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Anyone interested in writing news articles for WGP?

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    For about 10 months now I have been writing for White Genocide Project. Basically, I search the web for the latest news and write an article about it, tagging on a sentence or two on how it relates to White Genocide.

    I would like to get some Bugsters on WGP to contribute regularly with news articles.

    At Bugs we are not quite so news-oriented, but a large chunk of the population is, and that’s why we need to expand our memes and phrases into the news.

    It’s hard to say how many people read our news articles. The site itself gets about 2000 hits a day with just one news article published a day, but we get tens of thousands of views from Facebook pages that share our articles, and other pro-White sites share them as well.

    I would estimate that in one day we are reaching anywhere from 3000 to 6,000 people.

    This screen capture of the website statistics gives you an idea of how many people we reach.

    These statistics are from our website.

    These statistics are from a page on Facebook.

    We could reach a lot more people if we get more news written. Is anyone interested?

    Benjamin Newells

    Gar5, right now – I can’t. But perhaps in the coming months I could write a few things.

    But I’m not sure if “JPOutlook” would like that. He thinks using a crime related hashtag to tweet the mantra amounts to “newsing” so I imagine using the news to get the mantra out there (as you have been doing) would also amount to “newsing”. And since he is now our LEADER, we need his approval before anyone continues to write articles for WGP.


    Though this is not for me, I’ll ask my friend in the WhiteNewsNow forums and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Unfortunately I’ll be offline for a month due to some projects, unless he replies today, I wont know until then.

    Mike M

    Shouldn’t we keep it inside Bugs limits ? Or at least teach your guy the Mantra and Mantra thinking ?


    Gar5 –great job on your site!

    ‘GRAPHS,’ ‘STATISTICS,’ ‘DATA,’ these are the things that let you know whether you are going in the correct direction and if you are reaching the target(s) groups you desire (or not).
    ….sorry if I seem over the top but statistical analysis, using REAL data, has always demonstrated to me what works or not.


    Hi “Gar5,”

    Thanks for what you are doing. I was tempted, but decided that I’m going to mostly focus my energies on the Saturday evening debates and discussions on PalTalk. You’ve done well by asking B.U.G.S. for help and perhaps someone will still step forward from here.

    Best regards,


    Sys Op

    @Benjamin Newells and @WmWhite

    Your completely unrelated editorial opinions were unnecessary and uncalled for in this topic. Please keep it on task on this public board.

    I expect not to see this type of useless interjection in the future.

    Sys Op

    Daniel Genseric


    I will lend a hand for a while. Shoot me your email on twitter or something and I will send you some articles. You can decide whether or not they will work for your site.

    I’ll have to take a look at your format. I see you are citing your work. Am I mistaken or are you not limiting ‘fair use’ excerpts to 65 words? Have you been challenged on this yet?


    @ Genseric

    I couldn’t pm you on twitter because you don’t follow me. I’m following you now, so you can find me on the site.

    I cite what people have said, but I don’t cite big parts of other people’s articles. No one has complained about this as of yet. The “65 words” limit is just what Stormfront recommends.

    “To prevent the private ownership of work that rightfully belongs in the public domain, facts and ideas are separate from copyright”

    Basically, the copyright law is in place to stop the selling of a person’s writing which is available for free, or, it’s to stop the giving away of a person’s writing which should be paid for.

    Benjamin Newells

    No BUGSER should write ANYTHING for the so called “White Genocide Project” until Jimmy “jewser” Marr’s article gets taken down.


    Benjamin, the White Genocide Project is okay … it is that site FightWhiteGenocide where this is happening.

    LOL – They do sound the same, but WGP has been around a few years and FWG just started up.


    @ Benjamin

    That’s, a different website owned and produced by different people.

    I am an old-time bugster, I was around before we got these forums and we were using the general comments archives. We got these forums in about May 2012 if I remember correctly.

    Benjamin Newells

    Yeah, my mistake. Sorry guys!

    Daniel Genseric

    Gar, you can have two new followers. Both are accounts run by yours truly.

    Henry Davenport

    Gar, I just read your newest article on Mugabe:

    You have gotten so good!


    Thanks HD.

    Genseric, I’ve sent a private tweet to you.

    Tom Bowie

    Sadly, I’m not a skilled wordsmith.
    Upon the few occasions I’ve written something vaguely intelligible, I was stirred by strong emotion that I was able to refocus into a creative venue rather than something that’s counterproductive.

    Somewhat off topic, in my research I’ve run across an article where the last paragraph is something few outside of BUGS would understand.
    They may not use our terminology but, they’re saying it none the less.


    Gar5, Please send me an email, I have something I think is important at nationalfront dot org dot nz

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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