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Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra

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    Daniel Genseric

    If other BUGSters care to write Russian Television ( along with me, here are the email addresses I used:

    Here is the email (in brackets):

    [Greetings and salutations,

    I want to first thank you for all your hard work in covering that which most media outlets fail to report, however unpopular and uncomfortable it might be. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter in its entirety.

    Through thousands upon thousands of man hours Robert Walker Whitaker and other American Dissidents have taken the painstaking time and effort to bring to light the disgusting and despicable crime of White genocide. We endeavor to make the voices of those who have been silenced and victimized heard. We have petitioned the United Nations, the Russian Embassy, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, as well as Mr. Vladimir Putin himself. None of the aforementioned party’s have taken the time to respond to our petition, let alone help us in bringing this crime to the forefront of the news cycle. Our hope is that one of the previously mentioned party’s and/or their respective cabinet will receive the petition letter and be given an opportunity to read our grievance as the governments and the mainstream media of the Western World have effectively silenced us.

    It falls to you to help put an end to White genocide. Will you answer the call? Will you help ensure that the international crimes committed against White children and their countries are stopped? Will you help STOP White genocide?

    Best regards,
    Daniel Genseric
    Senior Staff

    P.S. The petition letter located at is as follows:

    Robert Walker Whitaker and OTHER American Dissidents Appeal to Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev for Solidarity Against White Genocide

    We are a group of suppressed American dissidents asking Russia to have solidarity with us.

    Russia is the only majority white country that does not grovel at the feet of the United States and its European Union.

    The question comes up regularly over here: โ€œIs Eastern Europe ready for immigration yet?โ€ It is demanded of every country in Europe and America that it literally change its complexion, that they bring in tens of millions of third world immigrants.

    This question is never asked of Japan or Taiwan, but it is demanded of equally crowded European countries like the Netherlands and Belgium.

    No one mentions the reason because we all know it: Europe and America are a majority white.

    It is an automatic demand made on ONLY white countries. Massive third world immigration and assimilation is a demand made on ALL white countries.

    The cry is โ€œAsia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, and white countries for EVERYBODY!

    We dissidents make a declaration of this, called our Mantra, which is blocked as rigidly as any dissident was blocked in the Soviet Union.

    We ask Russia to throw this genocidal demand back into the faces of the American and European establishments.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Linux: “White GeNOcide”…I think White Pride Signs makes those stickers, not sure.


    I’m new to BUGS, so forgive me if I’m asking stupid questions. I started listening to FTWR less than a month ago. Here are some ideas I would like to get others opinions on. Originally it was an email to Horus, who rightfully pointed me here.

    1. In your opinion, do you think it is worthwhile to print off the mantra on pieces of paper and put it places? I get the feeling it is much more effective being SPOKEN than read but that the later is, nonetheless, still useful. If it is worthwhile, where do you think would be a good place to put them? I considered putting slips of paper with the mantra in library books concerning race etc. at a local university, but then I thought better of it: my generation and younger rarely pick up library books. So I would probably be wasting it on SHW(a) babies & PCOs working for these places. And the PCOs would probably send out some stupid email to all the faculty and students talking about the “hate” and warning everyone to look out for such info. I’ve seen similar things happen in the past. I’ve come to realize that printing the mantra out is probably more trouble than it’s worth, based purely on the fact that I’ve seen no mention of it on your website, no flyers, etc. But, I figured it was worth asking about just in case.

    2. Have you/Bob thought of paying proven, experienced, people to post the mantra? You almost certainly have, but again, I figured it was worth asking. Here is how I thought it might work: people who have a few (or a few hundred+) dollars to spend could donate (via paypal, PO box, however) some money…even to a 3rd party running this. Then, 3rd party sets up email accounts, and accounts on youtube and wherever else a lot of the people we want to target frequent. Then the people deemed experienced and trustworthy enough could be paid for a few hours of posting the mantra. The person running this, (maybe mostly) with the help of volunteers, could do quick checks on the links the people being paid have posted to show they are doing their job. It just seems to me that you would get a lot more people willing to donate money than you would to donate their time doing the repetitive but necessary job of smashing the anti-Whites with the mantra. Despite seeing some problems with the model proposed above (like who to use, how effective/productive would it be), I still think it may be worthwhile to considering if you already haven’t.

    3. Have you and/or anyone else involved with BUGS considered doing a staged anti-White smashing video for youtube? One that could possibly go viral? By this I mean having one person pretend to be an anti-White, and another a pro-White argue in some semi-public place, like a starbucks or something. A third person who pretends to know neither of them overhears an “argument” and records it on his/her iPhone or something. The two people on camera would need to be good enough actors to pull it off, make it look natural….but I think it could be done. Furthermore, all it would take is 3 people, two younger who are halfway decent actors, some practice, and an Iphone/Android (or whatever). Then, it could be used as an example of how it works in real life. People could hear and SEE how it works. It could show other Whites how to defend themselves (by verbal attacks), get the moral high ground when confronted with anti-Whites, and encourage others to emulate it. It could even encourage 2-people groups to go out SEEKING such opportunities that would be “real” and thus avoid the possibility of being seen as fake. Of course, that can be done without the first, but I think it would be very beneficial. …then they could even be critiqued by Bob or you, giving people pointers, training them to be better. I want to do this myself but don’t have the team at the moment nor can I put my face in such a video for the time being.


    Peter Whiterabbit

    Welcome Greg. Read Gar5’s comments on this thread for new Bugsters:
    You cannot go wrong with writing or speaking the mantra. You can reach several more people online than you can with leafleting but you need to do what works for you. Just be careful with littering laws if you decide to leaflet.
    2 – Bugsters dont get paid but many are pros.

    be sure to report back with what you’ve done and how things are going.

    Ice Knight

    Anyone have a large projector? Could be a great publicity stunt to plaster “anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White” over some large prominent building somewhere!


    I think we need a website where we can list the names of anti-Whites.

    I see it as a simple list of names broken down by country, state, city and address and occupation. It would also include a brief description of the anti-White behavior. The names would be supplied anonymously.

    The names could be removed easily but only after the individual filled out a Manta based questionnaire that determined if they were Pro-White or Pro-White genocide. It would also require them to supply their email address to confirm that it was actually the correct person attempting to remove their name form the list of anti-Whites.

    What would such a web site do for us. Lots of things. First it will create fear among the people listed on the site. Employers for example might begin to use such a list to weed out people who have proved themselves to be stupid. It may also be a place for tribunals to start looking for people promoting genocide. Some people would be wrongly put on the list. Once they fill out their Mantra based survey we would have their email addresses and their mailing addresses. Might be useful in the future if one of us is running for political office. It would expose a lot of random people to the Mantra. Say you are a high school teacher and little Bobby is a pro-White student in your class. If you want to keep your job, you arenโ€™t going to let Bobby do the Mantra in class. Bobby takes a minute and adds your name city and occupation to the list. You google yourself and this site pops up. You want your name off the list, to do that you at least have to see the Mantra AND answer some questions about what you believe. At the end of the survey you will be notified that your name will be removed or why you are in fact an anti-White. They will then be allowed to think about the Mantra and what they are doing to White people and reapply to have their name removed in 30 days. We have their email, so we could even send them a reminder in 30 days.

    I can think of 15 or 20 people right now that could be listed right now. Think about the people who make anti-White comments using face book apps. We have their names. If we get the names of the anti-Whites who attacked the group of White and Normals with pipes and hammers, their names would go up next to your kids 6th grade history teacher who is teaching that Whites are evil and Blacks invented everything.

    I hope someone computer savvy sees this and can make it happen.


    Have a rubber stamp made with either a mini Mantra e.g: Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries – for everyone..? anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white or and stamp it onto bank notes.


    @AnotherWhiteRabbit88…… outSTANDING idea.

    You don’t even need a stamp, you just need a pen


    With a stamp it will be faster and neater/clearer you can stamp multiple notes quickly that way ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to have a small stamp of made up to start off with.

    Edit: The notes here in New Zealand and Australia are made out of plastic so you must use a permanent marker type of ink in order for it to stay on.


    The average note will go through 10,000 people in its lifespan.
    Next time I go to the supermarket, I’ll use the electronic checkout using nothing but singles ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ll be sure to shop at the whitest part of the area too


    @elcyCesreveR – Nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Coniglio Bianco



    @Coniglio Bianco – Yea I will leave website addresses out of it.


    There are websites dedicated to this stuff
    The Govrenment came after him but they stopped once he agreed to stop selling the stamp.

    I personally would not put a website, no reason to implicate anyone, those who are intrigued enough will google the phrase


    Yea I think Anti-Racist is codeword for Anti-White will suffice

    Coniglio Bianco



    Coniglio Bianco,

    I am thinking of a site not so much for the big fish anti-Whites. I want to have a site where anyone might end up on the list. You can put your ex-wife’s new boyfriend on the list just for spite. It would be good to get even people with pro-White leanings on the list. Getting off the list would be relitively easy. All you would have to do is answer some leading, mantra based questions.

    Do you believe that Africa should be for the Africacans and Asia for the Asians?
    Should White people be allowed to have their own countries?

    21 or so questions like that would force people to think about White Genocide to get off the list.

    So it isn’t so much a list of people we really want to go after with tribunals, but a list of people who need to read the Mantra. Although people who answer most of the questions wrong may one day have to answer to the tribunals. I see it as a way of gettng the attention of people who wouldn’t usually get involved in the comments sections of youtube or an article on race.


    Why not compile a list of user contributed names? Journalists/Media Moguls/Celebrities/TV-Hollywood Producers/Politicians that have been complicit/promoted/incited genocide of whites either subliminally or blatantly and we can mark next to each name on how Article IV applies to them.

    We can make a list of these people, let them know they are on the list, and give them the opportunity to remove themselves by filling out a form with questions & their signature.

    Many of us read these blatantly anti-white articles/columns from major news sources, we can start taking taking down names and get them into a database for the public.

    why not have a central base like whitegenocideproject to do this stuff?

    I was thinking before of creating a site with the long list of names of people who have been threatened/harassed/fired/jailed for not “embracing diversity” as well


    Gator61 & elcyCesreveR I had a similar idea too. I screen grabbed a few anti-Whites of Youtube saying violent things. Example:


    The idea I had today was the comments section of my local newspapers, probably wont work; but I thought “how many people must read that section daily.”

    A friend suggested: white rabbit radio stickers. I was thinking about business cards left in convienant places.

    Confronting anti-whites in public still scares me.

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