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Also calling Anti-Whites 'Genocidists'?

Home Forums BUGS SWARM Also calling Anti-Whites 'Genocidists'?

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    Lord Nelson

    We know that Anti-Whites have a lot of labels for us like, Haters, Racists, Nazis, etc… Maybe we should add more attack words to our tool box too. How about alongside ‘Anti-White’ we also repeatadly label them with the word ‘Genocidist’s’. You could switch from one to the other as it fits to do so.

    As we continue to hammer the message of Genocide, the label ‘Genocidist’ should gather more and more attack power.

    If you like this idea then give me the credit. However, if you don’t like it, then please give the credit to the SFer who actually thought of it: 🙂



    I have seen some people use anti-white as an ism. Anti-whiteism or anti-whitism (i dont know what is the correct english term)

    Why do you believe in anti-whitism?

    You suffer from anti-whitism.

    “Their hatred for white people and their belief in anti-whitism is what binds these people/organizations together”

    Lord Nelson


    The idea is to use the term ‘Genocidist’ as an attack word to label our enemies with, alongside Anti-White.

    I know we have come too far with ‘Anti-White’ to just throw it away and start again. So I am simply suggesting we start using ‘Genocidist’ alongside ‘Anti-White’.

    Lord Nelson

    Just to further clarify what I mean. I mean occasionally using ‘Genocidist’ instead of ‘Anti-White’:
    So how do you Genocidists feel about open borders?

    As a Genocidist, how do you feel about Asian privilege in Asian countries?

    Just a thought. I can already see how the Anti-Whites may try do deal with it, by claiming they equally support the Genocide of every one, and not just Whites. But then again, it could just drive them NUTS! 😉


    I have been throwing around Multiculturalist Zealots a bit, before ending with the ‘codeword’ for Grand Finale. Too mean?.


    @ WolfieC

    I don’t think “Multiculturalist Zealots” will work. Firstly, Multicultural is their terminology, and terminology = ideology. They are trying to say anti-racist is racist because they don’t want our terminology (anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White) getting and foothold in the general population.

    Secondly, I have tried using Anti-White Zealots in the past and I didn’t see any response to it, so it’s just eating into our character space.

    Still, if you have any successes with it, tell us about it.

    Lord Nelson

    Sorry I did not explain this very well. I am sugesting that we could occassionally substitute ‘Anti-White’ for ‘Genocidist’.

    Mark Muses

    Needs field testing.

    How do we measure these things? I imagine it is based on a perception of anti-White outrage or flight from exchanges.

    Might “genociders” be more idiomatic than “genocidists”?

    I might play with both. Thanks for the idea. The concept of putting everything into one word strikes me as potent. Potentially as potent as “racist” perhaps?


    @Lord Nelson

    It’s a good label to throw around, but you need to remember that in communication message maters, context matters, and grammar matters.

    Replacing Anti-White with ‘Genocidist’ will leave the impression that this person is PRO ANY PEOPLE’S GENOCIDE, not just WHITE PEOPLE, MY PEOPLE OUR PEOPLE.

    It is a great idea, that we can use genocidist alongside Anti-white. “You ANTI-WHITEs are just Genocidist, you always want the genocide of my race, the white race.” Is a good example of how the message comunicates that they are beyond foamy mouthed orthodox cultural marxists and want the death of the white race, it tells the reader that they also are for a CAUSE.

    The Anti-White, White genocide cause.

    Good tactic use LN (Using their slander against them:D), but we need to remember the READER, if It sounds good to them, not us or the Anti-whites.

    Peter Whiterabbit

    No. No. No. Anti-White is finally starting to take hold with pro-whites and anti-whites and people in between. Now we need to repeat it until it takes hold some more. Then we need to repeat it some more. And repeat it. And repeat. And then repeat some more. Please don’t make up words when no need exists. Call them genocidal anti-Whites.

    Secret Squirrel

    As dungeoneer says,

    “Anti-white to infinity”

    “Anti-white is the cow with a million tits”


    @ Lord Nelson

    I agree with Peter; anti-White is the only terminology we should own. Adding more words takes a lot more manpower, and Bugs is small group.

    I think to make terminology powerful, it has to crop up in everyday life. Not many people are going to talk about genocide in their everyday life except for Bugs.

    I say we should stick to Bugs tradition: we take one point, one word, and we hammer the enemy with it day and night.

    Secret Squirrel

    One thing you can do that I am told works by a reliable source, is to make this accusation:

    “You want White Genocide”

    Of course they will Deny it. Stage 8 of genocide is always denial of genocide:

    “So you are a White GeNOcide Denier?”

    But never forget, “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White” is the core concept, we want White people to understand.


    @ Gar5

    Makes sense about it being their terminology, so if I need another descriptive I will use it in a mocking fashion as in the past. Like multiCULTist. Today I was fumbling around with the genocidist idea, and was so mad that my mind scrolled through suicidal maniac (for self-hating whites) homicidal maniac (for non-white savages) and finally typed out ‘Genocidal Maniac’ (for anti-Whites). It got a reaction, but was just as a characteristic of the mostest awesome term = anti-White.

    Henry Davenport

    Whew! I strongly agree with what you last few guys are saying!

    Henry Davenport

    @ WolfieC: Please read Peter White Rabbit just above. As usual, he gets it right in a few short words.

    Henry Davenport

    I was sitting here composing a long tortured screed trying to say what Peter said much better. I could have spent that time bugstering, and will in the future!

    Mark Muses

    I am a newibie, and whilst quite excited by LNs initiative, I’ll play devils advocate to my last comment. Just trying to keep us safe and razor-like…

    Horus spoke of an opera singer hitting the precise note that shatters the glass. We must hit that note!

    We have limited manpower as mentioned. It could be that many great suggestions need to take a back seat to the all important hammering using the core memes, at least until our terminology enters the common vernacular.

    If genocidist is to be indulged in, I suggest it always be “White genocidist” or my own preference “White genocider”


    NO !
    The issue isn’t Hutu’s killing Tutsi’s in Rwandan Genocide,the issue is WHITE Genocide,yes the Anti-Whites are Genocidal,but that’s ONLY an outflow of their Anti-White hate
    We’re not here to stop Tibetan Genocide,or Rwandan Genocide or baby rape in the Congo (yes they are worthy causes to be involved in etc etc) we are here to stop WHITE Genocide
    The term Genocidist is TOO broad,it can be applied to too many situations
    The problem with this GENOCIDE is,not that it’s ‘genocide’, but that it’s happening to US
    I didn’t lose one wink of sleep when the Rwandans went at it with machete’s,who cares about ‘genocide’ ?
    The ONLY thing that people care about is what affects them personally
    ‘Anti-White’ is more personal
    ‘Genocidist’ doesn’t feel right (to me),it’s ‘too abstact’ BUT if it works let me know and I’ll use it : )


    I had a good response with ‘Why do you hate us so much, we want a future for White children in OUR countries’

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 41 total)
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