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    I think it would be a good idea to put up a link to Beefcake’s Bootcamp audio on BUGS.

    Should I put up a link to this page: ?

    Or is there another one that is more suitable?

    Henry Davenport

    @ Adelheim: I think the best page to link would be the page where the podcasts are collected:

    Since the episodes are numbered, it will be obvious to anyone who links to that page that if he wants to start at the beginning he needs to go to the final page in that collection.

    The problem I see with linking to any particular episode is that it’s not yet quite as obvious as it should be on the site how to get to the rest of the collection, unless almost all visitors will understand immediately that they should click on the same avatar in the right margin.

    You might want to hear from Peter WhiteRabbit or from Beefcake first…I’ll contact them both now.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Adelheim: There’s another thread on Beefcamp’s Bootcamp that Beefcamp too modestly named “New Mantra podcast series.”

    I wish we could have just a single thread with your title, “Beefcake’s Bootcamp.” Is it possible for Brian or someone else to combine these two threads under that title?

    J Locke

    For recruiting purposes, maybe should be edited down to about half the length. Edit out everything but the first couple of minutes and the last one/third (when he begins to talk about the mantra as the way to wake white people up) into a single podcast.

    J Locke

    I uploaded an edited version of episode 1, intro to Swarm to JooTube. I cut out the disgenics dialogue and some other stuff.


    I agree with your cutting out the dysgenics dialogue, runner. That was a good call IMO. I’ve only listened to the first 15 minutes of episode 1. So far, cutting that part was going to be my first suggestion if the purpose is boiling things down to the basics and getting people ready for the swarm. If that’s the purpose, there is no need to go off into tangents about how we came to be pro-White.

    My second suggestion for Beefcake would be to ease-up on the self-deprecation. A little bit makes people more open to suggestion, too much makes you look bad.

    There’s nothing wrong with taking a little break here and there with some light, non-need-to-know info. That’s actually a good idea. But like before, too much is counter-productive.

    Beefcake’s got a good radio voice, no doubt, but I think he would do well to focus his podcasts more.

    And just to be clear: I think Beefcake’s Bootcamp was a great idea and I think he’s perfect for the job.



    The edited version you linked on youtube is superb and to the point. Thank you.

    The Beef

    GrepP, I may clarify that in a later podcast.

    The point was not to make people think I am dumb.

    Rather it was one of those “if I can do this, so can YOU” statements.

    Some people are intimidated when faced with having to learn a new skill set, and they assume that there is something magical about the person teaching it, and they assume they themselves cannot pick it up.

    My main point was that I did not want anyone to think there was anything special allowing me to do this, to point out they can learn it too.

    John White


    Your podcast is absolutely awesome!

    In my opinion, it is a must listen for any Bugser.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Beefcake: the problem with what you say just above is that it’s probably overwhelmingly obvious to any listener that you ARE special.

    Maybe you could mention now and then the fact that despite our having a very developed methodology, it’s extremely easy to just jump right in and begin. I’ve posted here too many times that that’s what I did…I thought this place was just a bunch of people posting together with rather remarkable skill, and I jumped in and a few posts later was told that people here didn’t use the R-word, and after quite a few more posts I was told that you all were working from something called “the mantra.”

    Beginning here is the easiest thing in the world if a person can take direction, and if that direction is offered pleasantly. That last is important…I would have been out of here if someone had yelled at me before I even knew there was a “Mantra.”



    I understand, and it was a good idea to include that in there. I just thought you spent too much time emphasizing it.

    I look forward to listening to the other episodes. Keep up the great work!

    Henry Davenport

    I’m thinking of dropping the term “pro-White” and always using instead the term “White-and-normal.”

    My thoughts on it are in the second post below (the posts are from a thread on White GeNOcide Project), and I would appreciate any of your thoughts on the idea. At this moment, I’m very fired up at the thought of spreading the term “White-and-normal” as the single antonym of the single term “anti-White”!

    Nothing evokes the hatred that fills anti-White hearts so much as seeing a pro-White in possession of the moral high ground.

    Anti-Whites think their worship in the church of PC gives them automatic title to the moral high ground!

    Of course actually, it places them in humanity’s sewer along with all who are traitors to their own people.

    White GeNOcide!
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White!


    This term “pro-White” has bothered me ever since some of us adopted it. I think to visitors who aren’t already “pro-White,” it conjures up all the usual associations of Whites who would run roughshod over all other races, who might even want race war, etc., all the things that are not what we are about at all.

    Even though it’s a bit unwieldy, I’m going to try for awhile using the term “White-and-normal” instead and see how that sounds. So,

    Nothing evokes the hatred that fills anti-White hearts so much as seeing a White-and-normal in possession of the moral high ground.”

    I like it! It’s sort of a double whammy!

    Feedback is appreciated.

    Hm, maybe better would be, “White who is normal,” and “Whites who are normal”? At least until those phrases become well known? Yes, it’s a bit of writing, but…

    Nothing evokes the hatred that fills anti-White hearts so much as seeing a White who is normal in possession of the moral high ground.

    No, I think “White-and-normal” works better.



    I listened to all of your podcasts. Great job! I was really impressed. I thought I pretty much knew all the basics from listening to the first 30 FTWRs and from short experience here but I actually learned a few things too. So they are definitely very helpful.

    I think the first one was definitely the one that needed the most work. Most of the other ones are perfect just the way they are.

    I only have a few suggestions/corrections:

    You are mispronouncing “miscegenation.” It’s “miss-edge-in-A-tion.” Here is a link:

    You are also pronouncing “frustrating” without the first “r.” I think that’s pretty common, but it’s also a pretty common pet peeve. Not really a big deal though.

    Correction on Japan and Asian countries:
    You do NOT need to be Asian, let alone Japanese to become a permanent resident in Japan; it’s just a lot more difficult in Japan.
    You DO NOT lose citizenship or have to leave Japan if you marry a non-Japanese or Asian person: e.g. Ryan Dawson from is a White (or at least mostly White) guy who married a Japanese woman and lives in Japan with her.

    -Most Asian countries DO NOT require you to be Asian to live there

    But it is true that most non-White countries have much stricter immigration laws. For example, I think some mini-mantras could take advantage of the very strict immigration laws Mexico has, considering all the illegal Mexicans in the U.S. and the Mexican government’s very pro-illegal stance. It’s a total double standard.

    Anyway, those were the only real suggestions I had. Sorry I don’t have particular episodes to point out, I was listening to them in a row and forgot to record what was on what episode.

    Again, great job! They are going to be very useful for getting people up to speed.


    Oh and I actually have a question about #7, “Not pissing in the punch bowl” / not “cock blocking the mantra.”

    I am a bit unclear on what exactly constitutes “pissing in the punch bowl.” Before I listened to podcast 7, I kind of had the opposite idea. I thought part of the reason they called it “the swarm” was because multiple people swarmed/overwhelmed the same targets…so I would often click on links where others posted the mantra/mini-mantras and join in.

    I don”t think it’s ALWAYS cock blocking the mantra to do that…we need people at least voting up other BUGSer\’s comments for example, but I’m a bit confused on it now. I mean, I realize I wouldn’t post the full mantra in the same place someone else did because that would make it look like spam, but things get more fuzzy for me with the mini-mantras.

    So, say someone’s posted a mini-mantra or a few on a particular youtube video. Should NO ONE else post any mini-mantras on that video because the other person is working there? Besides something like a Ray William Johnson video (where are are so many comments, almost no one would see two different BUGSers comments), when, if ever, is it okay for more than one person to post mantra-related stuff on the same thing?

    The Beef


    Thank you for the corrections, I will address the information about Japan in a future pod-cast.

    My main point was that there is no agenda to turn Japan non Asian, and if there were then nobody would call Asians names for resisting it.

    As far as my mispronunciations that is something I’ve always had some issues with. Sometimes when I get going they just slip out.

    I will also go into more detail as to what is pissing in the punch bowl.

    In short it is like getting troops to fire in a particular battle. Getting them to start firing is the hardest thing to do, and getting them to stop when they don’t need to be firing is the next hardest.

    The Beef

    n short:

    When you see a forum where you see the whole Mantra is being discussed, and lots of discussion taking place for several pages, with some supporting the point, and Anti-Whites attacking it, then just let it do its thing.

    If you see a long thread with many replies already, the enemy flooded into the valley already, then you can go ahead and mini mantra them.

    We don’t want to block off the valley that we want the enemy to march into.

    Once there is a vocal Anti-White or multiple of them dominating the discussion, THEN you swarm in to finish them off.

    Also, there should be a podcast coming out soon that is already been recorded on how to handle victory when we just made the point we wanted to about the Anti-White in front of the Audience, and knowing when you can leave that thread and move on.

    There is a point where the Anti-Whites are now digging themselves into a further hole in front of the Audience. Once they are making fools of themselves, we want to leave them alone to continue digging themselves into that hole deeper, and not correct them when they are making a mistake.

    Anyway, this will be included in a future podcast. Or two.



    You are doing a good job. I have tried to post a compliment before on this thread but it did not show up for some reason. Keep up the good work.

    Peter Whiterabbit
    The Beef

    I appreciate it Horus, always good to have your endorsement.

    The Beef

    Working on some new projects troops.

    Including, going into detail on a Subject talked about here:

    Yes, beefcake used to be a bit of a “player”, and knows a little bit about the crimson arts, and can explain WHY Dr.Duke always gets hot blondes, andwhere you guys can ALSO learn how to have more options in women as well.

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