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    I decided to create this thread so that I can add short audios of my conversations with Bob that I think are most important.


    I asked Bob about working with other groups, “If you’re on our side, that’s the way we will address you. We don’t identify, but we can ally. We can be allies to anybody, and we have to be, we have a common enemy.”

    We can Ally but we wont identify – Audio


    time for freedom

    I call them ‘strategic alliances.”

    Good thread Laura


    It is sort of like an understanding, though unlikely, between all the Christian denominations: We (Christians) will ally, but only transitorily, against the common enemy –as long as it is understood we will continue with our doctrinal and dogmatic differences.

    The audio conversation reminds me of what Bob Whitaker once wrote:

    “If only Communists condemn exploitation, then I am a Communist;
    so if only Nazis oppose White Genocide, I am a Nazi.
    If only extremists oppose the establishment, then I am an extremist;
    so if only White Supremacists are not anti-white, then I am a White Supremacist.
    If only Politically Incorrect people support free speech, I am proud to stand beside them.
    A label is the weapon of one who has lost the argument.”


    So if we if work real hard maybe we can ally with all 7 drunk skinheads in North America!


    New Audio from Bob –

    Voice 007


    Bob and Laura, thanks, and please do more, long or short, on anything whatsoever.

    The good sound quality was much appreciated.

    I’ve urged Laura forever to urge Bob to always have a recording device nearby and turned on when he’s just talking about whatever. That’s not quite natural, I realize. But it could be done a little bit.

    Laura of course gets to soak up a lot of Bob, and if she’s going to share some of that with us, that will be a real pleasure.

    I didn’t know that the print edition of Newsweek no longer existed.

    I don’t generally exult in others’ misery, but I’m going to be a happy man when that miserable little newspaper in Knoxville folds. The anti-White idiots who staff it can at least feel good that they kept all news of any importance away from readers for a good many years.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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