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The Real War

By Bob Whitaker – Originally posted April 19th, 2007 –

I was raised as a child among the Masturbation Generation. I was taught endlessly that “Power comes from the barrel of a GUN!” and that the only people who determine history are the Tough Guys Who Give the Ultimate Sacrifice at the Front. Then, as I STUDIED history, one truth almost knocked me over:

No war hero has ever made the slightest difference in world history!

By the time the chest-thumpers of today dropped their rifles on Omaha Beach, the outcome of World War II had been determined in a propaganda and diplomatic war waged a decade before. 

That’s the way I worked in the Cold War.

By Normandy, the future had been determined by people in coats and ties, most of whom never heard a shot fired and most of whom had never done a day of any other kind of work in their entire lives.

While Americans were following the Invasion on their maps in the US, the coats and ties were deep into formulating the post-War world. When I got invitations to Reagan’s inauguration, which I had been instrumental in causing, I gave the tickets away. I left watching History In The Making to others, while I went back to my typewriter and telephone and made it.

That job, the Reagan win, was DONE. I left the torchlight paraders fighting each other for credit.

Did the suits who made the history ten years before Normandy CLAIM credit? Of course not. The Masturbation Generation says IT saved the world, and the pros want them to believe that. That Generation became the cadre that fought for whites to doom themselves because they had destroyed Hitler’s Racism.

At least the media persuaded them that that was what it was all about.

Most of those who determined the War before half the American soldiers dropped their weapons at Omaha Beach were doing complicated, NOT SECRET things that BECAME secret a decade later. Most of the goofballs who call themselves The Greatest Generation would have switched sides in politics today if they realized how they were manipulated.

It was right there in the record, but they weren’t going to read it. They didn’t want anybody to show them they were idiots. They wanted the John Birch Society and the Jewish Conspiratorialists to tell them Dark and Ingenious Forces had betrayed them. They did NOT want to realize they were the mindless dolts they were.

Even if the REAL “secrets” were exposed, most of the goofballs wouldn’t understand them. To a man my age who has exercised POWER, the old clown screaming that Mao, Hitler, Lenin or Al Jolson said that “Power comes from the barrel of a gun!!!” is as embarrassing as a man the same age who keeps shouting about the Easter Bunny being real.

I can explain the fact that the Mantra is the product of FIFTY YEARS of constantly trying and rewriting with the following quote from music teachers:

“When a musician just sits down and plays wonderfully without the slightest sign that it is difficult, there is blood on the keys.”

He has worked for YEARS to make it look easy.

Anybody can write an hour-long speech. But John Ashbrook discovered to his delight that I could write a one minute speech, which can be dropped right into the Congressional Record, at the beginning of proceedings, without costing the Member any of his precious Floor Time. A lot of the one-minute speeches took longer to write than the long ones.

And the one-minute speeches were read FIRST.

Which is what fools people about the Mantra. It cost me as much time and WORK as writing and re-writing one of my books. THAT is the sort of knowledge that gave me REAL POWER. That is the sort of WORK that pays in terms of actual power.


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Our Border Is No Longer A Game

Written by Bob Whitaker – Originally posted on –

Lester Maddox was a staunch segregationist who was elected governor of Georgia in the 1960s. Black riots were occurring all over the country. When a black riot took place in Augusta, Georgia, Lester Maddox stated that if any policeman did not SHOOT looters on sight, he personally would take away that officer’s badge.

The riot ended suddenly. Only one looter was shot. He was in a liquor store he had broken into, laying on the floor. That picture appeared in outraged publications all over America, especially Time Magazine. But though Time tried to make the case that the poor man was only getting liquor to take home to his starving family, it wasn’t very successful.

While I was on Capitol Hill there was a hurricane in Florida followed by massive looting. My boss, John Ashbrook, shared his senior staffer’s gift for subtlety, so he made a speech on the House Floor called, “Shoot Looters!” The main newspaper in his district attacked him violently, saying this was an irrational statement to make. After a flood of letters backing Ashbook came in, they decided it must be some kind of organized protest by Ashbrook supporters, so they did a scientific poll of the district.

They pointed out, with some embarrassment, that Eighty-One Percent (81%) of district residents backed Ashbrook: “Shoot Looters!” More than one letter to the paper said that this was the first time the writer had EVER agreed with Ashbrook on ANYTHING.

I first broached the idea of a Platform Party to Jamie Kelso as we were riding back from the DC convention. He LOVED the concept, but we had one strong disagreement. As you will see in an article below, I believe in SHOOTING anyone who comes across our border illegally. Jamie said Americans would not STAND for such a thing.

I would give a months warning in every publication in Mexico, Canada, and elsewhere. I would put up huge signs in English, Spanish, French and various Indian languages to make it clear that the US border is a DEADLINE, complete with skull and crossbones for the illiterate.

My point is this: Any other form of enforcement would be subject to debate. 

We must make it absolutely clear that the US border is not a game of hide-and-seek.

We can say that America is the world’s last superpower, but it is the only superpower in history that wants nothing but to protect its OWN borders and its own people’s interests. 

But the Preamble Party says that, on THAT point, there is no room for compromise.

Kelso says that is too violent. I say that any other approach makes the border a game of hide-and-seek.

Shoot looters. Shoot border violators. Our border is no longer a game.

There is a major side benefit to this. The United States will no longer speak in George Bush whine. We will speak little and MEAN it:

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

A country that shoots anyone who violates its borders can tell OPEC to cut the crap and OPEC will cut the crap.


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Changing the Parameters

Written by Bob Whitaker. Originally posted March 3rd, 2007 –

You can get credit for a new idea. But real power of the type we wield is not based on new ideas. New ideas and information is a BYPRODUCT of what we do. We look in places that have been kept dark, so we do come up with fascinating stuff. That keeps it interesting.

But what we REALLY do is more fundamental. The Mantra is a prime example of this. When you state the Mantra, you have simply outflanked the other side completely. Suddenly all the weapons in the enemy’s arsenal, guilt, the idea that doing something for whites is a selfish thing for a white to do, the whole mass of stuff they have used for sixty years, becomes WORTHLESS.

You have not pulled a new idea, a new piece of detail abut relative racial IQ, to ANSWER their standard stuff. You have completely changed the entire subject that the debate is ABOUT. Suddenly they must defend guilt as the basis of racial suicide. Suddenly they are no longer True Idealists willing to give up their privileges as white people. They are instantly exposed as nutcases who want to DESTROY their own race to be fashionably guilty.

The Mantra is not a continuation of the old debate. It is not just another contribution to the debate between “both sides.” It completely transforms the whole terms of the argument. It is not on EITHER side. In fact, with the Mantra, the old “both sides” CEASES TO EXIST. You are changing the debate itself, you are creating a whole new set of parameters within which all the old discussion within the old parameters simply ceases to BE.

That is what my first book, A Plague on Both Your Houses did. Until it was written, nobody looked on the giant education-welfare establishment as an interest group with hundreds of billions of dollars and enormous political power. That is obvious today, but try to look it up before 1976. Conservatives back then stipulated at the beginning of every discussion that they were for greedy capitalists and military force while the other side was dedicated to True Idealism.


The conservative argument was NEVER that the other side wasn’t made up of Idealism, but only that it was IMPRACTICAL Idealism. That set of parameters changed in 1976. Even liberal commentators were committing political blasphemy. Teachers had always been sacrosanct, the focal point of Idealism. At the 1976 Democratic Convention, for the first time, commentators began to mention how many members of the National Education Association were there getting more money for their own salaries and expenditures and POWER.

Nobody even noticed that was NEW. And no one would admit they had never even noticed this before.

Changing the parameters gets you no credit, but it gives you a staggering amount of POWER.

People want credit, fame, promotions, high-sounding titles, money.

Except US.

They can have the credit, the fame, the money, the titles.

We just want to rule the world.



New Tool – Whitaker STINGS

A new Mantra tool has been created called “Whitaker STINGS” and can be found at under the resources tab or-

The Whitaker STINGS Tool is a collection of Bob’s talking points on a variety subjects which makes it a perfect companion tool for swarming and responding to anti-whites.

Whitaker STINGS has been a work in progress over many months and its effectiveness has been tested in the field by the BUGSER who created it with positive results. But now its time for BUGSERS  to use it in the field and REPORT BACK.

We’ve seen the highly useful and effective BUGS BUDDY Tool aid BUGSERS and Pro-whites to combat the anti-White narrative with great success. Now we have another tool at our disposal to use and refine.

Whitaker STINGS outlines Bob’s world view with devastating talking points categorized into a tool made to be wielded by anyone who dares yield the Truth and fight the anti-White religion of political correctness and its goal of White Genocide.

I would encourage every BUGSer to have a read through this entire page of Whitaker’s STINGS. It is a great recap of all that we have learned from Bob.