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    Tom Bowie

    I was asked to fill in in on a Talkshoe Radio Show and it occurred to me that I could ask somebody from BUGS if they’d like to be a guest. Granted such shows already have a Pro-White audience but, it’s not a audience that may use the Mantra.

    The point of such a show is to entertain the audience and nudge them toward the Mantra; as well as perhaps give BUGSers a bit of practice at public speaking.

    A quick Tweet to Asgardian and I had a guest. It sure seemed to me like the practice with public speaking he didn’t need; just the opportunity.

    Given the fact that it’s summer the audience is often rather small, but tonight it was larger than normal. Apparently Asgardian was entertaining enough to have listeners tweet or otherwise contact their friends and invite them to listen in.

    It looks like everything I’d hoped to accomplish did get done; and I’ve received a few positive comments on Asgardian’s talk already.

    I’m hopeful that I can arrange for a few more such shows.
    Thanks Asgardian

    time for freedom

    Absolutely great show Tom. Thank you, Thank you Thank you. It’s high time that our mantrafied thinkers started doing their own shows with our own people and perspectives. You and Asguardian did a tremendous job and it was extremely interesting to listen to you guys discussing presenting mantrafied ideas and views. One of these days when I get my long distance phone plans in order I will be able to call in to one of your shows and discuss some of these ideas.

    I have to disagree with Asguardian though, rather, because of our approach we are going to force a total de-legitimization of the anti-White system, and that I believe will happen increasingly quickly. But I thoroughly enjoyed you guys discussing these ideas and I hope you do a lot more shows like this with other Bugsters.

    But what was with the fading out of Asguardian’s call though?

    Thanks Tom and Asguardian


    Hey timeforfreedom, I hope you are right about the de legitimizing part. I tend to be a pessimistic I dont like to build my hopes up cause im the type of person that when I put alot of energy into something I expect quick results. Now I know thats not reasonable but I seem to be wired that way.

    And on the topic of my call fading I didnt realize it was happening @ the time I do EVERYTHING swarm related from my phone from YT 2 FB 2 Twitter to making visual memes. I was using headphones during the discussion with tom, I figured it would be easier that way unbestknown to me my mic would sway as I moved…a lesson learned. Sorry abkut about that.


    Ps…we need more bugsers doing this surely some of you are game and more adept and experienced @ it then I am.

    Tom Bowie

    Receiving more compliments today including: “Just listened to the show I am looking at some things different because of it. Super talking points and your compliments to the guest were well deserved. ”

    I’m not yet sure when I’ll be filling in a host again (Possibly this coming Friday?) but, I’ll check into Daniel’s schedule.
    I’ll let everybody know as soon as I find out for sure.


    I was pleasantly surprised to hear how much of a natural “Asgardian” seemed on the radio show. Good organising, gentlemen!

    Time to listen to another radio programme, it’s Saturday night so time for The Political Cesspool…

    Best regards,


    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Excellent work guys. Asgardian, i think you did great and should do more. How about reviving BUGS Radio?


    Thanks alot patrick I would love 2 but I dont know where 2 start.

    Tom Bowie

    As for doing BUGS radio; I can help with that if somebody wanted to do it using Talkshoe. (Talkshoe does have a few Glitches such as often not working well with Skype but, there are other online services that do work well.) There’s nothing to download and it can be operated from anywhere by anybody with the host’s account name (This can be different from the visible screen name if desired.) and, the password. The 10 digit phone number (A fake phone number can be used.) will be displayed the host when he’s logged in so you’d not need to remember it.

    The controls are rather basic and much of the system is automated. You only need an e-mail address to set up an account and create a show. The person operating as the show’s Host will need to log in by computer and call in by phone to operate the controls while broadcasting. (It need not be the same person however; one person can operate the controls by computer while the host is on the phone.)
    >Start Recording
    >End Recording
    >Terminate (Don’t push the red button or it ends everything.)
    >Mute / Unmute callers/chat room listeners. (Simply click on them to accomplish this; the host is automatically unmuted a few seconds after calling in.)

    There are more advanced controls but, their us is entirely optional and even they tend to be simple for the most part. I’m pushing 60 and computers are not something I’m comfortable with but, I was able to figure out the operating system in short order.

    For all it’s downsides; Talkshoe is mostly automated and it’s free. While “MOST” (Some do show up, generally Christian Identity) Pro-White shows don’t appear on the Public Listings they do allow them and don’t bother you over content. A keyword search will however allow you to find the show; as will the show’s Call ID# or, a link will take you to the page.

    I’d be more than happy to help anybody who wanted to learn what little I know.
    >Write a step by step guide.
    >Do a Talkshoe show with verbal step by step instructions.
    >Call in as the show is being produced/set-up and answer any questions I can.

    It’s not a problem to log in as yourself or under a different account to serve as the host. I not only have my own account, I’ve been a fill-in host or board operator for a couple of other shows.

    Tom Bowie

    “Ps…we need more bugsers doing this surely some of you are game and more adept and experienced @ it then I am.”

    Looks like I’m on as the Fill-In Host again Friday at 8:00 est.
    So; who feels up to giving it a try?
    (Not that feeling up to it is required as I’m always convinced I’m a horrible public speaker/radio host but, I’m not going to let that stop me. Until Mr. Perfect shows up I’ll be Mr. Will-Do.)

    I can guarantee a supportive host and, a Pro-White audience. (The live audiences tend to be small in the summer; most listen to it on download later.) Who could ask for anything more that an audience that is behind you before you even say a word.

    Henry Davenport

    I’ve just begun listening to the show and my old ears are having some trouble understanding Asgardian with his phone hook-up. Tom, I understand you real clearly.

    I will sit down in awhile close to the speakers and I think I will be able to make out most of it. Tom and Asgardian are two of the people I frequently go to for opinions, so I want to hear it.

    Many thanks to both of you! Tom has been hanging out with some of those shows on Talkshoe and elsewhere and is rightfully well-regarded by the folks who listen…I know that from listening to quite a bit of them myself. I have to get my long-distance arrangements straightened out also.

    This is an opportunity to connect with people many of whom are already accustomed to hitting the streets, which is of course a part of our activism that we really need to increase. So let’s not antagonize them with our customary ferocity (I need that warning especially), but take Tom’s congenial approach as a good model IMO.

    P.S. An extra message has just started broadcasting from the White House…it’s more or less a rerun:

    Fred R

    Whenever I have debated people I go after them like a fire and brimstone minister.
    Agreeing with HD, I can learn from Tom’s approach.
    Jimmy Marr has the same attitude… and it works!
    I was floored when the guy started dumping the bottle over Mr. Marr’s head and the guy Jimmy was debating told the other anti-White to “show some respect.”
    This was a good show. I just turned the volume up to get through the audio issues.


    Great interview, I enjoyed it very much.

    Mimmy Jarr

    Young rabbits and BUGSers should never attempt the tricks they see performed by Tom Bowie and me do on radio and Youtube.

    Tom and I are descended from Chesapeake Bay Cavaliers, and are thus endowed with an organic gentility that cannot be imitated by normal White rabbits.

    Even HD, who was born but a stone’s throw down the coast would never undertake The Royal Nonesuch.

    Henry Davenport

    @Mimmy Jarr: 🙂 It’s true that my Ma was from North Carolina, which was described in colonial times as “a valley of humility between two mountains of conceit.”

    Mimmy Jarr


    You’re doubtlessly right the about state to the south of North Carolina. We’re all acclimated to egomaniacs from there. But, if silver-tongued Tom ever accompanied me to a college campus, and the kids thought we were naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews, they’d probably start rounding them up.

    With irresistible charm comes grave responsibility.

    Benjamin Newells

    Good discussion, Tom Bowie and Asgardian. You were both really good. I listened to the first hour or more but the sound kept breaking up so I closed it.

    I’m not sure if reviving the BUGS radio is the best idea (that’s not to say it’s a bad idea though). I think we’re better off spending our time getting our message/ideas out on other pro-white shows – shows which already have large established audiences.

    Tom Bowie

    Benjamin; I think you are right. I’ve heard more than one BUGSer on shows before; not necessarily talking all that much about the Mantra but, building a connection with the audience while mentioning the Mantra and its talking points.
    BUGS Radio however could serve for those who are somewhat reluctant to start in a more formal setting and want to test the waters first, so-to-say.

    At Renegade Broadcasting; it seems as if I’ll be doing a Wild Card show in the future. I’ve been getting quite a few requests from the Hosts and Audience; by requests I find I’ve even been supplied a topic recently. When 4 different people suggest the same topic, it seems much like they understand the value of a consistent message.


    Congratulations guys, good job.

    Tom Bowie

    Just a reminder tonight at 8:00 (Eastern Standard Time) if you want to call in or listen live.

    You don’t need an account; you can log into the chat as a Guest (Random Guest Number displayed) or call in as a Guest (General area displayed but, not accurately as I’ve been displayed as Eastern Maryland, Southern Maryland and, Virginia in the past.)

    I’ll be Logged in as Pro-White American so I can operate the controls.

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