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    I was passed an email today with a laundry list of complaints about the current state of the website. I will go though these point by point.

    The main page of has not been updated in years because it was meant to be an archival page. The website still bears the original HTML from 1998 and it was deemed better to abandon it than try to keep it up to date with every new technical release of the latest and greatest code.

    The private messaging system on the blog broke almost 5 years ago. It was left in place to allow people to have access to their messages. I do not receive anything from the system. Contact me at @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ with your username if you want to be a contributor. I am only accepting articles submitted though WordPress for simplicity.

    The search function is pretty useful, but the theme is buggy and won’t display the text when I command it. The theme will need to be hand modified or replaced.

    I no longer like WordPress and one day we will move away from it rebuilding the entire site. However, in the meantime, certain updates will not be applied immediately to protect the integrity of the SWARM.

    Anon? I have no idea what you are talking about. We do not speak of such a thing. ಠ_ಠ

    Things move slowly here. I am a full time student with ADD. I am having enough trouble taking care of myself and my studies, let alone the blog. With that said, I have received enough complaints that show I am no longer the man that BUGS needs.

    I quit; effective the thirteenth day of August.

    Daniel Genseric

    Well, that sucks.

    Dick Whitman

    I think you’re doing a good job.  None of the complaints you point out really matter. Perhaps the website could be improved, but I think it’s going fine. The Swarm works and entering articles is easy. Maybe instead of being judge and jury on yourself you can consider the opinion of Bob or Horus on your performance?  If my opinion matters, then I think you’re doing a great job.


    The website serves it’s purpose just fine.  You’ve done a great job & I appreciate you taking the time to do this for everyone.  I work with websites so i know it can be a lot more time consuming than people might think, it can be very stressful.




    Brian does a great job.  And there is no way to make everyone happy when it comes to tech issues.  Brian will be staying on to handle the Blog.  So he will continue to post Bob’s articles.  And hopefully you guys will get a chance to read more of his writing in the future.   He is an excellent writer.  He had written a handful of entries on a private blog over a year ago.  And I had mistaken his writing for Bobs!

    The Swarm has grown considerably. So there is another individual coming in to help run the Swarm and other technical parts of the site.  Brian is satisfied that this new individual will be able to take the Swarm to the next level.


    Keep it simple stupid 🙂 all that is required is access to the Swarm and the articles. I’m not very computer savvy, but I’m willing to help any way I can if that’s possible.

    Henry Davenport

    @Brian: I’ve done my share of bitching about this website, but I’ve also on a couple of occasions expressed my appreciation to you. In case you missed those, I want to tell you again very sincerely that I appreciate very much what you’ve done here. Plus I’m a bit in awe of anyone willing and able to take on ANY responsibilities that involve computer stuff. And when I learned some time ago that you were a busy student, I was even more appreciative.

    I hope you’ll continue to be here in whatever capacity you’re comfortable with. I’ve always been aware that you were here keeping things running, and I would feel the loss if you were to leave.

    J Locke

    It’s not an archival site any more. We need to keep it updated so it attracts new members. There should be tabs for mini mantras and such, and a tab that sums everything up. A couple of additional site administrators would be of great use in developing this site to grow with the Swarm. I recommend six gun if she or he is up to the task. Six gun can probably get chat rooms up and update the messaging system, etc.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    I’d like to thank Brian for all he has done, but also for realizing he does not have the time that BUGS needs. I do not think BUGS is working as it should and to be honest i think BUGS is just like a brown country that has stagnated. A chatroom will help . Fixing the issues we have with logging in to BUGS on mobiles will help. Having a members only SWARM section will help. Can we drop the current WordPress format and go for more a traditional forum look?

    If it comes to it i think we should be willing to pay someone to look after this? Maybe a membership of $10 a month perhaps?  After all $10 a month is worth it for a future that includes White children! Horus, can we get the guy who looks after Whiterabbitradio to help?


    J Locke

    The where did you post the mantra thread should be private from non-Swarmers. Instead of current titles like “Subscriber” and “Contributor”, there should be”, “Trusted Swarmer”, “Pretend Swarmer”, “Visitor”, and “Probationary Level.”

    New members receive Probationary status until they have proven their worth by posting the mantra x times.

    Everyone who posts the Mantra is a Trusted Swarmer. Any folks who don’t post the Mantra would just have a Visitor status.

    Only Trusted Swarmers able to view the thread.

    Additional site admins will be able to safeguard the where did you post the mantra thread by assigning us each  into the right category.

    And cheers to Brian.


    I do not think BUGS is working as it should and to be honest i think BUGS is just like a brown country that has stagnated.

    I believe that was the most cutting insult I have ever received. You couldn’t have done better had you tried.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Brian-The fact is Bugs HAS stagnated a bit recently and we all want to get it moving forward. You said yourself you don’t have the time needed to take Bugs to the next level. As i said in the first part of that post thanks for everything you have done.

    David Joop

    The reason it’s stagnated is because we aren’t posting LINKS.

    Can’t we go back to how it was before, with everyone supporting each other in the SWARM by posting and following sites and YT links and giving help and feedback to one another.

    It would be  a million times better.


    David Joop,

    I made the call on that one. It was a 50/50 proposition, were some rabbits did not want the links posted until we understood the changes that were being online on places like youtube. There were others that said it did not matter. With animations coming out etc. We thought we would sit back and look for a bit and understand the changes being made etc.

    We now know the basics of what they are doing. I will be writing an article explaining and opening back up the Swarm for whatever goes. The Swarm came about after the Follow the White Rabbit podcast. So I always feel a certain responsibility to the new comers. The last thing we wanted was for some new Swarmer to go on Youtube and be frustrated because they could not get a post in etc.
    We now know most of the rules and how they are enforcing them. Fears were somewhat overblown. But there are a few new things to know. I will be writing an article opening back up the Swarm.

    And yes, all the back channel talk was…..that the Swarm (and all the other Pro Whites) caused the adjustment in policies. The Swarm is on a workable consistent message. So we will continue to be the cause of an adjustment in policies. 🙂


    Horus, sounds like you’ve got some great stuff coming out.  Thanks for everything you guys are doing.  This is an arms race between two sides that keep adapting their tactics against each other. I’m glad I’m on the side with the smart people.  🙂


    The Bugs site was NEVER intended to be the ‘focus’ of action

    The ‘focus’ of action is OUTSIDE of Bugs on OTHER sites such as youtube etc.

    Why do we need chat rooms here anyway ? We’ve got ‘Swarmfront’ at S.F in particular, and the whole of Stormfront in general to chat, and then we have all of WNN besides our own subforum there as well.

    If that’s not enough communications potential then we can fall back on youtube P.M’s. The last thing we need to do is try to waste manhours and personal energy to replicate what is already up and available. If ‘chatrooms’ were really  needed things would be absolutely jumping over at ‘Swarmfront’ (SF) and ‘Bobs pro-White BBQ’ (WNN)

    As for ‘stagnation’, well I don’t feel we have, I’m still posting, and I’m sure you fellows are as well, and the anti-whites haven’t been able to track me via the swarm or by my now disabled ‘view comments’ on youtube. I enjoyed throwing the anti-whites into a spin by ‘going dark’……anyway Horus is onto it so I’m sure everything will be Ok

    P.S  I may not have mentioned it at the time but we caused to change their policy about 8 months ago. They banned ALL comments, entirely, from everybody.

    Henry Davenport

    When I stumbled across this site almost a year ago, for me this site was completely and solely the working thread. If people hadn’t been posting links there, I’m doubtful I would have been willing to go through the frustration of figuring out what was going on here.

    And the frustration of stumbling about untutored. How would I have gotten the corrections I needed? I didn’t even know there was a Mantra. The corrections I received were invaluable.

    Unless some careful experiment is run to show it’s necessary, we should leave that thread open. We can leave it open and some of us can run the experiment best with the thread open…I make suggestions in the first post on

    The working thread is especially important for newcomers, and for attracting newcomers, and our change in the working thread was ill-considered IMO.

    (Anyone interested in reading my full bitch-and-moan of two weeks ago, which I didn’t have the guts to post here, can read it at this link…it’s the second post. There’s not much additional content in it really, just distress at the way the decision was made.):



    Good point HD.  Having posts creates the image that we are getting things DONE.  It might be a compromise if we could limit it to members only viewing the links.  But anyway, I’m not sure that is how they are blocking our posts.  Mine are blocked IMMEDIATELY often times.

    C Bear

    Brian, you are doing a terrific job.  I have no complaints. I try not to present problems to people unless I am willing to help find solutions to those problems. I don’t think I could find the time to do what you do for BUGS. I have a hard enough time just getting online anymore (MAJOR, life-changing events, although nothing bad, have put restraints on my time).  If someone else thinks they can do a better job, they need to step up to the plate.


    I may be guilty of complaining.  I can’t view Bob’s Blog or log in to post on the swarm from my phone.  Every time I get to a computer I post something about about that.

    I guess that is a complaint of sorts, but I look at it more as a notification that something is wrong.  If you have new people coming in as I hope we do, they are going to likely be letting you know about the same things that are wrong.  This might sould like a bunch of continous whining if you are on the recieving end.

    I am sorry if I came accross as a complainer.  I believe you do a great job.  I know how time consuming it must be and speaking for myself, I appreceate all you have done.


    By the way.  Does anyone know why I keep getting redirected to porn sites when I try to get to Bob’s Blog on my android phone?  If it is my phone only, tell me so I can leave Brian alone.

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