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    Now, related to the above point is the Black-specific argument which goes something like

    “No one wants to move to Black countries.”

    Now, in the past, I’d have to deflect into an East Asian analogy. But after I’d come up with my above response, I realized that it was the perfect answer to this charge (no one wants to move to Black countries):

    Actually, White entrepreneurs DO want to move to Black countries and develop their natural resources for profit. People like you call this “racism,” and want to stop Whites from doing this. Meanwhile, when Blacks move to White countries for personal economic reasons, you say it is “natural.”

    People like you also call Whites who would like their own countries to remain White “racists.” A practical description of what you say is Africa for the Blacks, Asia for the Asians, White countries for Everyone.

    You think you are being anti-racist, but what you are is anti-White. Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White.


    Please post a link every time you post something on “where did I post the mantra today ” A couple of reasons for this. First I get emails on my phone from here. If you post “hey I commented on your link” and you have that same link in your post I can click it and BAM I’m there. I can post a reply while I’m waiting to pay for my groceries. The second reason is I have heard the more links to a site, the higher up it moves on google. I is a good thing if more people show up at a place we are already hitting


    My response to the ‘but what about all the non-Whites born here who blah,blah blah….’ type question.

    ‘im a black man, and speak perfect english, lived here all my life. so tell me what country should I be in?’

    Why is it up to White people to solve your problems,are you a believer in ‘White Supremacy’ ?

    It’s a ‘White Supremist’ position to expect White people to solve the problems of Black people,it is patronising and assumes Blacks have no capacity to solve their own problems

    I merely expose arguements that lead to Genocide of White people

    Anti-racism is a codeword for Anti-White


    Things appeared to be stalling, so I tried something a bit lengthier here ([url][/url]).

    “International Law recognizes the existence of race. Most scientists recognize the existence of race, including nearly all forensic investigators, as they can determine a person’s race from a fragment of a skull or the shape of a hair. If Doc J hadn’t blocked me, I would say this to him: PROVE that race doesn’t exist. No, that does not mean getting a quote from some guy who says it doesn’t exist, or playing nonsense games where you pretend that “race” means species.

    What it means is that you compile enough data to prove that, in all significant heritable features, each human race is equal. Average IQ is equal between every race. Memory is equal between every race. Every race has the same inherent sense of aesthetics. Every race will form the same type of government under similar circumstances. Every race is inclined towards the same family structure. All of this has to be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt.

    Why? Well, for one thing, he needs to have international law overturned, and genocide law stricken from the books, which is going to require a pretty good argument in itself. Furthermore, we have infinitely more margin for error than he does; if we’re wrong, it’ll be revealed in time, and our mistake won’t have permanently harmed the species. In fact, the non-whites could easily be better off, since white “racism” would largely disappear, and non-whites could be assured of their uniformity by their equal and independent accomplishments. If he’s wrong, and actually does exterminate a human race, it would be an unprecedented catastrophe, the kind of disaster that would be remembered for hundreds of years.

    The anti-whites never bothered to support their claims before embarking on their plan, so with the recent wave of problems their policies have created, I think it’s about time we ask them to prove the assertions that underlie them.”

    No response yet. He blocked me, so for all I know he can’t actually READ it. (Everyone else should be able to though.)

    Feu Denfer

    @ Cleric “‘im a black man, and speak perfect english, lived here all my life. so tell me what country should I be in?’”

    A good way to meet any challenging argument is to flip around to a different non-white setting.

    “In Tibet, there are Han-chinese children who have lived there all their lives. If these children learn the local language, do we rule out genocide? There is no point in discussing possible solutions if one party claim there is no problem.”


    @ Cleric Preston in re ‘im a black man, and speak perfect english, lived here all my life. so tell me what country should I be in?’

    Both you and Feu denfer have good responses. Here’s the one I use (keeping in mind that the problem WE seek to solve is that we aren’t even allowed to DISCUSS the problem):

    So, may I presume your position, basically, is that White people in White countries should NOT have a right to decide what their countries look and feel like?

    Keep in mind that when you say that White people don’t have a right to a country, you are in essence supporting genocide.

    If I said that Zimbabweans didn’t have a right to expel Chinese if they determined that there was a real danger of losing their national character (including their genetic makeup), there would be no doubt that I supported the extinction of Black Zimbabweans.


    Debate tactic:

    Wherever possible, link the Wisconsin race riots and the London race riots. If Boers and Southerners were rioting at about the same time, you know it would be linked in the MSM.


    Still going on with this anti-white on Alex Jones youtube. Now I cant tell if it is a child or preacher or what. Here is the link:

    Last response from anti-white:
    Robert Morey was the one who too the ideas of Ditlef Nielsen and brought it to the English language in 1991.

    What I support is religion. I don’t support this myth of “white people”. You care about the survival of children, what of those black children killed through eugenics before abortion was liberalized?

    My response:

    I agree you support a religion alright. The religion is called political correctness. Lets see, you are up to about 10 reasons now that you have pulled out of your rear end in support of White Genocide. Not one of these reasons are valid. Now you are saying that you don’t believe in the myth of the “white race”. Yet you told me earlier that the “white race” was responsible for colonialism. Which is it?

    Anti-racist is code word for anti-white.


    I think I got a break down of the anti-white. After 3 days. Geezy.

    Here is the last correspondence with the antI-white:

    Let me ask you a question about this supposed white race, how does it fit into the idea of Adam and Eve? Were did you come from?

    You believe that all people descended from one man and one women? If that is true then you and the communist/humanist have a lot in common. Both of you believe in evolution. The only difference between you and a humanist is where the starting point of evolution begins. So now you are using the bible to justify white genocide and the ethnic cleansing of white children?
    I think you are up to 11???????

    Well, can you explain the origin of this so called white race or are you also going to go evolutionary on me and say “we’re not concerned about our origins, just the process”

    You’re the one that believes in evolution, I am just making a point.


    Being a newbie at this, I had some questions. I noticed some people post a lot of links at one time, and many times they are youtube links. What I’m doing is making a Word document and collecting different mantra comments, that others have made, and some that I made. I usually paste these or mix and paste, or sometimes I just make up a new comment, with the mantra concepts. I’m wondering how you folks who are experts at this do it? Do you just cut and paste comments into all those links? Or do you just pick a couple links and work those? If I were to try to work all those links and make up comments for them all, I would be swarming all day, and I can’t do that. Anyway, I would love to hear about your methods that you all use, and any advice that anyone has for a new guy.


    Is anyone else interested in going after free republic. It is heavily moderated so we can’t go full mantra right away but it is a HUGE site for Respectable Conservatives. I’ve been making 2 or 3 friendly posts a day so I can go full mantra after I get off moderation. I’m not sue how long it will take, but I’ll wait a little longer if others are going to do the same and join in the fun.*/index


    Panzer: Our goal is to spread the mantra and mantra concepts as effectively as possible. That means to large amounts of people and those people who will spread or make use of the mantra themselves.

    How you accomplish this is up to you. Just find places where you can reach people and post the mantra. Local newpaper websites are good. So are social networking or news aggregation sites. Youtube etc… is all good stuff.

    Anywhere with a large audience and a targeted audience is a good place.


    Sure Gator61 I’ll help out. Maybe I’ll start out being a pink rabbit and make a bunch of anti-white comments to which you can respond. I think that would work especially well on respectable conservatives. Just point to the forum



    It depends; I almost always start off posting something from this text file I saved of Mantra concepts.

    If someone gives a long reply about an area we don’t deal with, I ignore the irrelevant things and bring it back round with more Mantra concepts (usually can just copy+paste then from my file). I also do this for the questions that people typically post.

    If someone is interested, or if an anti-White is challenging this logic with theirs, I reply without copy+pasting. If I have the room, I always leave “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White” at the end of my post.

    I noticed that a lot of people like this one in particular:

    Japan is 98.5% Japanese. Japan does not let foreigners vote and kicks them out all the time. Japan is RICH and has a horrendous colonial history. Yet no one is demanding the Japanese in Japan, be replaced with a blended humanity to end “racism”. They only demand this of White countries.

    Anti-racist is code word for anti-white.

    I got about 8 replies and 27 thumbs up when I had this in that “Racism in America” YouTube video.



    Here is the link.*/index Be yourself. Just don’t go full mantra until we are off moderation. Stay just to the left of Pat Buchanan and DON’T say anything bad about Israel. That will get you an instant ISP ban. Use “displacement” and all the terms Bob says not use until we are no longer on moderation. Then we will go full mantra all over the site. It will be a beautiful thing.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    Wherever possible I have been posting my mantra in response to someone who may be receptive. Anyone who use multicultural or is arguing that the riots are race relates, ya’ll get the idea!

    Daniel Genseric

    @ Panzer

    I too use a text file with successful bits I have written as well as snippets of other BUGSters work. Sometimes I tailor my responses ALL DAY LONG. Lately, that has NOT been necessary as we are working in a target-rich environment.

    I have been picking a daily theme lately. The London Riots, Flash mob attacks in Wisconsin, Philadelphia, and Kansas City tie in nicely with MUCH of what has been written. So, I have been running up and down youtube hitting them with:

    There aren’t any guerrilla mobs comprised of solely White people roving the streets looking for non-White victims.

    There aren’t any news stories being edited in order to hide the identities of White criminals in the name of Political Correctness.

    There aren’t any non-Whites crying about their children being beaten and worse by a bunch of blood-thirsty White people.

    These liberal wieners and their Conservative Respectable counterparts claim they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.


    No one says Africa needs more diversity.

    No one says China needs more diversity.

    No one says a Mexico needs more diversity.

    They are already 100% diverse.

    All white countries and only white countries always need to be More Diverse. White neighborhoods only stop needing to be More Diverse when there are no more White people left.

    Diversity is a codeword for white genocide.

    I have received somewhere in the neighborhood of 150-450 collective thumbs up just from the YT hit lists I have posted recently. It’s getting out there. People are starting to REALIZE they ‘are not alone.’ We are giving THEM PERMISSION to voice their frustrations.

    WE are helping to make being pro-White less taboo.

    In so doing, WE are helping and working toward staving off Civil War 2.


    Gator61 have you posted on any specific articles? and whats your name on there?

    Edit: I don’t realy like how that forum is set up. lol. oh well I’ll figure it out.


    Here you go Roderick. I think you’ll recognize the name. Don’t want to make it too easy for an anti-White to report me.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    I have had some luck with what I mentioned above and think I may have recruited a few Bugsters. I gave them the link anyway and they said they will check it out.

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