as trying to get back to the Roman Empire ruled from Rome. Charlemagne had no such interest.

In Charlemagne’s time there was a recognized, legitimate Roman Empire, which had not had a break in its Imperial line since Constantine moved its capitol from Rome to Constantinople. It never occurred to anyone in the actual Roman Empire that moving the capitol constituted the Fall of Rome.

If it did, then the moving of the American capitol from New York to Washington would have been the Fall of America.

In his own time, the Court of Charlemagne had a practical problem. The Pope, probably against his wishes, had made Charlemagne Emperor. The Pope, who was blind and had had his tongue cut out, did not feel safe.

He desperately wanted the Imperial Power to cover the City of Rome.

This was a cosmic challenge, because the Emperor — actually Empress — in Constantinople was not only an Imperial power but a power in the religious area as well. The Emperor Constantine called the Council of Nicaea which defined the Christian Faith, though he himself was not only not a bishop but was unbaptized. He was referred to by all bishops as The Supreme Bishop.

Today the Eastern Church still considers itself a part of the State, a subject of the Emperor.

The Pope had to redefine ALL of that. So he produced a forgery called the Donation of Constantine.

The history I have just explained is justified by the fact that this forgery was supposedly written by the EMPEROR, not by Saint Peter or Paul or any other religious authority. In the Donation, Constantine gave the Church to the Pope.

People KNOW this, but they don’t THINK about it. For centuries the Papacy based its claim to power on being given power by an Emperor. That meant the Emperor had it to give. People never THINK about that, just as they never think about the Temptation of Christ, when Satan offered all the kingdoms of the earth to Jesus.

The latter meant that it is assumed that Satan OWNED the kingdoms of the Earth, which is definitely not Old Testament, but is pure Zoroastrianism.

The Donation was discredited in the fifteenth century, when literacy was so widespread that the word could spread before, as he expected and said, it could be burned at the stake.

This was just before printing took over. And that in itself, if you THINK about it, can tell you a lot. In the West, literacy was ready for print. Print became powerful in the West because it did not appear in a vacuum and disappear in the same vacuum as it did in the Far East.