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    Henry Davenport

    Whoa, nothing on this thread for 3 months?

    Here’s a suggestion I’ve adapted from something Truck Roy said on an SF radio show. (But I wonder if he got it from us and everyone here already knows it):

    Anti-white: There is no such thing as the White Race.

    Bugser: That’s the vision that anti-whites like yourself have for the future: NO MORE WHITE PEOPLE.

    (This was Roy’s statement: “And their motives are betrayed by their pronouncement that there is no such thing as the White race, because that is their vision of the future: there will be no more White people.”)


    Activism has asked the question:

    “OT: how would Bob and Bugsters respond to the accusations that there is no white genocide because the white population grew between the 2000 and 2010 censuses?”

    My answers:

    1.The law on Genocide makes no mention of total population levels because an act committed with intent to destroy a group is still genocide regardless of it having succeeded in reducing the population or not.

    2. It`s well understood by demographers that an ageing population of Baby Boomers living longer produces a “demographic bulge”, but if there are fewer white children being born as a percentage of the population which is the case, there will be a steady reduction of the white population in the future as the old people die off without being replaced.

    3. Forcing mass immigration+assimilation on ALL+ONLY white nations is obviously intended to, and is, increasing the non-white percentage of the population at the expense of whites and is therefore Genocide.


    Whenever an anti-white says white population is growing or this or that region is 90-whatever percent white I say: “Yes we know white genocide isn’t happening fast enough for you sick anti-whites. The policies are in place. It’s deliberate. It’s genocide.”

    Attempted genocide is genocide UN Res 260 Art 3d


    Thanks, and Genseric’s response was:

    You started counting non-Whites as “White. Then, you want us to believe White genocide isn’t a thing right after you got done celebrating The Browning of America and our future minority status? Did you think we wouldn’t notice?


    #Diversity is a code word for #WhiteGenocide

    j p

    I thought of two talking points we can use;

    “If race doesn’t matter, then why are there Native American reservations?”

    Also, a similar one; “If race/skin color doesn’t matter, then we should get rid of all the Native American reservations” (or phrased as a question: “then should we get rid of all the Native American reservations?”

    I think Native American reservations are a good example because they’re something that whites in Canada and the USA in particular can relate to.

    Israel is another example of a place that specifically exists for the preservation of a certain race, but because of all the baggage tied into the “Jews” issue (and because some people will deny Jews are a race which leads down a never-ending rabbit hole), it’s probably better to use the Native reservations example.

    Henry Davenport

    Audio (poor) and transcripts of a recent CNN interview with Bob are here:

    It’s a great interview to study and learn from IMO.

    Yankee Rebel

    I just watched an excellent video on YT titled: How to confront People with an Anti-White Mindset.


    Good find Yankee R, reminds me of some of “Horus the Avengers” videos.
    Horus uses the Mantra meme as an anti-white sword …cutting through the BS.


    “This is Europe”
    has produced many good video with a BUGS message.

Viewing 9 posts - 21 through 29 (of 29 total)
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