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A Timeline of White Genocide

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    I want to make a video on the Timeline of White Genocide.
    My basic outline includes; the date of the original plan, the dates the importations started, dates mass assimilation began, expected dates of white people becoming minorities, expected dates white people become extinct
    I would obviously include clips and images showing the various steps.

    1925 – Kalergi Plan Established
    -include kalergi quote

    1960’s – White Genocide Begins – Dissolving National Borders
    -list/show dates of when specific white countries had their borders removed
    1962, February, Canada – “Immigration Regulations”
    1966, May, Australia – “Migration Act 1966”
    1968, June, United States – “Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965”
    1987, April, New Zealand – “Immigration Act 1987”

    I want to include a whole list of White countries so any help would be appreciated
    The White colonies were explicit from the beginning about Race and immigration so sources and dates were fairly easy to find. In terms of Europe, I couldn’t find anything that explicitly restricted immigration to white people or specific ethnic groups, at least not yet. But obviously the importation of non-whites had to begin sometime. It would even help to include dates where the scale of the importations significantly increased.

    Ice Knight

    In Europe, the countries with former colonies such as the UK, France, Belgium and Netherlands were the first to start receiving a mass influx of non-Whites after WWII. Germany started importing Turks in the 1960s. The rest of Europe such as Scandinavia, Ireland etc was later, probably 1980’s/1990’s.

    In the UK, the first non-Whites arrived on the MV Empire Windrush in 1948

    Germany started importing Turks in the 1960s
    “West German government signed a labour recruitment agreement with the Republic of Turkey on October 30, 1961”


    1957 forced integration by paratroopers at bayonet point Little Rock Arkansas.

    2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (The Fugitive Whites Act) promulgated.

    2017 Charlottesville pro-whites denied the rights to speech and peaceable assembly.



    You really think that Kalergi was the very start of White Genocide?
    IMO, I think White Genocide was planned way before that and Kalergi was just one of the people who either predicted it or was one of the anti-whites to make the plan of pushing White Genocide regardless.

    Has anyone been swarming and posting the mantra recently? If were going to be talking about all of this, we need to at least keep posting everywhere we can.



    I dont think that. It’s just the earliest example i’m aware of.



    Ok. What made me think of this was one of Bob’s articles:
    White Genocide has been the stated goal of all the anti-whites all the way back to New England, and the 19th century.

    I saw your comment to the article saying, “If White Genocide is a conspiracy, it’s the worst run conspiracy ever; THEY TELL YOU WHAT THEY’RE DOING.”

    Ice Knight

    You make a valid point Hero, White GENOCIDE has been attempted for hundreds of years. Probably even before the 19th Century if you look at aspects of the slave trade and possibly thousands of years taking into account parts of India and ancient Egypt.

    The modern event though really seems to have been planned out in the run up to WWII with a deliberate effort post WWII to enact legislation in all White countries to turn them brown.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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