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A "Progressive" at anti-White Daily Kos posted "How Whites Took Over America."

Home Forums BUGS SWARM A "Progressive" at anti-White Daily Kos posted "How Whites Took Over America."

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    Dick Whitman

    You guys got to see this! The anti-Whites are loosing their minds. I read some of the other posts by this guy and he seems to use BUGS talking points?


    Ho ho ho!

    Henry Davenport

    Lol! Someone poured some turpentine down their little pink rabbit holes! 🙂

    The Beef

    Nobody swarm it there either, just let it do its magic.

    Funny as it is they cannot address the POINT of the matter, all they can do is attack the messenger.

    One thing I have noticed about the Mantra and the mantra thinking in the Video and what we are doing imposing terminology, is that Anti-Whites become more openly Anti-White.

    When you read their statements you find MORE and MORE Blatant Anti-White statements.

    I’m seeing more and more OPENLY starting to say they support white Genocide, and gloating about it openly.

    Anti-White logic is circular, White are evil Racist because they don’t want to be Assimilated, and they need to be Assimilated because they are evil Racists.

    That circular logic become more easy for people who are white and normal to see, those sleeping Whites start to wake up to it the more blatant the Anti-Whites get.


    Beefcake, good points, it is amazing how they becoming more blatantly anti-White. They end up saying “we deserve genocide” when they debate, which is exactly what we want them to say. They don’t realize it, but at that point, they’ve actually lost. And good advice not to swarm it – I was tempted to leave a comment, but it is fascinating to see how they react to it.

    Like people suddenly seeing a baby Martian. They’re all bewildered.

    Dick Whitman

    The comments are hysterical. They’re calling for the FBI to be called on this individual. I think it should be SWARMED however. It’s not the same thing as that mainstream newspaper from Florida that the cartoon was in. This is hardcore explicit anti-White territory.

    I tried to create an account but apparently was IP banned from work I did there a couple years ago? It won’t let me start another account and I’m using a different email address from back then? I have no access to any other computers.

    Please, SWARM it before they ban this guy. He may be a potential BUGSter regardless of his “progressive views.”

    phil white

    Some people say they’ve been kicked off sodahead for posting the mantra.
    Well here’s where I got in last time on the “why do they want to pick on Ann Romney” thread.

    Dick Whitman

    It’s not anti-White sodahead, it’s anti-White Daily Kos.

    The Beef

    Well, if someone else who knows better than I do wants to chime in and say go for it swarm, please do.

    The reason I am against swarming it, is that these folks are hardcore anti-White, there is hardly any White Audience undecided there, and the Video itself is enraging them to be more openly anti-White, and they are already falling into simply attacking the messenger mode, as they cannot address a single point the video made.

    In short it already seems to be working on them. Remember it is the same reaction that Anti-Whites always give the mantra.

    They freak out.

    What are we expecting? A soft forehead tap and a “ohhh…. I get it now” moment?

    I wish there was a way we could gauge their blood pressure on seeing THE video.

    Dick Whitman

    You make a good point. However, I haven’t noticed a new comment there since last night. So to increase exposure (through an increase of activity), it might not be a bad idea?

    Dick Whitman

    By the way, they are freaking out bad. The FBI comment is the funniest. Think about what that comment means about the mind of that poster?

    He/she is very certain that Whites are “privileged” but at the same time, believe that the FBI would act against this person for expressing free speech (of course, they probably would). The FBI is supposed to be the epitome of White patriarchy (spying on MLK and such).

    So they’re fighting the big bad White patriarchy but wish to call up the epitome of the big bad White patriarchy to do so?


    The Beef

    I’m IP Banned there, from uh, past activities.

    Yeah, if they are DONE posting there now, maybe now they are ready for some, “repetition”.

    Make sure to POINT our the FBI statement, and how it exposes that they are fully aware of the Orwellian state control over free speech that they support.

    While at the same time insisting there is a White male Patriarcy in control.

    Also maybe point out that since they cannot address any of the points in the video, all they can do is attack the messenger, because they KNOW it is a good POINT.

    Dick Whitman

    I wouldn’t be surprised if half of BUGS was IP banned from anti-White KOS.

    Dick Whitman

    That “progressive” is commenting back AND HE’S MOPPING THE FLOOR WITH THEM. Does anybody know how to Google cache that page? I have a feeling it won’t be up much longer?

    Read it. Very Funny stuff.

    Dick Whitman

    In fact, I think “Beefcake” was correct before, it doesn’t need to be SWARMED because this “progressive” is a one man SWARMING crew. Let this guy do his magic.

    Dick Whitman

    I’ve been watching this all day and the “opened minded” folks at Daily KOS erased almost all of his responses. And he had some gems. They couldn’t handle this guy.

    Whoever he was ? 😉

    David Joop

    Was he…you?!?

    David Joop

    I hope someone saved it. I didn’t have the chance to read through and it sounds entertaining.

    Dick Whitman

    After Action Review:

    Ladies and gentlemen. I conducted a small SWARM exercise at anti-White Daily KOS.

    I wanted to see if the anti-Whites would accept giving Whites (and all Americans) the right of freedom of association in return for an major increase in “progressive policies”. I wrote a diary at KOS laying out a new system and explained a political coalition which could help implement this system.

    I also wanted to see if I could take on the whole Daily KOS website by myself (I did encourage others to SWARM it but I’m glad nobody did… you’re probably all IP banned?lol). I started this engagement by posting “How Whites Took Over America.”

    After conducting the exercise I found the answer to my questions above to be




    No. Anti-Whites would not trade a major increase in “progressive polices” for freedom of association (they are not “progressive.” They are anti-White.” )


    Yes. I could take on the whole Daily KOS by myself. In fact, they had to erase “EVERY SINGLE REPLY I MADE (and then IP banned me)!!!!! And I used no profanity, no racially “insensitive language,” and no violent talk. I on the other hand, I was cursed at and threatened. You really couldn’t say I was trolling either as I was quite forthright in my motivations/intentions. THEY JUST COULDN’T HANDEL OUR MESSAGE!!!! I’m not even as practiced as many of you and this was easy for me (sorry I had to tell a small fib above by pretending it wasn’t me but I thought they would ban me faster if they knew).

    In short, THE ANTI-WHITE SYSTEM IS GOING DOWN. If all the “brain power” at Daily KOS couldn’t handle me, it’s no-wonder why the SPLC and ADL don’t mention BUGS or FTWR.

    THEY CAN’T HANDEL US (providers of the HAMMER OF TRUTH!!!!)

    Ice Knight

    Nice one!

    BUGS is the pure naked TRUTH.

    The only weapon you will ever need to bring down the whole dishonest anti-White system of GENOCIDE!

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 42 total)
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