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    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Take two…….god i hate this stupid “spam filter” thing. Is it just posters using TOR or proxies that get hit with it?

    As long as Swarm doesn’t turn into this then i am cool with it……….

    PS-This video is uber-J word stuff. I have to admit i was bitten with NLP years ago and heard about the “speed seduction” BS because it was NLP based. Its hysterical to look back now, all of it is J word based. You couldn’t write it if you tried……………sorry if i am showing my J World alcoholic side

    The Beef

    Ok, a few folks have been e-mailing me asking me WHY I deceded to hold off on putting out any Mp3’s giving suggestions on dating for White guys who are Pro-White.

    Earlier I thought it would be usefull, as even Bob had mentioned there is a need for it.

    I had some experience in that community (however you want to define racking up numbers of girls, we all got past lives) before I came here, and I thought I could help. I figured it could be of use for guys simply wanting to have a few more options in girls, and hopefully use such information for tgood, such as getting married, White kids etc… While I still do think that is a good thing, obviously, the bigger concern is at this moment in time, spreading our message is MORE important.

    Any suggestions I could give NOT relating to the mantra, I can tell, from the little argument posted above WOULD become too much of a distraction. There is also the chance that some guys might become busy with “other things” too.

    When we get to a point where the Memes of White Genocide ball is rolling down hill faster than we can push it, only then will I go into that, in its own place (and no I did not intent to come off as Neil Strauss)

    We get too many arguments here as it is, and we are doing GOOD just to agree we need to be posting Mantra and not talking about N&J’s.


Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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