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Dealing with Requests/Demands for Specific Information

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    A technique by anti-Whites that I am starting to see is to request or demand specific details or proof of what is going on. I will give two examples.

    One anti-White denied that Europe was being flooded with non-Whites and asked for my source of information. I told him it was all over the news, but he denied that that was the case.

    Another anti-White asked me whether I had ever tried to apply for citizenship to an African country and been rejected. I told him I had no interest in doing so.

    I checked BUGS Buddy, and the only response that I could find was “WE ask the questions, because YOU support/justify genocide of MY people!”

    I seems that anti-Whites are unable to counter our arguments, so they resort to denying the facts. Specifically, they deny that there is substantial non-White immigration to Europe, and claim that Whites can easily immigrate to Africa or Asia. I know that we’re not trying to convince the anti-Whites, but do you think that the audience is fooled by these claims? Do I need to reply with specific, detailed sources, or is the reply, “We ask the questions!” sufficient?


    Carloman, just read your post. Without having much time to think about it, here’s what I remember I’ve done:
    1st, regarding the “applying for citizenship to an African country”, one thing I’ve asked the anti-white is ‘B/c everybody wants to move to white countries, you are justifying turning all white countries into non-white countries? DUHH!’
    2nd, regarding the “Europe is still majority white” justification: you can use some version of this ‘When do my people get to say HELL NO to non-white immigration and FORCED assimilation? When we’re 5% of the world’s populace? 1%? 0.1%?’
    & of course, you can always add ‘diversity is a codeword for white genocide’, etc.

    No anti-white has ever even attempted to respond to the above that I’ve seen. There’s some good short reply type material on my ‘power punches’ list on pg 3 of the Mini Mantra tab on this site.

    I’ve already worked out some suggestions to improve on Gar 5’s Bugs Buddy, including slightly modifying (merging, adding, subtracting) the categories & adding more response/minis to those categories; it’s just a matter of me looking at it again & posting said ideas/suggestions here.

    Ice Knight

    The thing to remember Carloman is that what the anti-White is claiming, that there is no mass non-White immigration in Europe is simply ABSURD! You could spend your time backing it up with documentary evidence – there are probably a million different sources to choose from – but why bother? EVERYBODY already knows this is happening, they see the results every day with their own eyes, so just take the opportunity to laugh at the anti-White and humiliate them. The standard mini I use is below.

    Are you SERIOUSLY saying anti-White that mass immigration and FORCED assimilation in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries (GENOCIDE under International Law) is not happening?

    LOL anti-White, that just makes you look VERY SILLY!

    Why do you support White GENOCIDE?

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White

    Henry Davenport

    One anti-White denied that Europe was being flooded with non-Whites and asked for my source of information. I told him it was all over the news, but he denied that that was the case.

    …or is the reply, “We ask the questions!” sufficient?

    That’s not a reply, it’s an instruction to ourselves.

    We follow that instruction because it’s demeaning and looks bad to answer questions from someone who supports your genocide, among other good reasons.

    Beefcake’s podcast “We have the moral high ground” is helpful in removing conditioning against having the right attitude in that situation and other situations:

    I can do better when I’m in the situation, but here’s ideas to suggest some thoughts and attitude when responding:

    1. “Anti-whites like yourself who are carrying out white genocide love to deny that it’s happening. You claim not to be able to see what is plain to everyone: ALL white countries and Only white countries…etc.”

    If he keeps coming back with the same objection, I guess you could say the following, and then not mention it again:

    “If you’re truly so removed from reality that you don’t know it, then research it yourself.” (back to Mantra).

    “You’re a dumb anti-white. If you were caught in a rainstorm you’d check the weather report to make sure it’s raining, right?” (then back to Mantra. “You’re just an anti-white who supports…)

    You know the insulting attitude anti-whites take because they think they have the moral high ground…don’t allow them an inch of that!

    As Bob reminds us, we’re not there to win arguments, but to get our memes and phrases into White people’s heads. It does help attract people to our material if we can make the anti-whites look stupid though, or at least let them not score points when we can help it.

    Be sure to listen to that beefcake podcast if you haven’t! I think it sets the right attitude in us that we should have when we listen to his other instructional podcasts.

    I see that while I was writing this, bugsters with more experience put up better suggestions. Great! I can start getting rid of that feeling that I always need to jump in.

    Secret Squirrel

    Its a tactic. They are trying to get you off the topic of White Genocide, because they can’t deal with it. If you start discussing statistics with them, then you are off message, you tailgating them.

    Fact is anti-Whites DEMAND massive immigration and forced integration, for all White countries and only White countries.

    The fact they DEMAND it cannot be argued with. No where is allowed to be White. No escape is allowed.


    When they respond to me like that I write back with, “White Genocide Denial isn’t fooling anybody. Google White Genocide. ‘Diversity’ is a code word for White Genocide. ‘Anti-racist’ is a code word for Anti-White.”


    Thank you for all the replies. You all gave me answers to the first question, but what about the second question: Have you ever tried to apply for citizenship to an African country and been denied?

    In that case, he’s not really denying that White genocide is happening, but rather implying that we could easily do the same thing to other races (if we weren’t so racist ourselves). How can we take that and bring it back to the topic of White genocide?

    The only thing that I could think of, looking at your responses above, is something like, “Don’t be silly, anti-White, We don’t want other races in my OUR countries, and we don’t belong in THEIR countries, either.” Would that be a good response, or can you think of something better?


    Well if the Anti-White asks something about applying for citizenship in a Non-white country I would say, “So now Anti-Whites want to Genocide everybody? You’re just trying to justify White Genocide. ‘Diversity’ is a code word for White Genocide. ‘Antiracist’ is a code word for Anti-White.”

    Also whenever they try to stop talking about White Genocide I always ask them, “Why do you Anti-Whites avoid discussing White Genocide?”

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Carloman, the answer to that is simple and has been addressed in a meme over at White Genocide Memes:

    The bottom line is this, we are told all the time that non Whites must come to White countries for a “better life”, so which White person–apart from a teenage back packer, guest worker, liberal do gooder, or beta male with an Asian girl fetish– would want to move to a non White country anyway?!

    The answer is obvious–no one!

    By default “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians but Whtie countries for everyone?!” is true!


    Thanks for the replies. Now that I think about it, I’ve been doing it all wrong. I’ve been telling people that African and Asian countries don’t ALLOW massive immigration of other races. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s allowed or not. The fact is, other races are not flooding into African and Asian countries. It doesn’t matter what the reason is; it’s White genocide just the same.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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