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    IMO,As long as you are keeping the anti-whites on the defensive by pushing the mantra you`re doing great.

    If you feel more comfortable making your mantra points and moving on to the next target instead of replying to anti-white replies that`s your decision to make,but as Pridgar says,battling the anti-whites will improve your mantra understanding and technique.


    I’ve noticed that when they reply, it sometimes can become an ongoing exchange. Is there any value to that? I can see an argument for drilling home and arguing to the same point. But it would also be possible to spend too much time on one set of videos or other locations. At some point, is it best to move on to cover new points?



    It`s all about the audience.

    As long as your hitting the anti-whites in front of the biggest audience available you`re doing good.


    I have noticed a few of us are tailgating. New BUGSERS might enjoy reading the following:

    And don’t forget to make it personal. Use ‘our race,’ or ‘my race’ instead of ‘the white race’ where appropriate.


    Thumbs needed over here. The top comments are two from anti-Whites.

    We need to keep an eye on our Mantra videos from time to time


    Hi guys I have posted links to YT vids where I have used the Mantra but it’s saying I’m under moderation so the links are not going up. I’m wondering how long I’m under moderation for as I want to get things going and do my part.


    @ AnotherWhiteRabbit88

    Hey, welcome to Bugs.

    I’m not sure how long moderation is, Brian (the admin) will know.

    It’s a pain, but for now just post your links as: www[DOT]youtube[DOT]com

    White Dude

    Greetings all. I’m a new member of this website. I discovered it via Stormfront. It’s my duty, privilege, and honor to be part of this group posting the mantra. I believe that the mantra is pure brilliance. I can’t stop showering it with praise. I’m an avid poster of it and firmly believe it’s an effective tool to combat White genocide. I look forward to seeing you all around and learning more about all of the different mantras and techniques to combat anti-Whites and White genocide.

    Thank you Mr. Whitaker for the mantra. It’s genius.

    Henry Davenport

    Welcome, WD. (Put “40” after your name and…oh well). I love all the different forms the Mantra can take. Now that I have a little more experience with it it’s suddenly become much more supple for me.

    It just keeps growing inside oneself and doing new things.

    I hope you have a great time here!


    Welcome aboard White Dude, I have seen your hard work over at Stormfront, good to have you here!

    White Dude

    Harumphty and Rabbit, thanks all. It’s great to be here and to fight alongside fellow mantra warriors. I too am really amazed at all of the mini-mantras available. I’ve got much to learn and I can’t wait to use all of the different kinds of mantras.

    Cheshire Cat

    Welcome White Dude.

    I enjoy your work. Glad you could make it to the big show.


    Hi im from Germany. I listen to the Derek Black Show regularly and there i found out about David Dukes show. So i listened to that show where Horus was a Guest. When Horus then also was a guest at the Derek Black show and i heard about him the second time, i decided to listen to the podcast. So repetition did work for me 😉

    Henry Davenport

    Thanks for the feedback, Grabbit, and welcome!


    Welcome aboard, Grabbit.

    Daniel Genseric

    Herzlich willkommen, German Rabbit!

    The Beef

    Message for the new guys asking about why we call it “Genocide”, and why we always point out what the Anti-Whites are attempting is Genocide.

    The reason we use GENOCIDE and not population shit is because, what is happening truly IS Genocide. White people are not just being moved around, the population is not just being changed from one thing to another, these conditions imposed on us lead to the destruction of our group, via assimilation.

    The OTHER reason is in front of the AUDIENCE, we have to EXPOSE that the Anti-Whites do NOT have the moral high ground.

    That is the thing about White People psychologically, they have an innate need to “Do the RIGHT thing”.

    The problem is for a long time Mommy Professor and her religion of Political Correctness has gotten them to believe that supporting conditions that would lead to their race no longer existing, aka White Genocide, is in the moral right.

    The Mantra, points out to them that Pro-Whites, those who oppose White GeNOcide, are in fact the ones who hold the Moral high ground.

    Genocide is a CRIME, and that is what we are accusing the Anti-Whites of, in front of an Audience.

    Everything Anti-White-bots to say supports that Genocide.

    Weather it be conveniently forgetting which race is which, or what a White country is, it all comes back to Genocide.

    When they say “Race does not exist”, or “social construct”, or pretend they don’t know that white people are, for example, WE point out how that supports Genocide.


    “YOU are saying Genocide is IMPOSSIBLE?!

    Only an Anti-White Genocidal maniac would say that we have no right to preserve something and that is has no right to exist.

    Naturally if you SUPPORT GENOCIDE of White people you would insist they don’t have a right to exist, and that Genocide is impossible.

    What did White people do to lose our Right to exist?”

    ————————————– note I like to end things with baited questions.

    Its always good when we can point out they are justifying Genocide, or when they come right out and say they support genocide. In those cases we ask them to repeat themselves, or on the net, ask if that was a typo.

    Also, when they try to say that intermarriage is not Genocide, then you can STILL Bring them back to GENOCIDE.

    “Assimilation is a known form of Genocide as it was attempted on the Aboriginal people.

    Do you think that what was intended to eradicate Aboriginals should not be called Genocide?

    Why do you say what was attempted on the Aboriginal as Genocide is suddenly not Genocide when attempted on us?

    What makes White people Uniquely evil that is ok to Genocide us with Assimilation?”

    When you think about it, the underlying message to ANYTHING Anti-Whites say can be turned around to expose how they support Genocide, and how they specifically target it at whites, and that is why we call them Anti-White.

    John White

    I’m still a beginner with Mantra-spreading so after the first rush of enthusiasm, some questions have appeared in my mind.

    Firstly, I’d like to ask your opinion about this: should I copy-and-paste the talking points and mini mantras or should I try and make those points with my own words?

    My first guess is that, since those points are actually consistent, there is no problem in copy-pasting, but I’m afraid of looking like a parrot who just repeats things.

    What are your thoughts?


    @John, It’s entirely up to you.

    In the fast paced conversations with anti-Whites (like on Youtube) I usually just copy-paste-post.

    In the slow paced conversations I usually take my time and write or re-write my own stuff.

    There’s no need to feel like a parrot; that’s what spreading a message is all about. It feels kind of unnatural to us, but it works because we’ve seen it work with terms like “racism”.

    The Beef

    Gar5 is correct, its fine to steal each others stuff, we encourage doing that around here, as we all have the same goal, put a stop to White Genocide.

    One thing I do suggest however is to make a couple tiny changes here and there, on purpose typos, miss spelled words, or something to add just a little tiny touch of Uniqueness.

    Not because I am against copy and pasting, but by making tiny little changes, it helps avoid spam filter programs that look for multiple copies of the exact same post.

Viewing 20 posts - 61 through 80 (of 218 total)
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