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    David Joop

    Are you going to start your own PUA community beefcake?

    Seriously though us nerds should just be spending all our time on the internet attacking anti-whites and leave the alpha males to the task of producing the übermensch.



    Why do BUGSers need dating advise?

    It`s not mantra.


    It`s the anti-whites who are the sad little dweebs hiding from reality.

    David Joop


    Also, dating advice would be too distracting from the main issue of using the mantra and BUGS.

    Coniglio Bianco


    The Beef

    David, the first thing I mention is for nobody to get lost in it, and that the most important thing people do is stay on message. That is the ONLY important thing that matters.

    This short series will not just be for Bugsers, and it should not be numbered as part of the regular series, that directly relates the Mantra.

    The reason I address it, is that people have been ASKING about it. Even BOB wanted to know why Dr.Duke can get so many hot blondes.

    Nobody that I’m aware of has ever covered it from a Pro-White perspective, and it WON’T be numbered as part of the regular series. Its a side conversation, on a question people are asking, that I can do a decent job of answering, as well as pointing to better resources than myself.

    I do make mention in the Podcast that the first thing we need is a home, and that the birth rate issue will take care of itself, and that the most important thing we do is stay on message.

    None the less, its is an issue a lot of Pro-Whites continue to ask about. They want to have a family as well as spread the Mantra. I cannot convince them to not try to go out and start a family, if that is what they already want to do. Thing is a LOT of guys waste a ton of time dating in an ineffective way, the average frustrated chumps spend a LOT more of their time failing.

    They will use less time doing things Effective than Ineffective. In any area of their life.

    This is NOT intended to be a time waste. Its intended to be a time saver.

    Your star Athlete does not show up to the game tired because he had sex last night. He shows up tired because he was up until 3:00am looking for it.

    If I can give them advice in this area, and that is their jump in point to the rest of the series, being it is an subject that may get new listeners on board, it may also help the swarm grow.

    Some of that Audience might also then take interest in the rest of what we are doing.

    The only way to know if something “works” is to TRY it. Test it out.

    IF it does NOT work, or becomes too distracting from the guys out spreading the message, then we will pull down the mp3s.

    If you are not interested, then just don’t listen to it. As I said, it is NOT part of the regular series.

    If this is ground some other Pro-White has covered from a racial perspective, incuding the concept of White Genocide, let me know.

    Henry Davenport

    Go for it, beefcake! Though I fail to see how anyone as taciturn as yourself could have ever had any success with the ladies…lol.

    So is your preferred pick-up line the “old” Mantra, or the “new” Mantra?

    ha ha…this is going to be fun, I’m sure!

    Coniglio Bianco



    This is a great idea IMO. Expanding pro-White media to other topics and subcultures is fantastic. Horus brings a pro-White message to the “alternative news and research” crowd, Beefcake brings a pro-White message to the “success with women” crowd. Both good for our cause. I would be happy with someone bringing a pro-White message to every subculture and hobby out there.

    White Dude

    So how did Duke get all his money????????

    The Beef

    Coniglio, YOU just gave me a topic to cover.

    It is NOT all about money.

    I am 100% sure that Dr.Duke does NOT get women by lavishing them with expensive gifts.

    As you will learn, spending a ton of money on women is approval seeking behavior of a Beta male. It is actually counter productive.

    Big Dong

    Are NOT the primary things that define an Alpha Male.

    That would be Leadership skill, which is a form of Social Skills, geared around an internal mindset of “impress me”. The approval giver, not the approval seeker.

    That’s an alpha behavior to say what would impress you, for example. You should be proud.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Third time trying to post this!

    Beefcake-I stayed out of this because i actually thought someone had hacked your account and this was a joke!

    “Beta male” and “Alpha Male”?!!! Lets not start associating the Mantra with any of that BS please. You do realize some of the major players in all of the PUA industry are Joooos right?! I thought you were clever?! You do realize that the PUA industry is yet ANOTHER way for the Joos to subvert Gentile culture……….get men treating women like stats and notches on the bed post……….oh and lets not talk about the race mixing it promotes!

    i think this is just something the anti-White will use to smear us. If you want to promote PUA stuff then do it under another pseudonym and don’t connect it to the mantra.

    Your bootcamp stuff was good but this is overstepping the mark to be honest!

    Sorry if that seems harsh but this has just got me thinking WTF.

    The Beef

    Do you actually think the goal is to turn a bunch of Pro-Whites into PUAs, or guys trying to rack up large amounts of women as bedpost notches?

    If its a subject we just do not ever discuss, but I’m just not seeing where the harm in it is, especially if it is not categorized directly as the more Mantra Specific tactics in the bootcamp are.

    The intent would be for it to be separate, but related.

    Our enemy has controlled ALL sides of this information for a long time too. Everything you have ever heard about in ANY Media on the subject of relationships, dating, anything is either filled with Lies, things that DONT work and harm relationships, OR information that while True from a functional sense to be used for the wrong purposes, as in the PUA community, racking up large numbers of women for bragging.

    If I’ve actually done the work to sift through the crap, know what is and is not true, and what is and is not applicable to our situation, and it could help these guys who are actually ASKING about it, as well as tie it to White Genocide should I still avoid the subject?

    Is ANYTHING covering true information about relationship dynamics between men and women, and teaching men how to have more options in women, in any way inherently have to be Anti-White?

    SO far ALL ff the information has come from Anti-White sources, then is it any wonder why so many white men are frustrated and actually asking?

    Or are you just saying that since I am tied to the more directly Mantra related instructional bootcamp, that it would be better to let somebody else handle it?

    Peter Whiterabbit

    Bob just wrote an article about how anti-whites take any subject and interject their religious tenets of political correctness… all the time. It is about time we do this too.

    Beefcake, I look forward to your upcoming podcasts, regardless of the subject.

    Secret Squirrel

    Bob said there is a big problem with WN’s males being single, so it should be addressed urgently.

    And don’t try to second guess what some might do with this information. It is just information. Bad people will do bad things with it and good will do good. You can’t control that part, so don’t worry about it.

    Secret Squirrel

    sadasdadasdasdasda This spam filter is a drag, this will be my last attempt.

    Bob said there is a big problem with WN’s males being single, so it should be addressed urgently.

    Don’t try to second guess what some might do with this information. It is just information. Bad people will do bad things with it and good people will do good. You can’t control that part, so there is no point worrying about it.

    I wonder what our enemy would prefer? WN’s being successful with women, or WN’s being perpetually single? Hmmm…. Someone should ask Abe Foxy Foxman about that.

    David Joop

    Here’s a post from a successful ex-PUA.

    It paints a cautionary tale.

    “I got into this because I didn’t want to lose love again. That’s not bad, man, as motivations go. And that really was my motivation. Really.

    But let me ask you this – are you so certain that you are strong enough to resist fucking girl after girl if you were able to do so with the same ease as it takes to open and close your hand?

    Could you resist that?


    But could you resist that if, day in and day out you had putting yourself through all the shit of hitting on chick after chick?

    Could you? Are you certain?

    That’s what happened to me, man. Once you hit that break point everything changes because the process of getting there changes you.

    And look, again – I wish this weren’t true. I really do. I swear it.

    Look, I don’t have all the answers, and I’m not advancing some kind of abstract argument about the right way to do things. All I know is that all I have felt and seen leads me to believe that terrible despair goes hand in hand with seduction, and this is not incidental, nor do I think it is avoidable.

    Look, I know that it is very tempting to walk into this with high motives believing that you are doing something noble. I did.

    I had the highest motives of anyone I know. I was also the most ‘moral’ of any ‘pick-up artist’ that I know. I would never sleep with a girl who had a boyfriend, ever. I would never lie, under any circumstances. I would never lead a girl on – even by omission. I would always make clear that I was not up for a relationship, and I tell you dude, it made me lethal. I was fucking sick, man. I was really, really good at this.

    In the end, it didn’t matter. All these ‘high motives’ did were make me commit totally to a path which completely fucked me up. I’m dealing with this shit right now and it’s not fucking fun.”

    Coniglio Bianco


    Henry Davenport

    Wow, see, this topic is fun already! Whew.

    Peter Whiterabbit

    i found the perfect theme music:

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    As long as Swarm doesn’t turn into this then i am cool with it……….

    PS-This video is uber-J word stuff. I have to admit i was bitten with NLP years ago and heard about the “speed seduction” BS because it was NLP based. Its hysterical to look back now, all of it is J word based. You couldn’t write it if you tried……………sorry if i am showing my J World alcoholic side

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