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Each society has its own word for HERESY!

Communists called all HERESY! fascism. Fascist Italy called all HERESY Communist.

Today, under the Politically Correct tyranny, HERESY! is called HATE! or “racism.” Nobody wants to try to deal with a point like the one I made, so they start demanding that nobody say it, just like any other tyranny does. They call people who speak HERESY! names.

You Political Correctness fanatics are playing a very old game.

When you call people names who disagree with you or scream Hate or racism, a.k.a., HERESY! it says nothing about the point we heretics make.

But it tells us ALL about YOU.

  1. #1 by Ouroboros Rich on 08/16/2013 - 10:45 am

    Amazingly true. I started my sojourn with David Dukes web site. I keep hoping he will get around to talking about the origins of words and how they have been sublimated in definition in order to create an ever more docile and obedient slave.

    Rightfully said the “get” from usury is blood wealth and the original “root of all evil”.

    How profound.

    That word has lost more definition as activities like blatant loan sharking became more and more legal.

    Too much of our original white languages have been dumbed down to accommodate the Zionist’s will.

    I often point out how original Sanskrit remains so difficult translate because that magnificent culture was dumbed down by constant invasions of ignorant primitives.

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