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Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra

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    Henry Davenport

    I just posted the below on Kevin MacDonald’s Occidental Observer (if there’s some reason I shouldn’t do this sort of thing, please let me know):

    “…the Internet certainly provides an opening for skirting the MSM.”

    Bob Whitaker’s site has a group of posters who are working as a loose-knit group carrying a specific message repeatedly to mainstream sites. Their posts are excellent, and the posters have a nice spirit…there’s nothing like carrying out a task together to build a good feeling!

    Here’s the thread where they currently keep each other informed of where they’re posting, and under the heading “Swarm Topics,” they have other discussion threads concerning their activity:

    And here’s the message they try to deliver:

    On their MSM comments, their signature line is most often,

    “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”

    IMO, every white site, including OO, should have a section devoted to this kind of activity.

    Dr. MacDonald, Matt Parrott, and others…what do you think?


    “Maybe some more gorilla tactics.”

    I think you’re looking for “guerrilla tactics”, although gorilla tactics could be fun.


    I’ve got an idea for a video that isn’t so crazy. I just can’t do it right now. It is a response to “No such thing as race” “Race is a social construct” and “Show me the peer review papers proving race is real”.

    It would go like this.

    On screen a picture of a professor in robes and a silly hat.

    Sound your voice

    Race doesn’t exist
    Race is a social construct.
    Science has done away with the notion of race.

    Now you and I know that is just silly. You only say that because a man in some robes and a silly hat says it. He only says it because Political correctness is the state religion now and while he PROBABLY won’t be burned at the stake for speaking some heresy like Race is real and it matters, he will likely lose tenure and heb darn sure won’t get any grants. Since he can’t tell us the truth, let’s look for our selves.

    Start showing pictures of decent looking Black people and in a very condescending voice say these are Black people. Can you say BLACK people? We used to call them Negroid but that was quite a mouth full. Then we called them Negroes like in the United NEGRO college Fund. Then they wanted to be called COLORED like in NAACP, the C stands for colored. Then they wanted to be called Black and as you can see they are black or at least dark brown. Now the ones in America want to be called African-Americans, but that doesn’t work when they are in Africa (show picture of Mandela) and it doesn’t really work for Charleze Theron who was born in Africa and now lives in America so she really is an African American (show a picture of Charleze Theron). You might not have noticed she isn’t a social construct. She is in fact White. We will get to white people in a minute.

    The you do the same thing with asians.

    Then you do the same thing with Whites but you slip in a photo of Beonsay (spelling?) Just as you pass that picture you act like you can hear them and say “what’s that she isn’t white? Good job. You’re really catching on you could tell right away that she didn’t belong with the white people. Now you’re really thinking for yourself.

    Picture of professor again

    You speaking in baby talk imitating anti Whites. “But Mommy professor says there is more genitic diversity between people of the same race than there is between races and bsides it is only skin color and we all came from africa. (Show a picture of bees) ok these are european honey bees. (Show another picture of bees) these are African honey bees. Can you tell the difference? Neither can I. They are almost I identical except in the way they behave. The african bees evolved on the African savanna. To survive the became very aggressive and had lots of little african bees but they didn’t have to make too much honey. Some of the bees flew away to Europe where they had cold winters but lots of places to live were they were protected. They needed every bee to make honey so they were friendlier to their neighbors but made lots of honey. Scientists will tell you they are different because of their behavior and their behavior is different because of their genes. You don’t have to be politically correct when your talking about bugs.

    What’s that? Can they mate and produce fertile offspring? Oh is that something else your mommy professor told you? Yes it is true that members of the same species can mate and produce fertile offspring. As a matter of fact some scientists tried that in south america. The mixed african bees and european bees and they called the mix Africanized bees because they were even more aggressive than the African bees. Most regular people call them killer bees.

    I’ve got more but I’m typing on a blackberry and my thumb is about to give out.


    I am thinking of printing out mini mantras and just leaving them around my city. The only problem is i don’t want to get caught on CCTV. Do any of you UK guys know of a list of CCTV locations? I tried Google but i cant find anything


    Is flyering illegal there?


    Ok my thumb is feeling better.

    Do you think it would be a good idea to flood areas where there are only European honey bees so that you could create a blended race of honey bees?

    Here is another example. (Show a picture of a cow). This is a cow. (Picture of an American Bison). This is an American Bison. They are both real animals and very different animals. You can see that can’t you. They are not social constructs. If they are forced together they will mate and produce this. (Show a picture of a Beefalo). This is a Beefalo it is the fertile offspring of an American Bison and a cow. Just because this exists doesn’t mean this (cow) and this (bison) are social constructs even though they all have similar DNA and they all bleed red.

    (European Bison). This is a European Bison. There is only one small heard of them left in all the world. They live in a forrest in Poland. Now the European Bison’s genes are very similar to the cow, the American Bison and the Beefalo. (Show pictures of each) They all bleed red and they all can produce fertile offspring. Would it be a good idea to flood that forrest in Poland with Domestic cows, American Bison and Beefalo in the name of diversity? Of course not. You are smart enough to realize that doing so would result in the extinction of the Europen Bison.

    If you wouldn’t flood the European Bison’s home with non- European Bison why would you flood White countries and only White countries with non-Whites in an effort to create a blended humanity. Aren’t future generations of White children (show pictures of White Children) worth at least as much as a buffalo?


    Maybe this is already on the agenda but when you have the meeting in Tennessee, someone who has some real skills and good equipment should set up a mini studio so that everyone could make a quality mantra video. A video workshop would be good too. I have only made a couple of videos and it was difficult because everything was trial and error. I’m sure they could have been much better if someone where there to say “that’s good” or “try saying it this way”.


    If someone would make the video I suggested earlier in this thread, it would blow away comments like this one.

    adafuns  (49 minutes ago)

    @LibertarianRealist The difference is that black and brown bears are clearly a separate species genetically and there fore a different race of bears. Humans and ALL of the different variations, do not have enough difference in their genetics to be considered a different race. We all can mate with each other and our offspring would still be fertile because we are all the same species. If the same can be said about the two bears in question then yes I wouldn’t care either if they mixed.


    Bob, how about once a week or so doing a blog on some current event directed at the neo-cons and respectable conservatives? It would be free of in group language and references so I could post it on Freerepublic as an op-ed piece.

    You have the site and the credentials. We may be able to pick up a few new BUGSters from there and it would encourage members of BUGS to sign up there so we can get a nice big swarm there.

    Daniel Genseric

    The idea about the mini studio is a FANTASTIC idea. The Mantra could be on a large cue card prefaced with something like,

    “My name (or screen name/handle) is __________________ and I AM a European-American/European.”

    Reads Mantra aloud with emphasis.

    I would put up the money for the studio if it were in the budget. Sadly, it is not. Been looking at these lately: set up interviewee in front of one of these: audio captured with this and mini set backlit by this

    Video(s) could even be cut at a later date to include an interview-like question which leads into the Mantra reply. Such as,

    “And now we have with us Republican Party Committeeman Derek Black. Thank you for joining us on such short notice, Derek. Recently, there have been a violent rash of what columnists and mainstream media reporters are calling flash mobs.’ From coast to coast, these not-so-racially diverse guerrilla mobs gave been taking to the streets in an instant and seemingly targeting White men, women and children. So, Derek what do you attribute this recent behavior to?”

    Roll Mantra clip.



    I’m glad you mentioned backgrounds. Keep in mind I’m an idiot when it comes to how to do things but I know what looks good. Dr. Duke’s videos look great in large part because he has classy looking background behind him. I’ve seen a lot of videos on you tube where you can see a pile of dirty laundry or even just an entire room viewed at an odd angle can distract from what you have to say. Hanging a sheet on the wall behind you doesn’t help much either. I’m not saying this to put anyone’s youtube video down. I’m hoping someone will post a way to overcome the problem of not having a professional studio in our homes.

    Daniel Genseric


    I wasn’t intending to imply anyone was an idiot. I was just looking at what it would COST to get set up with a portable mini studio. I thought I would share that info since I had all those addresses open at the moment. Yes, I agree Dr. Duke is a master at setting the scene.

    For those who are looking for a cheap way to backdrop their videos. Look at these inexpensive and cool solutions.

    A couple of pieces of conduit and a few elbow pieces at your local hardware store and BAM. Instant backdrop. These two flags let your audience know two things. One, you are a patriot. And two, you are willing to fight for what you believe in. You needn’t waste anytime verbalizing either because your backdrop does that FOR you.

    For the record, I haven’t shot any of my own videos for the reason you state. I know what looks good, I just don’t know how to do anything with video or audio. I was more or less just sharing my observations. I hope I did not offend you.

    Daniel Genseric

    Now for an actual CRAZY idea.

    How about three people dressed up in White Rabbit costumes – you know with the big heads and all – and a fourth in a pink rabbit costume, or maybe a black rabbit costume. Identical in shape and scale. Just black or pink. Could there be a way to do its face so it has that wild look in its eyes or that H.Avenger-inspired pink rabbit sneer?

    The White rabbits could be engaged in all sorts of mundane activities and the pink rabbit would always chime in and proposition the other three with something multicultural, multiracial, or something self-destructive.They could be at the park playing on the slide and swings or throwing the frisbee or football and then Avi the pink rabbit could come over and propose something to the White rabbits? How about a little gangsta rap on the boombox? No? Okay. “My parents are out of town. How about a dance party at my place? My black rabbit friends are going to be there and THEY know – how – to – dance.” No? How about a little lesson on RACISM? “You rabbits never want to hang out with my Black Rabbit friends. They are so cool. They know how to dance. They have rhythm. And you won’t even give them a chance. Is it because they are black? You White rabbits ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You rabbits are so RACIST!” Then two black rabbits show up, join Avi who screams “There they are. Those Racist rabbits don’t want to hang out with you JUST because you are black” and pound the White rabbits for being “racist.” One White rabbit runs screaming and throws his carrot into the air while the other two get pounded and have their carrots taken from them. Then the black rabbits finish with showing the slaughtered White rabbits by doing a victory jiggaboo Black rabbit rap dance. Of course, Avi joins in.

    Any type of scenario depicting a fall from innocence precipitated by Avi the pink rabbit.

    Shot in silent mode with voice-overs to achieve studio-quality audio? Sound effects added in post production?


    I like a lot of the multimedia ideas. My big hobby is audio so if ever you need any audio work doing on Mantra related media feel free to ask me.


    Video idea for all of you talented video makers.

    It seems lately a lot of the debate has been with the youtube “atheist community”.

    Here is the plan. Get a new youtube account with a fundamentalist Christian sounding name. IBleavedaBible or something like that. Then make and post the following video in response to ZoMGitschriss or one of the other anti-White atheists.

    Title: The theory of Evolution is racist.

    You explain how the theory ov evolution teaches that as we evolved from apes our brains and behavior developed and changed. As you are talking you will be showing the typical pictures of skulls and the assent of man.

    Then you say some of humanity left Africa and continued to evolve the different physical characteristics of the various races as adaptations to the different environments.

    Now it gets fun. You start pointing out how absurd it is to believe that evolution came to a screeching halt when it came to the brain when man left Africa. All sorts of other things evolved due to a changing environment but the brain stayed exactly the same across all the races.

    End the video with the statement

    Evolution by definition makes people unequal. Only God can CREATE all me equal.

    I think this will work at many levels. Evangelical christians hopefully will pick this up and start hammering the brain wash pseudo intellectuals who have been taught to believe in both evolution and that we are all the same except skin color.

    With a little luck it will result in a big debate with a lot of views where we can swarm in an ideal environment.


    Yet another youtube video idea.

    You will need a hand held video camera and the ability to pretend to be anti-White.

    This is what you are going to do. Go to a pubic place like a college, park, shopping mall and interview people about racism. You will need a long list of leading anti-White questions. It is important that they think they are talking to an anti-White.

    Ask what they think of racists.
    If your friend was racist what would you do to get him/her to change. That sort of thing.
    Then get into who is a racist. Lots of questions but include this one:

    If a white girl won’t date outside her race is she a racist?

    Then start editing to show what kind of pressure would be put on this White to not be a racist by dating outside her race.


    According to the anti-whites, this JUSTIFIES White geNOcide!

    That’s how fuckin violently sick, sick, sick, these bastards are!

    Show a population map not by color, but by race, and give a specific color to each race, and show them which race/color, and that ONLY that race/color disappears from the face of the earth under our established religion. They justify white geNOcide with “darwinism”: i.e. the white race and ONLY the white race are the ginnie pigs in their Darwinian EXPERIMENT. Are Black countries subject to the Darwinian EXPERIMENT? Are Asian countries subject to the Darwinian EXPERIMENT?

    Remember Sam Kinnison “you know what this is? this is sand, you know what grows out of sand?……NOTHING!…..YOU LIVE IN A FUCKIN DESSAAAAART!

    You know what it is when only the “caucasoids” are subject to YOUR CRIMINALS’ experiment? YOU know what it is when you tell “negroid” nationalists “race is a myth”?……IT’S GENOCIDE!……YOU’RE A FUCKIN CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!


    You never know when a great idea is going to hit you. I’ve been making ends meet as a substitute teacher. Today I had a an ESE class. (Short bus riders). Something in that class caught my eye. The teacher had printed lessons on little 8 page books made from two sheets of paper folded into quarters and stapled in the middle. Of all the things in the class room that was the one thing I just had to read. I could not help myself. I thought what a brilliant way to spread the mantra outside the internet.

    Don’t get me wrong the internet is still #1 but our message doesn’t get to a lot of people that aren’t making racial issues a priority. If you aren’t on youtube looking for race related videos, your probably not going to see the Mantra there. I want to sow some seeds among the people who are just working hard and trying to get by within the system. They know anti-racism is a code word for anti-White but they get home from work, see what their friends say on FB and watch a youtube of a talking dog or a guy getting kicked in the balls and off to bed to start over again. That’s where the little books can help.

    If we printed out 100 each and made a small effort to leave them in areas where people are forced to wait and be board they would be read and circulated if the content is right.

    You may and probably do have better ideas than me about the content so don’t hold back if you do. I thought the cover could say

    Politically Correct

    Then have a list of terms like
    Youth: Black male replacing African American as a term for Black.

    Atheist: a Jew who is pissed off about having to hear Chritmas music

    Slipped into it Anti-racist: code word for anti-White.
    Last page The Mantra and

    Then keep a few in your shirt pocket and leave them in your dentists waiting room, at the DMV, on top the magazines at the grocery check out line, on the table in your break room at work, on the park bench where parents watch their children play at the park, on the reading table at the public library…
    You get the idea.

    It just has to have words on the cover that will get peoples attention and make them pick it up. Then a little humor to keep them reading.

    What do you think?

    Henry Davenport

    The Freeway Blogger shows how to reach hundreds of thousands of people!

    “How to Reach 100,000 People for Under $1.00”

    I don’t know what the laws are concerning that sort of thing, but it seems like a suggestion brilliantly fitted to today’s world of congested groups of speeding cars. It’s like getting to hold a large sign up before a hall of several hundred people, and having that several hundred people magically replaced every minute or so by another several hundred people, and so on, hopefully for many hours!

    Also, it’s a setting in which nonofficial messages are not usually seen, so the messages will make an impression. The video conveys that point vividly, I think.

    I’m imagining myself driving under a freeway bridge that has a big white sign with big black lettering pasted to it that reads, “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”


    Online ads? Advertising on Stormfront alone would bring in a lot of hits…and since all the pro-Whites move in the same circles, maybe we could get a discount on it, or even have it up there for free?

    I’m sure that Brian or one of the Bugsters (including myself) could knock together a professional advertisement?

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