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BUGSterwood! Time to produce some more blockbusters!

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    Ice Knight

    Thanks guys!  Scythian, I haven’t been involved with the White Rabbit production team, but my guess is 90% of their workload is producing the actual animation.  Scripts and voice overs are probably done within a few weeks.

    I wouldn’t want to distract the White Rabbit team from their work, particularly their animators as they have already provided a winning formula, but you never know, some of them might have some spare time to provide voice overs or advise on scripts.  Ultimately I think most would agree, the more BUGS productions we can get out there the faster we can spread our message!

    Simon, I’m currently researching animation software.  Goanimate would definitely be easiest, but it has a very generic/corporate look and I think we need something more unique to make it really work.  As Linux says, Adobe Flash seems to be the way to go (costs about $500…although available on a free 30 day trial) but the results seem far superior.  Not sure if there is any free open source software out there that would do a reasonable job, or that we could then import the Flash characters into so that others could work on different scenes?

    I’m going to use the free 30 day trial of Adobe Flash and have a go at drawing a few cartoon characters over the next month or two and animating them – once these are done in Flash a lot of the same animation could then be used multiple times with minimal tweeks, just changing the facial expressions/voice over/ background maybe which might speed up production times.

    I’ll post up the results and if the feedback is positive then hopefully a few more BUGSters might jump onboard and we’ll get down to writing scripts and doing voice overs.

    Here are a few tutorial videos I’ve been watching – if you’ve got spare time on your hands and a bit of artistic flair, download the free trial on Adobe and have a go at designing a character or two and see what you can come up with!





    Before I found BUGs I certainly researched the whole pro-white animated movie thing. I downloaded a demo of IClone4, in which the actual version animation engine is very cheap about £50.00 with much of the interactive content available for a price so you don’t need to be an artist to create content, just time. It also allows the use of motion capture using one of devices found with modern computer game consoles to give your characters life like movements.

    Unfortunately when I decided to buy it they had upgraded to Iclone5 and my computer’s graphics card couldn’t take the strain so until I can get around to upgrading my computer I can’t do much.

    Thanks for the youtube links I will look at them. In the meantime to get an idea of what IClone can do take a look at these animations made from IClone.


    @Scythian – i think competition is healthy in general but it might be more beneficial to work as a team – you will end up learning from each other and the quality will most likely improve.

    If you want a starting point for doing animations from scratch –

    You’ll need to draw characters or find someone who can. A good formula for re-usable character composites can be found here

    Also – watch a lot of cartoons – see what they are doing and “borrow”

    time for freedom

    How about using a 3D animation program such as iClone to make 3D animations??



    Anti-racist Hitler was awesome, and would be incredible in 3D.


    Hello, I have been a clandestine bugser for two years now. I am a huge fan of the two white rabbit videos especially How Whites Took Over America.

    I had a new idea for a video the other day. It would not involve the flip the script strategy, but would be a fun filled exploration of the demoralization/ remoralization process as so well described in the podcasts of Horus.

    The title would be “I was a Teenage Anti-Racist” and would be a send up of 50s-60s era teen dramas. Truth be told, I got the idea several months ago while rewatching a skit from the old (canadian) TV comedy show Second City, called “I was a Teenage Communist”. Unfortunately this does not seem to be currently available on Youtube or anywhere else.

    The drama opens with a made for TV voice over describing our protagonist; “Jimmy” a restless and wayward youth. His head is full of confusing ideas he has recieved at school and watching television. He is full of contempt for his ” white picket fence” all american apple pie etc… existence. He believes his neighbourhood is too white and he longs to escape into the world of beatniks jazz clubs, rock and roll and the exotic allure of interracial dating. The opening scene involves a terrible fight with his parents in which he pours out his contempt for white european culture. He then tears off into the night on his motorcycle (like in Quadrophenia) to meet up with his friends in the Antiracist club at his high school. They go to an interracial dance where he has a few too many drinks and someone gives him drugs. He has a kind of psychotic break and the terrible things he has said are ringing in his ears. He begins to repeat over and over again that he loves his mother and is not really against whites. An altercation with his erstwhile false friends ensues; wild eyed, he takes off into the night, and he has never felt so totally alone. On a streetcorner he meets up with a gang of greasers that he vaguely knows from school. They are into the mantra and they recognize him as a local antiwhite. Their leader (played by Horus) greets him with some good natured ribbing about his anti racist activities, at which Jimmy begins to tear up (“I’m so confused…etc”) They tell him that it’s okay to love your family and your people and then they start telling him about the mantra and all the brainwashing he has been under. Jimmy has an epiphany (“You…mean that… antiracist is just a…code word…for ANTIWHITE!” etc…) His life is changed as he realizes that being european can actually be cool.

    I would love to elaborate this if anyone is interested. I would enjoy working on a script and even storyboards.



    Mantra paint.

    I just had an idea for a mantra video, that I don’t have the time, equipment or skill to make, BUT I will be willing to kick in some money for they props if you think you can make this video.

    I was inspired by a fellow who did a demonstration about immigration using gum balls.

    Now the video that I want made uses paint instead of gum balls.

    You will need to get ten gallons of paint white, brown and yellow. If we can get the money for more or if you know a painter who can supply you with empty cans for effect the use 100 gallons. Lets go with 100 gallons because that is ideal.

    Anyway just to keep things simple at this point lets say that 10% of the worlds population is white. You will have ten one gallon cans of white paint lined up in the front. Labeled these cans of White paint with the names of White nations. One might say United States, another Great Briton and some may have names combined or regions such as Germany and France. What ever works to show that these cans of White Paint represent White nations. Say 30% of the world is Black. 30 cans of Black paint. 40 cans of yellow 20 cans for dark brown. All labeled with the names of the proper nations. Maybe use a 5 gallon bucket to represent China. These non white cans of paint are stacked behind the white ones, towering above them.

    Then the narration starts.

    Anti-Racism is just a code word for anti-White and a justification for genocide.

    Many of you are hung up on the idea that this means that two individuals of different races falling in love is genocide.

    ( At this point an eye dropper of white and an eye dropper of black paint are mixed together and dropped into a gallon White paint. )

    The actions of two individuals is not genocide.

    Here is what is genocide.

    (A ladle labeled ECONOMIC POLICIES, another labeled MEDIA PROPAGANDA, and another WHITE GUILT start dipping paint out of the White cans)

    Government economic policies, media propaganda and the promotion of White guilt in our schools and in the media put pressure on White people and only white people to reduce their fertility rate. This results in a declining White population.

    Then government policy encourages immigration from non White nations.

    (Start pouring a little paint from each of the non-White cans into the now half empty White cans.

    Then take a paint stir stick labeled forced integration and stir up the paint in the formerly White paint cans. )

    In the end you still have Asian Nations. (Show the cans of yellow paint are still yellow. ).

    African nations are still Black (show the Black paint cans are still Black)

    (Show the formerly White paint cans, now so overflowing with mixed paint that the labels are no longer visible)

    But there are no more White nations or White people.

    This is GENOCIDE!

    Please consider this a rough draft. If you can think of how to improve on it in any way, please post your suggestions.


    @Time for freedom – I agree IClone would be useful, they also sell crazytalk for more 2D cartoonish animation.


    I considered again what gives WhiteRabbitRadioTV its “magic”. I see a similarity between How the Whites… and Anti-Racist Hitler.

    Both videos lampoon the pro-genocide group who are a group that the “respectable” conservatives idolize, that is to say the Anglo colonizers of America and the image of Hitler. Granted, that image of Hitler is that he is pure evil, but remember that, reading Mr. Whitaker’s writings,

      Hitler is the evil god of the religion Political Correctness.

    Neo-cons love comparing the Leftist statist maneuvering to Nazis, using them as antagonists… like a ghost story.

    If you are following me thus far, White Rabbit Radio TV is going to take another “respectable” conservative theme and lampoon it in the third release. (W. R. R. T. V. probably does it to avoid coming too far against left-wing ideas and maintain a semblance of balance)

    Which group will be doing the geNOcide next video? Will it be W. W. I doughboys, Civil War Union soldiers? Aussie vs. aborigenies? Maybe astronauts to partly use the theme mentioned in another thread? Or, White fishermen a la the Deadliest Catch, perhaps? …either way, it’s fun to think about.

Viewing 8 posts - 21 through 28 (of 28 total)
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