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    Tom Bowie

    Direct Link to the latest show

    Asgardian was kind enough to call in again.

    Tom Bowie

    I’m filling in this coming Friday again.

    Asgardian and I have been attempting to bait an Anti-White into a live Debate. So far he’s managed to run faster than a speeding bullet. I suspect this will continue but even that’s a win.

    Next a try at shame as a tactic to herd him into place.

    Tom Bowie

    Link to latest show; before I crawl off to bed.


    Thanks, I’ll load it up.

    I listened to the one from 28th June and really liked one of the memes that Michael presented. “Why are you so anti-white?”

    It’s one that I put forward almost a year ago, and whether it grew from there or was discovered independently will likely remain a mystery, it’s a fun one to use and is very deflating to those anti-whites that want to make a meal out of their argument with you. So very effective in long comment threads that you see sometimes where people are bad mouthing our people, white people.

    Anti-white goes on for three paragraph of justification of White Genocide. You, the pro-white, answer with one short little sentence. “Why are you so anti-white?” – Tag, you’re it.


    Tom Bowie

    On 2/Aug – 7:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) Asgardian and I’ll be doing a Recorded Show on TalkShoe.

    I originally started the show as Practice because I’d been asked to fill in as a host for a few shows. I’d called into enough shows that I had a kind of open welcome. HD has noticed from listening to the shows that while I’d chat on any topic they hand, I’d slip in Talking Points every so often.

    In addition to gaining experience I also had an idea that such a show could be useful sometime later. I’ve attempted to get Anti-Whites to show up for a debate but, that’s been rather difficult so far.

    I’ve also thought of attempting to use it for convincing those who are otherwise Pro-White but not on message the benefits of being on message. Admittedly those who can be put on message are few.
    One I’ve been thinking of in this way is a somewhat rather smart young fellow with quite a bit of drive. He’s not on message yet but, I think he could be.

    The show will likely have a diverse group of Whites listening (mostly on replay) that may not be on message but, most know what not to do. A quote from one fellow: “Marching about in a uniform shouting I hate (Insert so-called N-Word) just doesn’t work”. I’ll say this much, generally they are not making things harder so that’s something in their favor.

    Mostly I think I’ll see how the show evolves and look for opportunity.

    Tom Bowie

    Tonight at 8:00 EST I’ll be hosting the Pro-White American Show with Asguardian.
    As always feel free to call in or just listen as you relax or post the Mantra.

    Topics will likely be wide and varied as the train turns off the dirt road and takes the old logging trail, but the designation is always the end of White GeNOcide.

    time for freedom

    This is great news Tom Bowie, I’ll tune in tomorrow when I get off work. Are you going to be at the Paltalk tomorrow? Your excellent points are always insightful. I’m definitely going to be there.

    Tom Bowie

    I indeed plan do on being on PalTalk tomorrow.
    Part of the time it’ll be there in name only (to help boost the chat room’s visibility) as I have work to do.

    Not that it’s unusual for me to be a bit divided, I have some work tonight starting at 6:00 until 7:30, where I then slip out to host the show until it’s done and go back to finish up what needs doing sometime in the wee hours.

    Tom Bowie

    Recording is posted, I got off to a rocky start but played through. Asguardian arrived just after the 43 minute mark and the entire show lasted just over 3 hours.


    Tom Bowie

    I’m a bit behind in posting this 29/August/2014

    I did a bit of filler until the Cavalry arrived. First Asguardian called in then Nate arrived.

    Tom Bowie

    Tonight I’m filling in again and one of the Topics will be an upcoming show that I’m attempting to get ironed out.

    It’s going to be a difficult show once it’s all arranged and Bob’s latest Blog posting is perhaps just what’s needed. Unlike other shows this’ll require I stay on message under the greatest temptation.

    Tonight Friday 8:00 Eastern Standard Time (Some part will be to talk about just what’s upcoming.)

Viewing 11 posts - 21 through 31 (of 31 total)
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