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Another fine video by Minervia

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    Henry Davenport

    Outstanding job!. You covered all the basics extremely well!

    You have a very nice voice and great delivery. Might I suggest, in the future, using the “Noise Removal” effect in the freeware Audacity – this will make your voice clearer by removing background buzz/hiss from the audio


    Wow Minervia is beautiful!

    Nice job on the delivery. *Double thumbs up*


    Very nice job!

    Laura aka minervia

    Thanks HD! And thanks for your support Guys!

    A HUGE THANK YOU, to Adelheim and Nordoxon, the script writers. You guys are truly amazing! 🙂

    @ Edwyn – Thanks for the tip about the sound quality. I need the help, I am new to this! I am looking at acquiring better recording equipment.

    Should another BUGser have an idea or script for me, let me know. 🙂


    Fantastic job, beautiful woman, powerful message.


    Well, minervia you are giving them FITS, they have NO clue how to approach your videos they are at a loss.

    P.S. My wife said you rock! 🙂


    I have been working for our people for over 20 years.
    That means I have had to become accustomed to failure after failure and lack of hope.

    Thanks for doing this video minervia, you make me proud and have lightened the load.



    You kept it simple. Occam would be proud, but who cares? It’s what works that matters. And what you did here works. Great job & a big thankyou to Minie + all who helped her make this piece!


    Good, but I liked her better with hair up…

    Ahem… on the content of the video… it seems really clear after listening to an honest and definitely intelligent women that the anti-whites are simply race-hustling sociopathic trash! And, that’s because they don’t value the good things that made our civilization so great, and got us here in the first place. They are willing to trade it for a cheap trick based on greed! Pro-whites are the past, present, and future
    – anti-whites are sick and need an exorcism, really…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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