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Anyone checked out the Anti-White forums?

Home Forums BUGS SWARM Anyone checked out the Anti-White forums?

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    Incredible. Apparently these were the guys who orchestrated the mass spamming of the my tram experience videos.

    Seriously insane. Useful idiots i think they are called.


    This thread is worth reading. Simply idiotic. A SF poster posted a list of questions for them (mainly regarding mass immigration) Check out the responses. We deal with a lot of this type. This is a good way to do homework on the anti-Whites.


    Not suggesting us Bugsters should use get bogged down with facts when debating race deniers (as we know it turns into tailgating) but my god this thread is brilliant.

    A race realists posts in their opposing views, hands their asses to them and the thread ends up in the bin. Worth if you want to get more clued up on the science behind race for your own knowledge.

    Again this is a good thread for helping predict their “arguments” and strawmans.

    Mark Muses

    Wow, good digging.


    YEAH WOW! That guy is great

    Secret Squirrel

    That race realist is hopeless and that thread demonstrates why they are perennial losers. His approach is based on two false assumptions. 1) The people he is talking to are intelligent enough to understand what he is saying. 2) They are not fanatics, they are reasonable.

    “No seriously. Taro Mill. If your stuff is all true, then seriously:

    so what ”

    And what is worse, since he didn’t have a repeater, no one will remember a single thing he said.


    Don’t agree with you on this one OB. Taro Mill ripped them apart with science. The deniers just made themselves look like children, especially at the end when they posted stupid lolcats type meme pics.

    Obviously the mantra is MUCH ore effective but it was a good educational thread and proves that the deniers have 2 or 3 bits of pseudoscience they push time and time again. When i was waking up from my liberal slumber (and even then i could just FEEL it in my bones race was real but i couldn’t prove it) i encountered these arguments again and again online. Lapdog tricks.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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