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As you all know the archival history of WOL has remained incomplete over the years. Last night, I located the majority of the missing articles and while I work on getting them up, I’d like to share the enjoyment I’m having reading them with ya’ll.



9/3/05 Bob’s WOL Articles

I Am Taking A Year Off, Starting Now
In The Meantime…

I Am Taking A Year Off, Starting Now

Starting now, no ifs, ands, or buts.

I am not dying, at least physically. I had always thought that was the only thing that would take me out of action for so long.

I remember a line from one of the Godfather movies that went something like, “He’s been dying of the same heart condition for thirty years. He’ll be here forever.”

In terms of what really matters to me, the fact that I am not dying has a downside. There is something about the smell of embalming fluid that makes people take a short break from chattering about Nixon or Bush or Coolidge and actually look at what a man said as he worked his heart out to try to get ideas across.

After over half a century in this fight, when I speak of the dead, I have very specific people in mind.

They were people I worked with and whom I loved. It is a constant source of anger to me that they got all those flowers and flowery tributes after they died.

They would have much preferred a tenth of that flower money as support for what they were doing, a tenth of that attention when they needed it, a tenth of the effort on their book sales THEN.

In a wild and hilarious science fiction comedy called A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of the characters could not be reached because, “He’s taking a year off dead for tax purposes.”

Well, I am taking a year off dead for urgent health purposes. Maybe that smell of embalming fluid will make me great for twelve months.

In any case, I definitely do not have a choice.

The world will be here a year from now. I have been fighting for fifty-one years, and every one of those years were wasted by the “It’s now or never” crowd who should have been helping me lay the groundwork for the future.

I remember one woman who genuinely believed that if the Catholic Kennedy beat Nixon there would never be another election.

She said, “Forget everything but winning THIS election.” She never planned for anything but the political equivalent of Judgement Day.

Bless her heart, she did much more harm than good for our cause.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

In The Meantime…

Sometimes the best thing a writer can do is shut up and let those who are interested actually absorb his ideas.

WhitakerOnline has come out every week for exactly seven years.

We have scarcely missed a week in all that time, so there’s plenty there.

The WhitakerOnline archives are longer than the New Testament or the Koran, though it hasn’t caught up with the Old Testament or the Talmud.

WhitakerOnline Article Archive

My broadcast archive consist of only a few programs, but I hit the very important points first.

If you think I am worth listening to, then the programs there are worth hearing at least twice. They represent my major concepts.

WhitakerOnline Audio Archive

My blog archive is there, but the blog itself may lose its liveliness for the year.

Bob’s Blog

We have about sold out the first edition of my book, Why Johnny Can’t Think: America’s Professor-Priesthood. It will still be available from READBOB.COM until they are sold out.

The ideas in it are planted.

But, a plea on behalf of the book’s message:

Please, please, PLEASE never say, “Whitaker says Political Correctness is LIKE a religion.”

Please do not say, “Political Correctness is a religion, ***OR*** at least a rigid belief system.”

I wrote until my fingers were blue, over and over:

“Political Correctness IS a religion.”

I proved it and showed you why it is so important that Political Correctness IS a religion.

This is absolutely critical to the whole message of my book. To say PC is LIKE a religion is worse than saying nothing at all.

Auf wieder sehen, “until we meet again.”


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8/27/05 Bob’s Weekly WOL Articles

Weekly Articles

August 27, 2005
Criticism Is Not Hate
Business As Usual
Stalin’s Fight for Freedom
European Jews Have Set Up The Next Pogrom

Criticism Is Not Hate

That is the title of my program this week, Saturday 3pm at the The Untrained Eye.
You can download these programs anytime you feel like it. The magic of the Internet.

One of the sure signs of a authoritarian state is the silencing of criticism.

Two rules:

1) Every authoritarian state always begins by silencing all criticism of its doctrine and

2) No authoritarian state ever says it is silencing criticism just to be mean. It ALWAYS gives a Reason.

Nationalist governments pass some kind of Patriot Act. The very name of that Act comes straight out of George Orwell. Anyone who criticizes the government is declared to be attacking National Unity.

Hitler, Mussolini and Franco are all spinning in their graves right now because they never thought of that wonderful title, The Patriot Act, for their policies.

After the defeat of the Axis in World War II it was as inevitable as the rain that the new authoritarian regimes would base their authoritarian regimes on being AGAINST Hitler and Mussolini.

Those who oppose Bush’s Patriot Act are exactly the ones who want authoritarianism in the name of being ANTI-nationalism and ANTI-racism.

An old politico like me yawns and says, “So what else is new?”
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

Business As Usual

The United States is the only country on earth which has a first amendment protecting freedom of speech. The very concept of freedom of speech is alien to every culture outside the West, so multiculturalism is a good way to wipe out the whole idea.

But even in the West, Europeans have always taken it for granted that everything must be regulated, including speech. As I pointed out in “Two Europes, One America” the red (corrected) liberal states in the United States and Canada think exactly like Europeans. If Teddy Kennedy or the average American liberal sat down with the average European, they would not have a single point of serious disagreement.

Liberals and Europeans want to suppress diversity of opinion and they want to do it in the name of fighting racism and nationalism.

Of course.

This is as surprising to anyone who has the slightest grasp of political history as the sun coming up in the morning.

It is well known that generals are always fighting the last war. So France hunkered down in 1940 for another trench war like World War I behind its Maginot Line.

It is also true that civil libertarians are always fighting the last fight. When a “civil libertarian” talks about “dictatorship” he is looking for a German with a moustache talking about racism, nationalism and anti-Semitism. If we can just stop racism, nationalism and anti-Semitism, he says, we can be free.

And he is willing to go to any lengths in the name of freedom. So the state must use all of its power to suppress any mention of race or nationalism. In order to stop racism and nationalism and to preserve freedom, some freedoms will have to be sacrificed.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

Stalin’s Fight for Freedom

Stalin’s 1936 Soviet Constitution guaranteed absolute freedom of speech. The Stalinist government also sent anyone to the Gulag for ten years, which was usually a death sentence, for saying anything anti-Semitic.

No one was ever acquitted.

In The First Circle Aleksander Solzhenitsyn recites from his own experience the case of a Jewish bureaucrat who used that law to his advantage. Anybody who said anything bad about him he denounced as anti-Semitic, and the police were at that person’s door within a week.

This man’s enemy was charged with anti-Semitism and, no one was every acquitted.

That’s one of the reasons Stalin’s Russia was such a model of freedom.

Many and many a liberal said so.

But for those of us who have our doubts that Stalin’s Russia was a free country, the term Hate Laws is frightening.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

European Jews Have Set Up The Next Pogrom

After World War II Jews in Europe pushed through Hate Laws in Europe which are exactly like Stalin’s. If you even say in a restaurant that less than six million Jews died under the Nazis, you are given an automatic one-year sentence in prison.

Any other form of criticism about Jews gets you straight into prison. This law now applies to any white gentile criticism of any group that is not white and gentile.

The ironic thing about this is that Europe will be fifty percent Moslem by 2050. And the average European Moslem likes Jews less than Hitler did.

Once again what is happening is as surprising as the sun coming up in the morning. Jews are going to be sent to prison in droves under the Hate Law they passed.

This process has already begun in Russia. A display put on by a Jewish group in a Jewish building was declared to be insulting to the Orthodox Church. The Jews were convicted and sentenced to TWELVE YEARS in prison. Only a world outcry by World Jewry got this sentence commuted to a heavy fine.

Over five thousand very prominent Russians have petitioned to have Judaism declared to be a form of Hate Speech. They quote extensively from the Talmud and other official Jewish documents as evidence for this claim.

These statements are still an integral part of Jewish doctrine. If they were in the official documents of any other religion, a person preaching that religion would receive the automatic one-year sentence in Europe. If he remained a part of that faith, he would be given a second, longer sentence.

Do you really think the ever-growing Moslem vote in Europe is going to ignore this opportunity as their power grows?

And once this policy becomes firmly established in Eastern and Western Europe, do you think that every word the proponents of Hate Laws have said will not come back to destroy them here?


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8/20/05 Bob’s Weekly WOL Articles

Weekly Articles

August 20, 2005
Lord Give Me Strength!
“In Other Words” Is WRONG
Other Examples of “IN OTHER WORDS” That Kill
Try to Understand The Words I Use

Lord Give Me Strength!

I have pointed out to many people at many times that Political Correctness is a RELIGION, and if we attack it as a RELIGION we can destroy it.

And almost invariably the person I am talking with will say something like, “Well, it is LIKE a religion. It is a very rigid belief system.”

And I say a little silent prayer, “Lord give me strength. Let me remember that this retard is trying to be sophisticated. He knows not what he does. And keep me from committing physical violence against him.”

This dribbling moron, in his desperation to show he knows big words, has justified the entire Political Correctness establishment. He has completely destroyed the whole strategy I laid out.

So I take a deep, deep breath, clinch my shaking hands together and pull apart my fingers that were set to deliver a karate chop to the bridge of his nose, and ask him what the difference between “a rigid belief system” and a “religion” IS.

He never has the foggiest idea. It just sounded real smart. But he has completely missed my point.

Under the Constitution, there is nothing necessarily illegal about government establishing “a rigid belief system.” There is nothing necessarily unconstitutional about the government financing a group of professors who advance “a rigid belief system.”

What the Constitution specifically forbids is an established RELIGION.

If you say something is “a rigid belief system” and not a RELIGION, you have legitimized the whole professor-priesthood.

That is one hell of a price to pay for sounding sophisticated.

I did NOT say, “Political Correctness is LIKE a religion because it is a rigid belief system.” I said “Political Correctness IS a religion because it is a belief system based on FAITH.”

Physics is not a religion because it helps send real rockets into real space. It WORKS. Political Correctness is a religion because it doesn’t WORK. It is based on FAITH. Paying professors who teach a faith is ILLEGAL.

Telling dirty jokes in class is immoral but it is not illegal. Assaulting students is ILLEGAL.

Teaching a rigid belief system at public expense is immoral. Teaching a religion at public expense is ILLEGAL.

Is there any way on earth I can get past this moron’s desperate desire to sound sophisticated to make him recognize the difference between immoral and illegal?
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

“In Other Words” Is WRONG

The blithering idiot who is trying to be sophisticated thinks he is just stating what I said “in other words.” That’s a great way to miss the whole point.

My Internet radio program this week can be linked at: Townhall – The Untrained Eye is entitled, “The Silly Ideas We Live By.”

They are each ideas that have caused incalculable suffering, and every one of them started as a sophisticated interpretation of a real fact.

They all sounded harmless and even idealistic when they first came out.

Long ago Americans discovered that some intellectual tools are very useful. You need to learn to read. You need to learn arithmetic. Today no one just learns a skill and stays with it the rest of his life. He must keep learning the newest techniques.

Then came the fatal words, “IN OTHER WORDS, education pays.”

As a direct result of those OTHER WORDS our young people are now serfs to the professor-priesthood. A young person must waste four years of his youth in a university, then he must spend ten years paying off a backbreaking student loan.

But that is only the beginning. After he has paid off the student loan and has spent fourteen years serving the professor-priesthood, this person now in his mid-thirties can begin to think about having a family. But every child he plans to have will be another serf to the professor-priesthood.

So this person in his mid-thirties must begin to save money, not for a home or anything he or his family can use, but for tuition for each of his children, which means he can’t have more than one or two. Tuition is rising astronomically and it already represents a back-breaking burden.

All this happened because of “IN OTHER WORDS” education pays.”
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

Other Examples of “IN OTHER WORDS” That Kill

The Constitution of the United States says that this country exists to provide “We the People and OUR posterity” with the blessings of liberty.

So we hear this line every day, “IN OTHER WORDS America is all about spreading Democracy around the world.”

Take a look at the casualty list in Iraq this week if you want to see what that IN OTHER WORDS has cost us.

America was taken away from the several hundred thousand Indians who were still living in the Stone Age by the wave of Indo-European invaders who had earlier conquered Europe. It is now the richest country on earth and, for all the carping we do, the freest country on earth. We destroyed Communism, which enslaved a third of the human race.

And now comes the fatal slogan, “IN OTHER WORDS America is a Nation of Immigrants.”

If I have to explain to you what THAT little IN OTHER WORDS is doing to us, you belong in a retarded home.

Whitakeronline is NOT devoted to “in other words.”

I consider words to be vitally important. I have used weapons and I have used words, and the words have been infinitely more important.

No war hero ever made the slightest difference in real human history. Those who used words have MADE real history.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

Try to Understand The Words I Use

I do not say things so that they can be translated into other words. I work very, very hard to write and rewrite and use words to express my exact meaning. You have every right to reject my advice, but you do NOT have the right to distort it.

Ole Bob am a very, very out-of-date sort of person. He means EXACTLY what he says.

If what I say is wrong, as it often is, you have every right to CORRECT me. Being corrected upsets other people. They called it being embarrassed.

Ole Bob has been wrong too often to be embarrassed by being wrong one more time. Others call it embarrassing, I call it learning something. Good solid corrections are genuinely appreciated and you don’t have to be nice about it.

But I do NOT appreciate interpretations. If YOU believe something, put it in YOUR name. Do NOT say it is what I said unless you are quoting me in full.

As for quoting me in full, the easiest thing in the world is to get permission from me for reprints. You can’t reprint my whole book because a lot of other people have put a lot of effort into it. But even when it comes to that, I am certain that, if you could get more copies out than we can, my team would not only be glad to have you do it, they would help you do it, all free of charge as usual.

My team would make just about any personal sacrifice to get a million copies of my book out there and READ. That fact makes me feel wonderful. It makes me feel great that my words, my own words, are that important to such admirable people. It keeps me going.

I spent two years and rewrote that little book sixteen times. “Rewrote” not “edited” it. I spent thousands of dollars on it.

All that work and a lifetime of experience produced a piece of work a handful of great people are willing to make enormous and unpaid effort to promote.

But remember that all that dedication is to MY words. It is NOT to IN OTHER WORDS.

The geniuses who wrote a far shorter and more important document, the United States Constitution, fought over every single word in it. They did NOT write it so that a bunch of Federal judges could say IN OTHER WORDS and substitute their own opinions for the Constitution.

What the founding fathers said was good enough.

I feel that what I say, over and over and over and over and over and over, things like “Political Correctness IS a religion” is exactly what you need to hear.

You are free to agree with me or disagree with my words. But you have no right to TWIST them.


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8/13/05 Bob’s Weekly WOL Articles

Weekly Articles

August 13, 2005
Our Established Religion
O’Reilly the Retard
The Collapse of the Communist Priesthood

Our Established Religion

The discussion in this week’s Saturday Internet radio program that can be linked at: Townhall will be entitled, “America’s Established Religion.”

Our established religion is Political Correctness.

Let me repeat that:

America’s established RELIGION is Political Correctness.

The reason they are able to get away with this is because of a myth pushed by respectable conservatives and preachers. This myth is that Political Correctness represents secularism and science.

Since the first amendment to the United States Constitution forbids the establishment of any RELIGION, the religion of Political Correctness is OK because it is not a religion. So every conservative goes into the debate saying that Political Correctness cannot violate the first amendment, whereas regular religion can.

Like all respectable conservatives, they have already surrendered before the debate begins.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

O’Reilly the Retard

I was fighting what is called the secularist agenda thirty years ago. I was marching, organizing marches, and doing press conferences against anti-religious textbooks the NEA was pushing. That was a generation ago, and all the conservatives thought I was being unrespectable.

As usual, decades later everybody is now discovering what I was doing a generation ago, and declaring it is good.

Even that poor little retard Bill O’Reilly is now denouncing the “secularist agenda,” which he discovered after everybody else had long since seen it.

But I didn’t fight the education establishment’s agenda because it was non-religious. I attacked it because I had infinitely more respect for the deep wisdom of the Bible Belt, with all its faults, than I did for the hair-brained kooks who called themselves “intellectuals.”

When Bill O’Reilly says that Political Correctness is secular, he is handing the professor-priesthood the first amendment on a silver platter. No matter how you try to talk around it the first amendment does NOT ban the government establishment of any form of secularism. It bans RELIGION.

Religion is not a bunch of people sitting in a church or synagogue or mosque. Scientology has the status of a religion, but it has no god. When Catholic priests first reached Asia they were astounded to discover that Buddhism was a religion with out a god.

Religion is a set of beliefs based on faith.

Political Correctness is a set of beliefs based entirely on faith. Every university requires you to do homage to “diversity,” though there is no evidence whatsoever that this “diversity” has any value at all. That is a belief enforced on the basis of faith, but the professor-priesthood is able to enforce its faith because conservatives insist that the religion of the professor-priesthood is some kind of science, not religion.

Tens of millions of young people spend their entire lives paying for the professor-priesthood. Right now tens of millions of young people are paying off the back-breaking student loans they had to take out to pay to go to college.

I do not know a single one of them who doesn’t know he was cheated.

But that is just the beginning.

After wasting four years of their lives in college taking courses they scarcely remember and ten years paying off their student loans, some of them are in their mid-thirties hoping to have families. But every child they have is going to require their putting aside huge piles of money, not for a home or for retirement, but for tuition.

All this is backed by government. College degrees are required by government. Government enforces accreditation, which is the life-blood our professor-priesthood lives on.

A generation of young people will spend their entire lives in vassalage to the professor-priesthood.

A whole generation of young people is ripe for rebellion.

They are not interested in O’Reilly’s drivelings about secularism versus religion.

They want their FREEDOM.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

The Collapse of the Communist Priesthood

When I went to a Communist country I crossed the dead line. There were land minds and guards with automatic weapons who would kill escapees. Inside the country there were long, long lines at any store that happened to have something for sale.

When I left the country, nobody outside seemed to notice those things, least of all the anti-Communists. They were busy theorizing about evil atheistic Communism versus their own religious values.

Everybody remembers Ronald Reagan’s famous words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

What they do NOT remember is that Reagan’s respectable conservative staff removed those words THREE TIMES from his speech and he has to reinsert them himself each time. They did not want him to talk about the Wall he was standing in front of. They wanted him to talk theory.

People in Communist countries wanted FREEDOM from an insane rule by the Communist religion. Nothing in the Communist faith WORKED, but no one was allowed to doubt it. So hundreds of millions of people were enslaved by it while conservatives dribbled theories to each other in National Review.

Today a generation of young people wants freedom from the unbelievably silly professor-priesthood. But National Review and O’Reilly want to dribble theories about a secularist agenda to each other.

It is time for us to tear down the wall in front of us. This insane priesthood must go, not because it is secular, but because it is a priesthood to which our government enslaves us.

It is time we remembered what the Constitution and especially the first amendment to the Constitution, really means.