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Anti-White Tactics 5301: Regarding Problem. Reaction. Solution.

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    Daniel Genseric

    I can almost hear the chorus of a resounding “Duhhh” right now, but anyway.

    So often I get an anti-White who wants me to jump right to the end of the three part process.

    We have to work up to that point. We NEED them to acknowledge it and let it be heard. I have received at least three requests to talk about such matters in the last 24 hours. So, I thought I’d revisit it with my own experiences.

    The problem, reaction, solution process. The savvy anti-White will always answer my question with a question. The professional anti-White will either walk away or ask me another type of question. That question often looks like “Okay, so you want non-Whites out of White countries. WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION?” See that? They are trying to bait and switch here.

    It is my estimation that they do this to circumvent HAVING TO ACKNOWLEDGE the crime itself. They minimize the charges when they do this and at the same time they hope to TRICK the audience into making the same leap with them. First of all, I NEVER said that in any of my posts. Yet, they want to IMPOSE their own terminology regarding White genocide. In effect, they are saying “We are talking about immigration, NOT White genocide.” They are doing exactly that if you follow them down that slippery slope. I think this is partly why the Lord Nelson/Adelheim “Always ask a question” method is so brilliant. It serves as a fail safe which guards against their achieving this end. This is critical and something coach has talked about before. We don’t talk about policy (or policy change) until they allow us some air time to speak about White genocide.

    I will admit I have followed an anti-White down the solution road in the past. That was a mistake. Having made that mistake, I feel it’s safe to say that is not a place we want to go just yet. But, I recognize the tactic and remembered my mistake when it popped in today and yesterday. Without the catalyst (reaction), we have nothing to resolve. We need to get anti-Whites talking about White genocide. The audience needs to be afforded the opportunity to REACT. I think we all know what the solution looks like.

    Keep up the great work, BUGS!

    D. Genseric


    Very true. We need simply to get people to recognize that the problem exists. Never suggest policy or anything. All we need to do is assert that there is a genocide being committed against us and place responsibility for it on anyone who supports it.

    If they anti-Whites say “Okay, so you want non-Whites out of White countries. WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION?”

    Respond with something like:

    “All we want is a free and open public discussion regarding the attempted genocide of our race.

    England (replace country name if appropriate) is not “Multicultural” by choice. It was Forced on England, like it was Forced on all White countries and only White countries.

    No vote or discussion has ever allowed in any White country on whether White people want to be blended out of existence.

    Its GeNOcide.

    “Anti-racism” is a codeword for anti-White.”

    or simply…

    “All we want is a free and open public discussion about the ongoing program of genocide being committed against our race.”

    Daniel Genseric

    “Okay, so you want non-Whites out of White countries. WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION?”

    Or, if you wrote that in the form of a question, how would it read?

    How about “If millions of non-Africans were immigrating into Africa unchecked, what would you propose as a solution? Or would that [genocide] not be a problem for you? Could we discuss it first? “

    Daniel Genseric

    The Socratic Method-Ask. Ask. Then ask some more.

    Keep asking them questions when you get a live one. Otherwise, they keep looking to you for the answers. Ask them questions the AUDIENCE already knows the answers to. Lawyers do this all the time. Only, their audience is the jury.

    Yeah. I know. Same thing.

    I forget who I am representing all too often. White children.

    Secret Squirrel

    “Okay, so you want non-Whites out of White countries. WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION?”

    How do you have the gall to ask us about policy, when you are Denying White GeNOcide is occurring and then Justifying it and worse, you are screaming at anyone that wants to talk about White GeNOcide, a naziwhowantstokilllsixmillionjews?

    When you acknowledge that White GeNOcide is occurring and allow us to discuss this issue openly and rationally, then you have the right to ask us about policy.


    Interview with Jeb Bush

    1:44 Let’s take somebody of our age who was born in florida, who grew up in florida and now wanders around portions of his own state and feels as though he is the foreigner

    3:04 with all due respect to the people that may feel that they’re the foreigner in these COUNTRIES (emphasis my own, he was only asked about the state of florida) if they look at the next generation that assimilation aculturation is happening just as it did generations ago.


    My cut’n’paste response to ‘What about the bi-racial children/non-Whites born here/are you going to do DNA tests/will you deport people at bayonet point etc etc etc…’

    What idiot asks people who are no position to implement policy,to answer a question on policy? It is the government that makes policy
    All we can do is state that your arguments result in only White people disappearing.
    You want White GENOCIDE
    Do you really not understand your position? You need forget about defending non-whites and start thinking about how you will explain your actions in the future
    GENOCIDE is a crime,Anti-White
    ‘Anti-racism’ is a codeword for Anti-White


    Sometimes, these anti–Whites invoke The Holocaust, or Slavery. Respond by invoking the Gulag, and the death of millions of White Christians at the NKVD’s hands. Hound them, ask them precisely why they do not cry a single tear for Lenin’s and Stalin’s victims. This is very affective!

    Yankee Rebel

    Good post, DG. It is still relevant 2 years later. In my activism during the White Man March, I stuck to the problem of White- Genocide and avoided getting off topic with solutions, naming the joos,black crime stats,etc. The tactic of sticking to just bringing awareness about White- Genocide worked great because the anti-whites had no counter-arguments. They kept trying to sidetrack me, but I refused to take the bait. The reactions I got ranged from thoughtful silence to vocal aggression and name calling from the anti-whites, who could not do anything else.


    Yankee Rebel (great name) I’d love to hear more about your experiences on the day of the march when the other Brave Souls spoke up. Where you alone? with a group? Any police issues? Anything you’d like share would be interesting and would help prepare us or future events.

    Thanks again!

    Yankee Rebel

    I had advertised on various pro-White websites that I would be at a certain location and time, but only I showed up. The police let me be, but they were present. I think one officer was in the public library across the street and at least 5 drove by while I was there.I did not break any laws that I was aware of, I never cursed, but I did not take any crap either. If someone yelled at me, I yelled right back. If someone wanted to ask me questions, I answered politely and offered them a flyer to learn more about White- Genocide. Choosing a very public area out in the open that attracted tourists (Civil War monument) as well as the general public (Library) was a good pick. I think the timing (noon) was a good choice, too. I decided how long I was willing to do the activism, so I would not get burned out. If that helps anyone, you are welcome to use it.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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