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    Lord Nelson

    Welcome Larry!


    Hello new Bugsters! This is where the fun starts for you guys and remember, there is nothing better for a White and normal person to do right now than to get on a consistent message!

    Henry Davenport

    This is an excerpt of some recent correspondence I had with Amren, in which I tried to give some idea of what we’re about:

    Our view is that the assault against Whites today is a form of genocide under United Nationsโ€™ definition of genocide.

    Like the advertising industry, anti-Whites have achieved their success not by reasoned arguments of the sort we pro-Whites have done so well and with such notable lack of success, but by repetition of “racist, racist racist” until now that word springs automatically into the minds and onto the tongues of most Whites whenever any non-liturgical observation about race is offered.

    We hope to eventually achieve something similar but opposite: that when the subject of race arises, most Whites will immediately think “White Genocide,” and think “anti-White” for those who further White Genocide!

    This requires considerable repetition of those terms wherever we post, because like “racism,” it is by repetition of the audible and visual forms of the terms that they are implanted in minds. Only by some repetition will visitors to your site (as I was, when still a racial liberal) likely even spot the terms at all, amidst all the posts that pretty much employ the terminology of the anti-Whites!

    So I and other bugsters make an effort to repeat those terms several times even in a single post, instead of, as in ordinary writing, searching for a different term each time!

    Also, we often place at the end of our posts if appropriate (and we tend to think it usually is) the statement, “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.”


    Smart young guy. He’ll hate me for saying this, once the hair gets cut, the beard gets shaved to stubble and he gets a sharp suit on he’ll make one hell of a a pro-White representative for the UK.

    Mark Muses

    Yeah. I PM’d him to stay middle of the road and stay safe. No reply but that seems to be what he’s doing.

    It’s funny. They say we are all skinhead thickos but of course their stereotype has less to lose. Even the stupidist anti-Whites know what happens to anyone breaching their own dogma. So if ANYONE with a higher social background fires up they are a hot target for them. Perhaps only trumped by women, as Emma West found out.

    Some of us need to remain “undercover lovers”. For me being outed is an inconvenience. For some it is ruin. I hope this guy has thought it through and projected ahead. Times are changing.after all but its still tender as the pressure builds.

    Secret Squirrel

    I only “hate you” for saying it, because I have seen 3-4 people here, write exactly the same sentence. lol

    Come on, don’t you guys remember what it was like to be young? This kid will be able to talk to young people, those clean cut and shaven guys never could. With his verbal brilliance and long hair, the kids will respond to him, as if he were a musician from an indie band and we all know, they hero worship those people.

    So please don’t try and change him, he is perfect the way he is.

    “I hope this guy has thought it through and projected ahead. Times are changing.after all but its still tender as the pressure builds.”

    As you say, times are changing. The people that get in early on this, are the ones that will get the power and money – the late adopters will get nothing. This kid probably doesn’t know it yet, but he has a big opportunity, to make a career out of this. All he has to do is stick with it.


    On second thoughts i think you are right OB. Funny thing is when i first saw him i thought he would be an anti-White as most metal long haired types are incredibly liberal.

    Still great to have someone prepared to put their face out there. If only we had an attractive young woman to do the same it would help get our message out no ends.

    Daniel Genseric


    “If only we had an attractive young woman to do the same it would help get our message out no ends.”

    You mean like this extremely attractive gal? She has done the Mantra


    I’m young and generally quite alone. I’ve only recently come to the fight for our race and so of course I’m a little inexperienced. Is there anyone who could possibly take me under their wing?


    Welcome to BUGS Dutch.

    The best thing to do if you`re not confident about using the mantra is watch how everyone else is using it in the swarm.

    Any questions about using the mantra can be asked in the “Debate and Advice” thread.

    Secret Squirrel

    Welcome Dutch32. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As long as you advocate for Whites using Bob’s Mantra and don’t get obsessed with attacking non-Whites, you can do almost no wrong here.

    Over to the right, you will see the thread ‘Where Did You Post the Mantra Today? II”

    That is where we are making reports of of us posting this message all over the internet:

    So follow those links to see what we are doing.

    Have a read through the threads in the BUGS SWARM area to see what people are talking about, so you can get up to speed on the culture of this place.

    When you are ready to start posting the Mantra online, you also can use some of these mini-mantras, that BUGSers have written. Many were written to be used on Youtube.

    As long as they push the core message found here, the mini-mantras will be effective.

    And don’t take it personally if you ever get chewed out. If you are told off, its usually for a very good reason, so you should take it as an opportunity to learn. A BUGSer must have thick skin, because this is not a hobby we are engaged in, this is political warfare.




    Dutch32 – I would also suggest that you listen to White Rabbit podcasts. These podcasts are great introduction into mantra thinking and for better understanding how mantra works. It’s crucial that you listen this podcasts in order, from first to last, especially the first two are very important.
    You’ll find them here:


    hello Im new here and in my uneducated ways have been speaking out and trying to reach as many as possible,and here in the midwest 99% of the whites I talk with agree we need to figure out a solution,some even advocate the use of force ,and we all know that does not work.I beleve that it has to be a daily effort on all of us,and reaching out to are childern is critical.Thank you.


    p.s. sorry for miss spelling


    Hey two2wisper, welcome to Bugs.

    Dno’t wrory aoubt selpling ๐Ÿ˜‰ we’re pretty informal here.

    Jump over to this thread and see how we operate.

    Daniel Genseric

    pssssssssst………..Post the Mantra and report your results back to BUGS.


    Can you check my posts using the Where Did You Post thread, and tell me if I am trying too hard to argue? Should I use more stock phrases? I like to connect with the video or article, and then get to some stock phrases, like “It’s genocide” and “nobody is flooding…” and “White countries are for everyone?” etc. The stock phrases are the key, right? Because that’s what creates the consistent sound. Should we simply ignore any type of argument, and just get right to stock phrases?


    I virtually always ignore replies. Should I actually always answer? I ignore them because the point is to get the key stock phrases into common vernacular, so that a consistent sound will destroy the false ‘truth’ that is imprisoning and destroying Whites. Once I’ve posted, it’s unimportant what a complainer has to say. The point is that my comment be read, and by encountering my use, and others’ use, of the key phrases, we’ll accumulate more Whites who get it and who will make the sounds that will end the closed ‘truth’.


    I think that you have to reply back for several reasons:
    1. Its great for practicing your mantra skills. If you reply you dont argue you just state your point over and over and OVER from whatever angle they are coming from untill it hurts them really bad.
    2. You expose ANTI-WHITES as weak, stupid and sick twisted animals.
    3. You make PRO-WHITES look smart and most reasonable people out there (WHICH WE ARE).
    4. You fill the comment section with mantra so its allmost impossible for someone watching comments not to see it.
    5. It boosts your confidence when you destroy ANTI-WHITES and when you see that majority of people are supporting and cheering you.

    Thats my two cents. Maybe some more seasoned bugser would have more to say.

Viewing 20 posts - 41 through 60 (of 218 total)
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