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BUGSterwood! Time to produce some more blockbusters!

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    Ice Knight

    After the great success of the Anti-racist Hitler video on Youtube, it shows once again what a powerful weapon making videos is for spreading the message of BUGS.   Many of our videos now have more than 100, 000 views on Youtube and we have some great creative and technical talent within the group!

    The WhiterabbitradioTV videos are true blockbusters and well worth all the painstaking work that has gone into producing them.  The only downside is how long they take to produce, with the next installment maybe 12 months away?

    I’m keen therefore to get a few more projects and ideas off the ground to run alongside them.  I’m only a self taught amateur,  but have worked with Johnny and Patrickwhiterabbit and helped produce a couple of their videos, including Johnnywhiterabbit’s Anthem.


    Ice Knight

    Few rough ideas I’ve had so far, but would be very interested to hear from other BUGSters that might be able to contribute any ideas, time, artwork, music, script writing or expertise.

    – Vox pop on White geNOcide – would be very interesting to hear what people on the street think about White geNOcide – Craig Bodeker did an excellent job in “A coversation about race”?

    – White geNOcide in numbers?

    – Very simple “paint” animation – RBISMYLIFE on Youtube did some extremely funny and controversial videos – could we do something similar with a Mantra theme?  Maybe a Southpark style series?

    – White geNOcide for Children?  Maybe a children’s series or puppet show?

    Let us know what you think folks!  Any better ideas out there? Would be great if we could get a few new projects off the ground to spread our message.


    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Excellent posts Iceknight. I mentioned this over on Anti-Whites Gotta Go FB page a month or two back. We need to pool resources.

    A couple of observations/ideas/questions:

    1. Try to keep the majority of our videos between 60-90 seconds. It really is possible to make the points in that time spam. Obviously for animations with story lines this won”t be possible. Is there any research into the optimum length for a viral YT video?

    2. On the subject of viral and getting views what is the secret to White Rabbit TVs success? Obviously AntiRacist Hitler and How Whites… are top class productions but how do they get so many more views and quicker than say something like Diversity Comes to Africa (which i think is close to being as good) by Linux? Do we know why? What’s the pattern? Where are they been posted or distributed that is bringing in all the views?

    3. Anti-Whites always try and pretend they have no idea what “assimilation” means or try and mislead the audience by focusing on “cultural assimilation.” A short animation that shows the effects of low white birth rates/high non White birth rates coupled with intermarriage overtime would be excellent.

    4. A voxpop video on White Genocide would be excellent.

    5. Are there any simpler animation programs out there with stock objects, locations and characters that can be moved around and customized? Or can “assets” be bought for something like Flash that would effectively turn it into a preset driven package?




    I had an idea where a diversity lover, lets say it’s a woman, is going on and on about how great it is to have so many people and cultures in one place. She rants about how diversity creates such great variety and wants to increase diversity on a local lever ie White countries. A normal person comes and says our normal spiel about preserving unique culture/race. She is enraged and exclaims that she cant wait until the future where we have finally defeated racists and we can all COEXIST! Just then the thing that Hitler arrived in shows up and zipps her into the future. She is so excited to see what wonderful things diversity has created and wants to see the wonderful variety of the people and foods. Of course when she arrives there is only a homogenized race of people with no variety whatsoever. She can’t believe that she had a hand in ending so many special people and cultures. Last scene is her putting a gun in her mouth and cut to black with Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ playing. OK that last part is my funny alternate ending, but you get the drift.



    Video idea!

    I was thinking something along the lines of martians from Mars developing a multicultural system with us Humans because we got over croweded here on Earth, so we slowly settle on Mars and assimilating with the Martians but at the end wiping out the Martians all together and taking over heir planet.

    We have alot of room for humour like green martians holoding up signs saying “kick out the illegal aliens” Or Martian scienntist jusifing their genocide by claiming we humans and the martians are only 1% defferent in DNA, maybe even FUNNY looking mixed martian mixed human looking creatures! hahaha


    You could use that old hippy song “Love the One You’re With” to prove the message of intermarriage by proximity, and then, really great to mock the anti-Whites, use the Oompa Loompa  song (Willy Wonka 1971) as they promote forced blending. I believe that using startling mockery of the anti-Whites with humor is the way to get views and is the trick WhiteRabbitRadioTV uses. Don’t forget the “bite” and follow-through of tying the episode into White geNOcide, or else it becomes, simply, anti-miscegenation propaganda – which is sort of the tired and broken N and J approach…

    If you think about it, it is right in alignment (as a mirrored opposite) of what the anti-Whites do when debating a B. U. G. They will try to get the B. U. G. to represent the perpetrators as a mysterious, evil Jewish cabal so that the B. U. G. one, looks paranoid and scared; and two, makes the B. U. G. easier to mock.

    The messege is to make the anti-White look hilariously rediculous – a sad clown who has run out of tricks, or a graying, old, baby boomer who has run out of Viagra!



    1. I would think 60-90 seconds is optimal – so whatever you do make sure it hits hard and quickly… if it doesn’t then restructure it so it does. Producing short animations centered around specific mini mantras might be a good idea. Since it’s a cartoon and you are making fun of the anti-whites – make sure it’s funny

    2. Develop an interest in your project

    3. What you are talking about is essentially the last line in ARH – “nobody could have foreseen that” – which reminds me of a short animation where a driver of a semi truck hauiing matches says “I think im gonna crash” and a few seconds later he says “yup” and then runs head on with a fuel truck.

    4. I am going to pretend i know what a voxpop is and say YES

    5. goanimate will probably suffice – but of course you can build assets in flash or toonboom and use them. Use real voices and not the text to speech voices. I’m sure that Horus has received a lot of people volunteering to do voices so he could help you out with that.

    Ice Knight

    Some great ideas Patrick, jo3w, WhiteActivist_123!  Definitely some potential storylines in there!

    They would be very well suited to an animated series – something along the lines of  a BUGS version of Southpark/The Simpsons/Family Guy seems the most popular choice.  We would need a central cast of characters such as a family, group of friends or workplace and could then spin off different storylines for each of the characters.

    As Patrick points out, the big obstacle is how do we produce so much animation and do it in the shortest amount of time possible?  I think we could cheat a lot and drop the life-like animation quality from WhiterabbitradioTV and still produce something that works – Southpark has a very basic animation style we could copy.  Their arms and legs rarely move, just the facial expressions change.

    If we could come up with an automated pre-set package that would work I’d be willing to contribute to costs and have a go at using it – might need some extra help though from someone with a bit more artistic ability than myself!






    Least effort = goanimate – mouth movements are matched automatically to the voice you input – they have a decent list of automated motormovements… anything else could be done in flash.

    To produce the same type of reusable assets in flash/maya/toonboom would take working knowledge and/or a lot of time and effort but you wouldnt have to worry about licensing and things like that since you own them all.

    If it’s something you plan to do long term then you go with the 2nd option.

    Ice Knight

    Thanks Linux, I’ll have a look at Goanimate and see if I can work out how to use it.

    The Voxpop idea is basically going out onto the streets and filming interviews with random members of the public about their views on White geNOcide.  Definitely needs to be done at some point, but is going to take a very brave BUGSter to go out and film it!  Someone like Beefcake with a gift for talking would be ideal or Johnnymantraseed as he has the film equipment.   I think one of the BUGSters said Craig Bodeker was potentially interested in making a follow up video on White geNOcide, so maybe we could pester him some more!

    @Patrick – not sure where all the extra traffic from WhiterabbitradioTV is coming from exactly, would be interesting if Horus could provide some Youtube stats from the channel, particularly the main websites feeding in.





    Thank you for providing those different links – I’m looking through them…


    Here’s another idea to compliment the animations:

    PS- my pen pal, WhiteActivist_123 has a good idea for an animation premise. I’ve thought of a similar one using a Lord of the Rings motif, where a character like the Witch King hatches a plot to destroy the Elves by bringing millions of non-Elves into Rivendell.


    Love your “cute animal/bunny idea Hexadecimator777! It’s so unsuspecting, we should do a bunch of them and liter those videos all over youtube using different animals like Kittens, Bunny’s …heck we can even find away to do it with cars! But they must be 2min long MAX just so we get our point out there.

    Your lords of the rings or my Martian idea should be reserved for the BIG launch we do every year like How Whites took over America/anti-racist Hitler, I would be glad to help voice a character if needed.


    I already have a script written for an alien race invasion. I think I can make it EXTREMELY subversive.

    It could be a mini-series!

    With the kind of violence humans enjoy.

    I think I can tear “anti-racists” contradictions apart.

    More competition within BUGS is the only way forward.




    We should make it so it’s real life anti-Whites like Sarkozy, Tim Wise and Barbara Spectre in their alien form promoting martian genocide on mars against their own people, They should look like their EXACT normal human counter-parts except with green skin. This would be funny to do because we are directly mocking them and their supporters, Use their own EXACT quotes so we mock them even further.


    @ElectricWhiteRabbit, that’s been done already.


    @Scythian I must be mistaken but to my knowledge we have only quoted an anti-White, not actually had them featured in the cartoon itself.  Is there a cartoon I don’t know about?


    @ElectricWhiteRabbit, no, I just meant portraying Hitler or an Alien as “anti-racists” and them quoting those anti-whites you mentioned. However, an Alien race using “anti-racist” propaganda against  human races is the basic idea. Bob has mentioned a ‘Green race’ more than once, and I think George Washington did too, haha.

    I’ll just say now that I think there’s so many possibilities to just rip anti-white contradictions to shreds, and to also to show how foolhardy any AMPW approach is.

    You think another team of BUGSers making short films to compete with the White Rabbit team is a good idea? or should we pool our resources?






    I read somewhere that the Simpsons has about a dozen animation teams who each work on an episode from start to finish. I would be interested in helping you guys out but would obviously need tips on what software to use.


    @Scythian In my opinion we should do quality over quantity, two separate teams should join into one to make a VERY good blockbuster that would get tons of views!

    That’s why Hexadecimator777 came up with his unsuspecting “cute animal” idea to make up for the lack of quantity, these should be made rapidly, no longer than 2min to get our point across, we should flood youtube like what the rickrolled videos use to do, of course these aren’t meant to go viral but catch unsuspecting youtubers off guard.

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