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    I would like some opinions. The anti-Whites on this sodahead thread have taken to calling a the BUGSters who have posted there “sock puppets”, implying that they were all fake accounts created by me. (I wish I had the time and computer skills to do that). In response I’ve taken to calling them anti-White sock puppets. What is your opinion of the “anti-White sock puppet” response?

    On the same thread I had an anti-White get really irritated that I capitalized White.

    ” Nobody’s forcing you to integrate, dumbass. And I actually don’t support special scholarships for non-whites (you didn’t have to capitalize “whites,” by the way). I think that people should have equal opportunity regardless of their race.”

    As a matter of style what do you think of capitalizing White?


    “White” is a race, “white” is a colour. They’re trying to trivialise race down to it being just skin colour.

    Ask them if you should capitalise “Black” when refering to that race.

    As for “anti-White sock puppets”, it’s funny and visual. I got this picture in my head of some flapping sock making stupid arguments.

    I noticed that they had a bunch of image memes on that sodahead website. Maybe we could use something like that? I’ll try making some of these about anti-Whites and genocide.


    I ALWAYS capitalise W in White.I believe it is grammaticaly correct,it refers to a people group,the K is capitalised in Kenyan and J is capitalised in Japan.Anti-Whites don’t want W to be capitalised as a capital W gives a distinct meaning,just as there is a differance between a automobile being red vs a person being a ‘Red’
    Regardless of that If it is annoying the Anti-White then continue to do it

    P.S ‘Nobody is forcing you to intergrate,dumbass’
    Did you post that picture of the young girls being force intergrated at bayonet point by the Army,at that school in the USA ?
    Would Anti-Whites comment about Jews being marched into Ghetto’s at bayonet point by the Nazi’s ‘Nobody is forcing you into the Ghetto,dumbass’ ?


    Sometimes I reply to the sock puppet charge with something like “You want to believe only one person has rebelled against the anti-white cult and is naming and shaming you anti-whites”.

    I used to capitalize the w in white for the same reason as Cleric mentions,but then I dropped it because it does`nt fit with the non-capitalized mantra points.


    Take a look at this once and see if this doesn’t make you sick. I posted a comment, but it’s moderated.


    White is capitalized, because its a proper noun. It refers to the race of White people. This idiot is trying to say that only Black people think of themselves as a race, and there are no White people who think of themselves that way. To me this is just more evidence in their genocide trial. They go so far as to manipulate the rules of grammar, to erase from existence, a race of people.


    The black guy stumbled into one good point: WE represent the white race. No one else has the right to. Most don’t even have the desire to. Never hesitate to voice our race’s demands.

    (Also, “minority” is a terrible word, for all sorts of reasons, so he IS right to reject that.)

    Secret Squirrel

    “sock puppets”:

    I have seen that behavior recently as well, and it makes me chuckle when I see it.

    They can’t conceive of an effective opposition, so they are creating conspiracy theories, to explain why they are losing so badly.

    Last night one anti-white accused me of being a highly paid member of the Illuminati. lol

    Them degenerating into socially isolated conspiracy theorists, is another sign we are winning. So enjoy it, but stay on message.


    My thoughts:

    To be anti-white is to want white genocide. Calling someone an “anti-white sock puppet,” is like saying Pol Pot was responsible for the mass murder of millions of Cambodians…and he wasn’t a very nice man. The charge of being “anti-white” is most powerful alone.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    There is no such thing as race we are only human!
    Who owned slaves? Who benefits from affirmative action? Ya’ll see where I’m going?

    How about “America is not or never has been a ‘white’ country.”
    If we weren’t a White country, how did all this “institutionalized” racism that brown people complain about get embedded as deeply as they claim?

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    I have been thinking of a tag team approach. Maybe someone could post a short Asia for asians, or stop white genocide comment. Then let another bugster come along and say,”That’s interesting, what do you mean?” “How is genocide accomplished?” Things like that. Kick it around and see what comes up!


    Is it just me,or have professional Anti-Whites,like ‘BunnySpangle’ and ‘NativeSupport’ been strangley silent on youtube since the Torching of Tottenham ?


    Ha antiwhites are predictable. I am starting to think most forums are policed by a legion of JIDL shills who have a script they follow. I know antiwhites have been brainwashed but the reactions are just too similar.

    One other thing is they always seem to scream troll and then use that as a justification to get the thread locked or deleted.

    Check this link, it explain their tactics brilliantly (i know its discussion Joooo shills but the antiwhites tactics are the same.)

    And this youtube video has a guy talking through the above with an example.

    I never move from the Mantra when i debate now. Here are my tactics

    1. Humiliation- “I dont care if you also think horses are purple whats really important is……………(back into mantra talking point.)

    2. In your opinion that might be the case buy no ones going to Japan and saying (insert what they just said) and flooding……..

    3. Call them unwell antiwhites and say you pity them because they suffer from Xenophillia and Oikophobia, then switch back with “Meanwhile back on planet earth” and into a mantra talking point (check this video for info to help you with this insult)

    4. Race isn’t Real-Hit them with the scrap of bones, strand of hair DNA question. While you wait for an answer post a cheeky random talking point link “whiile i wait for your antiwhite response consider this…..A trillion words have been written about the downfall of Rome, and most of them were wasted time. Rome simply ran out of Romans as America runs out of Americans”

    5. Race isn’t real 2-Hit them with the DNA of fruitfly statement-swing back onto talking point

    6. Flip the script. “So would you be okay with African being flooded with Chinese?The immigration being so much that Africans were set to become a minority in their own countries within a few generations? Would you be okay with Africa becoming Chinese? It sounds like you would. How do you think that would work out? Wow you are a sick puppy indeed! Shame on you!”

    and so on…….

    My style is passive aggressive, funny but generally humiliating.

    Regarding sock puppet. Its simple

    “In your opinion we are sock puppets but no ones going to China and flooding China with Mexicans and calling any China man who objects a “sock puppet”
    No ones going to………..

    Hope that helps


    ^^^ Brian is it possible to add an edit option here?

    I am one of those people who doesn’t spot typos UNTIL they have posted reply and here there’s nothing i can do about it LOL


    Oh yes also when they try to say science has proved race isn’t real i hit them with

    “Stop parroting the Boasian egalitarian nonsense and THINK for YOURSELF. You do realise Boas had a agendas? One was to make dumb dumbs like you feel better for themselves by saying we are all the same. You fell for it LOL That’s hilarious?! Are you 12?! Race is real, race is VERY real. Meanwhile back on planet earth……………..if race isn’t real how can a geneticist tell the race of a murder victim from a scrap of bones or stand of hair left at a crime scene?


    One last link. This has some lovely science to counter the one race crap…

    See the percents scam post…..


    @meawhiterabbit There is an edit option to the top right of your post, I’m not sure how long you have before you can’t edit it though, probably 15 minutes like in the comments section.

    Btw, It’s “Bosnian”, not “Boasian” 😛


    There are times when having an anti-White around to help you make a point might be a good thing. A little pink bunny sock puppet if you will. Someone to agree with the anti-Whites and actually extend their argument to where it is actually leading. I would suggest that if anyone wants to make such a sock puppet account they give it a name that is some form of Pink Rabbit so that other Swarmers can recognize him.
    Some examples:
    Pink Rabbit
    Bunny Rose
    Rosa Bunny
    Little Pinky Rabbit


    Gator i like this idea! Its kind of like….

    “Divide and conquer (distraction) – With this tactic they pretend to be one of their enemies, and then they proceed to say hateful, disgusting or inflammatory things to get people to attack the group they are pretending to be. They also do this to make their enemies look evil or stupid in the eyes of the other group”

    Maybe our sock puppet could be the ultimate self hating white you know a”the white race is the cancer of the world” type antiwhite. Noel Ignatiev with a youtube account haha

    Gar5-No its Boasian, its in reference to Franz Boas…….was he from Bosnia? (joke haha)


    I’m testing out Little Pink Bunny on Sodahead right now.

    I have to get a few posts in before I ask: Wouldn’t it be great if we all mixed so there couldn’t be any racism? After a few replies I’ll call in the swarm.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 911 total)
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