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    @ Gator61

    Does anyone know why I keep getting redirected to porn sites when I try to get to Bob’s Blog on my android phone?

    It sounds like a redirect script that only targets android phones. Redirect scripts tell your computer/phone to load a different webpage instead of the one you went to. The redirect script must have been placed on Bog’s Blog when the site was hacked some time ago.

    I’m afraid there’s nothing I know of that you can do to get around this, I think it would have to be changed by whoever can get rid of this code from the Blog.


    The Swarm is the child of BUGS and BUGS is the Child of   The Children have grown much bigger, much faster than anyone could imagine.   You all know that most of this growth has been handled well.  Or as best as can be handled by Brian under the circumstances.  And the circumstances are that the parent site needs to be overhauled and retooled to meet the challenges of it’s unruly children.  We have been discussing aggressive ways to move forward with the project.




    I might be able to help.  After just a brief period of time working with the Swarm it rapidly became apparent that BUGS/Swarm NEEDED better tools.  So I decided to focus on improving the one area that wasn’t getting a lot attention at the time, the Swarm.   I’ve built what I hope will be the next step in the Swarm’s evolution, a site focused on the day-to-day posting and sharing of URLs.   The following URL is the first (and I hope not last) iteration of this work.

    Anyone interested to taking the site for a spin and help me beta test it, please sign-up and give it a workout. Hopefully in a short time, I’ll be able to roll this out for full-time Swarm’n.

    Also, please note the site is currently filled with dummy data auto-generated to help me during development, nearly all of the links are deadlinks.




    Seapea what are you using for the swarm links?  Is it all user submission or is it piped thru feeds?  Are you using SQL?  If you are using a piped feed into SQL it would be nice if there was a way to allow logged in users to mark a link as mantra’d.

    If it was all up to me…. here is what i would do with the swarm

    Migrate the current swarm site into Joomla.
    Use a plugin like jomsocial to create a social network for whites, this could attract a lot of pro-whites who don’t like the cultural marxist facebook.
    Have a sophisticated Feed of links to mantra piped into sql/yql in a format just like the one on seapea’s site.. with options for certain high ranking users to mark links as mantra’d or in need of a swarm.

    Another thing,  are you giving Brian or another established swarmer access to the FTP?

    Henry Davenport

    Thanks to all you guys working on the site! And PLEASE, end up with something that’s easy to use, and flexible! Don’t lock us into something we may want to change, like whether or not we have our working thread visible to everyone. Matters like that should be policy decisions, not technical decisions, and policy can change with changing circumstances.

    I found the previous format here to be easy to use, for the uses that were allowed…the only thing really missing for me was a personal message system that was sensible, and not having posts on the working thread sometimes partially unreadable because they overlapped the right margin.

    But all the guys using phones need to have easy access too if possible.

    Daniel Genseric

    I’m sure no one needs to tell Seapea that an FTP login is NOT to be shared.



    Those links were auto-generated by a script I wrote to populate the database the frontend pulls from. The links are designed to look like real links but they aren’t.   And yes, all the data on the site is stored in a SQL database.

    What your seeing is a baseline feature set.  I haven’t done anything specific yet beyond the basic functionality because I wanted to focus on the foundation of the site first and then solicit input from BUGSers so I could tailor the site to the needs of the Swarm.


    So feedback please, any  suggestions, desired features, etc will be taken seriously.  You can use the “Contact” link on the bottom of site if you want to directly communicate with me.



    Well,  I am just saying,  I don’t know who this seapea person is.  Perhaps a swarm vet/s knows this person well. If so, by all means continue.

    If not,  the worst case scenario is that every swarm members computer is compromised.  If you doubt this, then familiarize yourself with browser exploitation


    For those interested, is entirely my creation and up until a week ago I don’t believe anybody beside myself was aware of it’s existence.  It’s personal project I started in June and hoped would greatly increase the productivity of the Swarm.  For those interesting in getting to know me better, please use the contact link on the bottom of the site ( or email: -or-


    I appreciate your scepticism but if any person’s PC/mobile/etc was to get compromised due to a visit to,  it would be due to my incompetency to keep the site secure and not to any malicious intent on my part.  This project is sincerely the best way I believe I could contribute to BUGS.


    I was contacted by seapea a little while ago.
    It was me doing all the complaining – well not all the complaining but quite a bit of it.

    I have gone on a lot about private areas on this site so that BUGS are not open to public view.

    I have said about the website not being up to date and so a security risk especially when those freaks at Anonymous were shutting websites down. I did wonder if they took SF down as it was offline for a while but I never heard anything confirming this.

    I put up the top two links on swarmsofbugs which work (Daily Mail was one).

    The site looks ok. It is basic but it has a decent way to list Mantra drop zones and people can put comments so you could discuss a particular thread or video you were dropping the Mantra on.

    There is a chat room area.

    The problem with everything we do is this is not about children’s parties or cuddly toys. There are people who want to screw us over.

    This site was set up by Bob. It needs lots of work to put it right. Bob cannot do this. Twenty years ago may be but not now, his skills and knowledge base is not in being a webmaster.

    Brian has his own problems and busy with his studies.

    Brian and Bob was trusted. If we cannot trust Bob then who can we trust?

    Security and integrity of BUGS is vital.
    My concern about any other website is that we might be operating in the lion’s den. Every IP address logged, every computer with backdoor programmes and key loggers your antivirus will never find.

    Our fears should not hold us back but we should be sure about any steps like this. We don’t see each other face-to-face. We don’t know who is being paid a few thousand dollars by Abe and his henchmen. There has been to funny stuff going on over the last few days.

    Seapea needs to talk to Horus and Bob – BUGS should know it is not about to step on a landmine.

    Daniel Genseric

    Trust but verify.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    IF it comes to it, i think we should all be prepared to pony up $10 a month or a little more so we can pay someone to look after BUGS. The guy that did WRR for Horus has done a cool job.


    Well this seapea person has already developed a new layout.

    I am not sure if the swarm needs a new domain or host however.   I would prefer to see seapeas PHP/MySQL migrated over to this site,  for security reasons.  I appreciate the work SeaPea has put in, and I would like to see the work put to use.   However, migrating over to a completely new domain & server that are under the complete control of someone that nobody here knows at all…… risk that is way too high for me to go along with.

    Dick Whitman

    However, migrating over to a completely new domain & server that are under the complete control of someone that nobody here knows at all…… risk that is way too high for me to go along with. (elcyCesreveR)

    LOL.  This statement might be the understatement of the year winner? lol





    Participant is not intended to be a replacement of, just supplement it.  Having a tool dedicated to the day-to-day posting and sharing of links was my primary purpose when building the site.  As a person with an IT (Information Technology) background, I have the skills to build and maintain websites.  IN MY MIND, it was only natural that I do something with my skills to help improve the environment that BUGSers operate in.

    For those worried about who and what I am, come September anyone attending the Stormfront Practical Politics Seminar will get a chance to meet me and see for themselves if am for real or not.  In the meantime, I can be contacted at or hit the “contact” link on

    As a side note, doesn’t use PHP or MySQL.


    On the chat function, is a permanent record of that kept?  I assume it is easy enough for anyone to capture chat logs?



    Is that question directed toward me?  Is so and you’re referring to the YAP section of, it’s currently set up just like any other site you post comments to.  The comments are saved in a database and can be kept around for as little or as long as the admin(s) are willing to keep them around.  The posts/comments don’t have to be kept around, they can be purged after a period of time.   Actually, scheduling purges makes maintaining the site much easier since one isn’t burden with huge datasets.

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