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Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra

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    @Harumphty Dumpty

    That is brilliant.

    “‘Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White”” may be a bit long for such a sign.

    What are your thoughts on making it simply


    If anyone has other suggestions for very short Mantras that could be put up this way. Lets here them. I’m excited by this.

    Dick Whitman

    Unleash a 1000 balloons with the mantra attached to them..

    Adopt a highway and put the BUGS web address on the sign.

    Walk through times square (or other crowed place) with White Rabbit costume handing out mantras.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Gator61:

    “‘Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White’ may be a bit long for such a sign.”

    How about signs pasted to freeway overpasses that say, “Oppose White Genocide.” If we become numerous enough, or it catches on and random whites imitate it, it could have a little of the mysterious quality of the “Who is John Galt” inscriptions that were ever appearing everywhere in Atlas Shrugged (I’m not a Randian).

    I’m assuming such activity is legal. If not, I withdraw all my suggestions of course 🙂

    Are You Pro-White
    Are You Anti-White

    (I meant the “or” to be centered halfway to the end of the phrases, but don’t know how to do it)

    Signs with that on them pasted to freeway overpasses might work nicely. Especially if the next freeway overpass the driver comes to has a sign saying,

    Oppose White Genocide.

    I’m sure we could come up with a zillion!


    So I was thinking with the ideas of spreading the mantra, and two points we should all observe.

    1) Targets, targets, targets. Always keep a target person or audience in mind when thinking of how to spread the mantra.

    2) Don’t be nice, respectable, or kind.

    Altruism has it’s place and that’s not here, you need to hit them hard, fight dirty and make sure they get the message in a very LOUD and CLEAR. Be like a Air-Raid horn, sound off for hours on end and keep people expecting the worst while they scream to turn you off, but won’t because a bombing run my happen.

    The idea I waned to propose is, using bookmarks. Yes little paper printed bookmarks, on books we leave in political books in bookstores and libraries. Targeting a politicized audience that will defiantly hear the message loud and clear and find the mantra easily. Making sure we target people who can not only read and write well, but are generally more intelligent and politically motivated that may help our cause or at least spread the message more by using that bookmark in others books.

    It’s a good idea of using a anonymous tactic and spreading through underground channels of sensationalism in a political audience, for EVEN more effect, we can put those bookmarks in “Politically Incorrect” books and defiantly hit home.

    The entire premise is to target an audience, tailor a message to that demographic, and then start hitting them hard with it.

    Also, we can use T-shirts to great effect soon as well. With subtle slogans, symbols, and messages to pull white rabbits in.


    For organizing swarms you could use this site to make a toolbar,
    If you made a site, or had someone make a subdomain of an existing site, you can set up wordpress to allow multiple user to post links on it. Then those posts go out via rss to the toolbar.

    Here is another idea for reaching the masses- set up a small autodial robocall type operation. Political calls are exempt from the do not call regulations, so you could have a computer autodial people all day and push poll them. It wouldnt have to be a computer voice, you can have a real person record the questions. Here is an example of how it would work: Hello, would you be willing to participate in a quick poll from XYC Generic Polling? Press 1 for yes. On the statement Africa is for Africans,press 1 if strongly agree or 2 if you disagree. If someone wanted to flood each and every African homeland with tens of millions of nonafricans,would you 1 support it, 2 oppose it

    Link to sample equipment
    Sample costs, not sure if the 4 magicjack digital phone line would work, if not than change that to a monthly phone line cost with unlimited long distance.

    Someone could probably even make a nice side business out of this, or at least have it fund itself and other projects(like radio ads/mailers/etc) by renting out the autodialer to mainstream candidates during election times, and then running the other poll during the other 90% or nonelection times.

    Turn Key 4 line Autodialer computer with software $549.00
    Per Line Costs
    MagicJack Phone line 1 Year with Unlimited Long Distance 35.00
    Thin Client Computer for phone line 75.00
    1 Line Setup Total $659.00
    Then 20 dollars per year for the phone line
    4 Line Setup Total $989.00
    Then 80 dollars per year for 4 phone lines

    Another suggestion is to create a children’s book. Anyone can publish a book with print on demand at Amazon createspace these days. Look at how much attention “Heather Has Two Mommies” and other books like it have received because they are controversial. If a children’s book with mantra concepts was made, and then some were mailed out to various teachers and places for “review”, maybe it could make a few local news stations? Another way books could be used is for keyword targeting and domain ranking.

    Daniel Genseric
    Daniel Genseric


    What are the legal concerns, if any, when it comes to spreading The Mantra whilst using an autodialer?


    You would probably want to form a 527 political action organization, and then you would need to identify your group name and contact when the calls are made. You would choose a state to target that has little additional regulations of their own and verify it by either signing up for prepaid legal for a month and calling one of their attorneys, finding the appropriate government office and requesting the law and reading it, or just call a company that does it full time and act like an interested customer.

    If you plan on renting the equipment out to mainstream political campaigns during election time you could form an LLC and then get a business license in your state.

    Daniel Genseric

    White Rabbit Productions:

    This is the rough draft. Editing is ongoing as we speak. Just a taste…

    Peter Whiterabbit

    Nice start Genseric. Great music choice.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Genseric: “This image or one like it on a 12ft banner.”

    Honestly, I’d prefer the style the Freeway Blogger used in his video: thick simple black letters on a white background. Too fancified of a style I think distracts from the message.

    The message itself will have enough mystery for most people without adding more, IMO.

    But I’m an old guy…maybe to youngsters your style above looks “normal,” I don’t know.

    Henry Davenport

    Oh, also, I like the cheap methods the freeway blogger showed…just break up cardboard boxes, tape them together and paint them white for the signs.

    Henry Davenport

    But I think that image in that style works very well at the beginning of your video! Excellently, in fact. The styling gives viewers something to look at as they sit there and the message sinks in. Unlike the situation of cars whizzing under a freeway overpass.

    Daniel Genseric

    White Rabbit Productions: Take 2

    This is the the working draft. Input please.


    I thought it was great. I put it up on White Rabbit Radio. Hope that was alright. Seemed like a finished product to me!
    We need more creative videos. A video with our enemy doing the Mantra ….as a response to White Genocide. That is comedy.

    Daniel Genseric

    Thanks, H!

    That is great! Yeah, those guys don’t even realize they are their own worst enemy. @0:49 mark. HAHA!

    Some of them fancy themselves as genocidal comedians, don’t they? The joke is on them. And bringing back the bagpipes!



    We have the peanut gallery saying the video is faggy. And the Mantra won’t change anything. LOL this is going to be good. I already posted a response.

    Daniel Genseric


    What peanut gallery? Who what where? Lemme at ’em. Over at WNN?


    He does kind of have a point though. I mean, other than the one between his ears. Having a black repeating our Mantra could be HIGHLY suspect. Apparently his sarcasm detector is broken.


    Well I just went around my school leaving little business card sized notes everywhere.
    This is what they had on them;
    It’s a codeword for less and less white people.
    It’s genocide
    “Anti-racism” is a codeword for anti-white.

    I’m just going to bombard my school with the mantra. I’ll see what happens

    Also Bob I just ordered an ebook copy of “Why Johnny Cant Think” and was wondering how long it before I got the email.



    You are my new hero. Something like that could hit an unsuspecting news paper. Good job!

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