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Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra

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    There are guys out there with business cards. Here is one that listens to White Rabbit Radio….obviously
    You could do one for BUGS or just the Mantra etc

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    I think we should consider the idea of swarming talkshoe podcasts. Not only can you type your response, you can call in and verbalize it.
    There is already a pro-White presence with Christian Identity as well as Aryan Nations shows. Implicitly White “patriot” shows and not a few anti-White shows.

    Feu Denfer

    What do you guys think about doing some simple contests or goal achievement activities for motivation?
    First one to post 50 or 100 links in a day, or maybe a common target of say 1 000 mantras posted in one week?


    @Feu denfer,our work is publicly visible as it is.We don`t need “gongs” to tell us who is posting and how frequently.Just put the links in the Swarm and it will be recognized and very much appreciated by all.

    Feu Denfer

    Lol. Dude, it’s not about actually winning or showing off, it’s about making the task more funny and exiting, Sales teams do this stuff all the time because it works. It creates a buzz, and everyone go an extra mile.


    Alright Feu denfer,

    I will endeavor to post the mantra 100 times on relevant article/forums etc…

    If you beat me to this goal I will make a youtube video with a talking point of your choice.

    Are you in?

    Feu Denfer


    -Target should be somewhat relevant
    -Links are posted in “Where did you post the Mantra today”. with your accumulated number for the contest.
    -Posting on links already containing the Mantra is allowed, but finding targets on this page is not.



    Ok, game on.


    Anytime you sit on a youtube video and defend a White and normal video for an extended period of time,send them a P.M when everything has died down letting them know that digital ‘fire support’ was provided courtesy of the BUGS Swarm,explain our consitent message and provide a link to Mantra talking points/Practical Politics y/t vids and give them a link back here
    I’m going to do that for this lady here

    Henry Davenport

    Frank suggested to OO that when they run articles like their review yesterday of the Ian Morris book, they follow the article with links to where the book will be being discussed in MSM so that OO posters will find it easy to just click on those links and go there to post. (Did I get that right?)

    You have hit on a very easy thing that pro-White sites could do to slowly and comfortably become activist as well as discussion sites!! Excellent!!

    Henry Davenport

    Frank, I think I should repost your reply to me here, since I think the whole strategy you outline in it is EXCELLENT and should feature prominently in any debates we have here about how to approach pro-White sites:

    @ Harumphy Dumpty

    Thanks for the “cred” over at that TOO thread! Here I’m “Frank”, there I’m “Gregor”. I don’t post the Mantra there … I try to work the folks there into thinking like BUGSers do, and get them to DO something. I’m a good buddy with Bo as well. Have been trying to do some “merger” work with Bo regarding his work at Resisting Defamation and the work done here. Not by merging sites, but by merging “action think” … Bo is on that page, but hasn’t yet made a “space” at Resisting Defamation for his people to “work” like we do here.

    And, FYI, KMD already has a letter in his inbox repeating my comment, and suggesting that he “encourage” his writers to do more than whine about N&J, but to at least provide links to places where we can attack the anti-whites putting out crap like that book under review. I will continue to “encourage” KMD until something happens. And then, I’m sure you/I/other will cross-link stuff to the Swarm so we can all join the “fun”.

    Keep up the good work of encouraging TOO readers to do more than whine about jews! Once KMD and writers start providing links in the articles, we can do a swarm and then report back to TOO comments to “show ‘em how it’s done”. Go Swarm!

    Henry Davenport

    Frank, I’ll try to remember to show up at OO frequently and also urge your idea of KMD providing those kinds of links for posting.

    Yours is a new approach! Instead of directly trying to attract OO posters to bugstering, you are trying to just get them posting in MSM from their sites and feeling active instead of passive! And then expose them to bugstering as they start doing that just by posting along with them and modeling how it’s done!


    HD, thanks for reposting here. I must say it’s not really “my idea”, but a group effort with another group besides BUGS. We’ve been hectoring them to do something other than “explain the problem”, and this might work if we can get KMD to insist on this type of link-provision where it’s relevant.

    Relevant? I’d say that any article which references and item that might also be a “news item” … which inevitably has links and comment streams … is relevant.

    I think a “pod” of links at the bottom of an article is better than interspersing the links inside the article. Perhaps a header over the “link pod” with the label “action links” would send the right hint? Not as good as “Swarm”, I know, but we have to get them to take baby steps first!

    Yes, the idea is to get people reading spaces like TOO to goto those links (which you and I have secretly placed in the Swarm-Stream), and then model how it’s done. Even if they’re just lurking, they’ll get to see some action, some “fun”. We all love “fun” so much, don’t we! 🙂

    Henry Davenport

    @ Frank: “Pod” definitely best, and the label “action links” sounds perfect to me. I agree with everything you’re saying!

    Peter and I had some discussion about this tonight..I can see his point (it had occurred to me too), and he can also see that we might be right.

    I just can’t see that trying to get pro-Whites who are posting on pro-White sites to also post MSM is a bad idea! Let’s get the pot boiling and mix in our ingredients!

    If you can get KMD to follow his articles with a pod of action links, some OO posters are going to try those, and some who try are going to be discouraged at what an ass-kicking they get from the anti-Whites after snuggling in their safe little cocoons for years, and some of those are going to be very interested to see what an ass-kicking those same anti-Whites may get from us!


    HD: Yes, I noted Peter’s criticism, but don’t really see it as a sticking point. He’s right that our job is to get the Mantra out there, and to not engage in N&J analysis like at TOO. But my suggestion isn’t to engage with them, but to WEAPONIZE the site by providing linked access so people can DO something, just like here.

    Your analysis of what might happen when TOO people see the Mantra in action at those links is spot on. At the very worst, they’ll try to go and argue with anti-whites about words, and see that it doesn’t work like the Mantra does. That will be instructive.

    Anyway, the first task is to get Kevin to do this. If he doesn’t (he hasn’t disagreed yet, but we’ll see), you and I can always make a comment of our own which includes action links. The main problem with this is that we’d have to do a lot of research that the writer should have already done. Like I said, we’ll see. In a couple of months I will be meeting some of these writers, in the flesh, and will float the idea there as well.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Frank: “…WEAPONIZE…” Right on!

    The OO guys will post about Jews on the MSM site of course, and anti-Whites will beat up on them for that, and then we can post to any such anti-White, “Yes, you’d love to talk about Jews, wouldn’t you. You’d love to talk about ANYthing except White Genocide and the fact that you’re an anti-White who supports White Genocide!”

    That will model for the OO posters, and when the anti-White responds, “It’s YOU who are talking about Jews…blah blah,” we can add, “I don’t see anyone talking about Jews except you. It’s your way of not talking about the fact that you’re an anti-White who supports White Genocide.”

    The OO guys should eventually get the idea.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    What happened to the thread “Bugster points used by Non-Bugsters?”

    Peter Whiterabbit

    Anyone interested in making a youtube video ad supporting Ron Paul with a mantra message? Not to get Ron Paul elected but to take advantage of his current popularity to spread our message.


    What about this chat room?

    Sadly, there is no public chat room…


    I was thinking………………those cat videos and dog videos get a LOT of views. Is this a NUTS idea? Set up a profile and upload a lot of cute animal videos. Get the subscribers up and then BANG hit them with White genocide videos? Yay or neigh?

Viewing 20 posts - 81 through 100 (of 188 total)
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